Thursday, September 30, 2010

UM's High 5ives

It's that time again! After a hectic week getting back on top of things my mind is buzzing with the samples of the brand new Toko Records material I've been hearing - keep yours ears open for plenty more on that front from me! UM54's out and sounding sweet (if I do say so myself), my first set using Mixed in Key to organise the tracks. 

Musically, it's been a fairly quiet week (promo's aside), meaning I've been digging a little deeper to find some gems for you all, but five top tunes is never to hard to find. Enjoy!

UM's High 5ives - 30.09.10
Steve Lischinsky & Khalil - Balmy Autumn Day (Original Mix)

Steve Lischinsky & Khalil - Balmy Autumn Day (Original Mix) by Steve Lischinsky

DeepSoundExpress - Sun Cocktail - Aquamarine Digital

HiRO & Dominic Martin - Dom In Tha Groove 2010 - Tronicsole
HiRO and Dominic Martin 'Dom In Tha Groove 2010' tsole083c by tronicsole

Da Funk - Spielwiese - iRecords

Da Funk-Spielwiese by Da Funk

Hatikvah - Introduce Me - Soma Records


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deep House Directory

We'd all have to admit that Google is a pretty useful thing. If I need to know if that pain in my chest is a heart attack or just the result of too much vodka, or how many other people have the same name as me, or how long to cook a leg of lamb for, it's the first place I go.



It just so happens to be a really useful place to find the website of the kind of labels and artists you're into. Well, to make life simpler for everyone I've been keeping busy building a Deep House Directory of my own.

There's only two conditions of entry into the directory: 

1. The label must be decent and 
2. They are or have been a contributor to my weekly radio shows. Simple as that!

So, next time your trying to find that certain little label, or just looking for inspiration of somewhere new to check out, head over to this blog and scroll down till you see the Deep House Directory in the right hand column.

All submissions welcome, of course, and in the meantime I'll do my best to keep it up to date with the labels that are joining the ranks of those that already support untitledmusic.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UM54 - Tracklisting

Promo's from LowerCaseSounds, Night Drive Music, Seamless, Noir, Disport, Tronicsole, Tapas, Artizan, Eleflight, Sol, Baker Street, Mirabilis, Smiley Fingers, Electric Sheep and a whole lot more in the mix.

untitledmusic 54 - 28.09.10

1. Pawas and Matthias Keul - Camel Blues - Night Drive Music -
2. Corduroy Mavericks - Funky Jazz - LowerCaseSounds -
3. Jazzy Eyewear - Korova - Uma Recordings -
4. Berny - Shplatten (Jon Silva Remix) - Aenaria Tech -
5. Berny - No Way To Run (Original Mix) - Seamless Recordings -
6. Nicc Johnson & Beatmaster G - The Boogie (Original) - Salted Music -
7. Masahiro Mihara - Aqua (Chris Minus Remix)  - Reshaped and Recoloured -
8. Dusty Kid presents Grooviera Volume 2 - Here He Goes - Noir Music -
9. Funky Transport - It All Starts Here - Disport Records -
10. HiRO - Garage 2010 - Tronicsole -
11. Yos Tek - Choir Chordeal (Original Mix) - Tapas Recordings -
12. W10 - Night Lights (Eightbitrate Remix) - Arizan Music -
13. Mo' Funk - Hold It Back (Jon Silva Remix) - Balkan Connection Records
14. Darius Vaikas - Let Go - Eleflight -
15. Lulu Gaultier - Rue Du Paradis - Sol Recordings -
16. Ben Gomori - I See The Trouble With You - Baker Street Recordings -
17. Pete Le Freq - Good Lovin' - Unsigned -
18. Stu Hirst - Into Me (Jet Project Remix) - Mirabilis -
19. Rick Sanders - Mademoiselle (Bastard Boys Rmx) - Smiley Fingers -
20. Lewis Ryder - Simple Mindfields (Original Mix)  - Electric Sheep -
21. Ping Trace - Lies - Terraform Records -

Friday, September 24, 2010

DJ's that could save your life: Mark Farina

Mark Farina has a lot to answer for! He's one of the people responsible for me writing this blog, he's partly to blame for me spending most days listening to an array of new tunes, he gave me the first hit of inspiration to mix and why I now spend an unhealthy amount of time DJing here there and anywhere and certainly someone my other half would like to have a quiet word with!

The reason is back in 1998 I bought the United DJ's Of America compilations - Frisko Disko. In those days triple vinyl packs weren't that common and I have to say a thing of beauty.  3 pristine slabs of vinyl brimming with new and exciting talent for me to listen to and enjoy; DJ Q, Naked Music, Peter Funk, Mateo & Matos and more and whilst I might have had tracks from them already (after all the likes of Glasgow Underground had broken M&M and DJ Q to the UK way before that) the purchase of that album was one of the defining moments in my house journey. I still play some of those tunes, especially Dreams Of You by Peter Funk (aka Kevin Yost). Soon after I bought the mixed CD which is still on my iPod some 12 years later. Quality set, quality tunes and back then opened my eyes.


Farina's name soon popped up on labels like OM, Panhandle, Robosoul, Music For Freaks, Distance, Classic, OM and the likes as these things do once you become aware of a name. Pretty soon my admiration was approaching collectors obsession as his name on a 12" meant it must be good! You know how it goes!? (Say you do!)

As the man himself puts it "I started playing when I lived with my parents and didn't have any bills to pay so I could just buy records. My intentions were never to just make money, it's nice, but it's kind of turned into a job by accident - it was a hobby that turned into a job." Which kind of sums up a lot about untitledmusic too.

There's a couple of biographies kicking around the internet, so I'll spare you the extended version and keep it brief. Originally from Chicago he made friends with Derrick Carter in 1988 in a record store whilst shopping for imports - Why has that sort of thing never happened to me?!

"I just ended up there between classes, I ended up buying his picks. He steered me toward the cutting edge House producers of the time." Farina explains.

He's the kind of DJ you could find in two rooms on the same night. main room, bounding floor action, throbbing crowds and a high energy set and then, perhaps more commonly associated with his sound is the downtempo grooves. A genre he kind of invented and call "Mushroom Jazz." Mushroom Jazz came to be when Farina found himself being asked to play the "B" room at a club in Chicago instead of the main room.

"As opposed to competing with the house music being played in the other room I decided to play more mellow stuff that you couldn't really play in the house room.


Around the same time, music like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Soul2Soul, and labels like Acid Jazz and Talking Loud were just starting to release their music, and he found more and more inspiration for this new sound he was DJing.

"After a while playing in this other room I began to make a tape series and I called it Mushroom Jazz. The Acid Jazz term seemed a little too abrasive and I wanted something a little more organic for the sound I was trying to develop." And so it became the music have mix tape, an instant hit and became known as the official "after party" sound.

In 3 short years, the club established a fanatical, cult-like following for Farina and the Mushroom Jazz sound. When the doors closed, Farina continued the tradition by releasing a series of CDs, “Mushroom Jazz”, first on OM Records, then Imperial Dub, the guest slots on United DJ's Of America followed before a return to OM for a number of years until finally what started as a limited edition (50 copies of each) tape series was up to 500 copies and beyond. As time passed, Farina and Patty (his partner and manager) put their energies into the first Mushroom Jazz interactive CD-ROM and in recent times the Mushroom Jazz label has established itself as the home of the sound created all those years before.

Mark Farina playing at BM Soho Records! Check out the old Middlesbrough FC top on Pete Da Feet as he slips him the Lost My Dog - 5 Years Compilation CD! Good work fella!

Looking back, Frisko Disko was the first CD Mix I bought. I think - other than those free one's you got on the cover of magazines. It was my first introduction to that kind of sound, the first time I'd heard tracks I'd love mixed with a real energy, one so good it still sounds current, bar the odd tune! Until that point I just liked the music, I'd never considered mixing myself and here it was a lesson in the art of house!

Latest tracks by djmarkfarina

Thursday, September 23, 2010

UM's High 5ives

Been one of those weeks where everything sounds great this week! Must be the buzz of being back in the swing of things, UM53 being out and watching the listening count clock up. Or, maybe it's the buzz from being on! Or, just maybe it's the fun I'm having doing this blog, and judging by the stats a fair few of you are enjoying it too! Plenty more interesting things on the horizon too - keep watching! So, down to business...

UM's High 5ives - 23.09.10

Shaun Warner - Release Me - 22 Digits
  Release Me by Shaunwarner

 Terry Vernixx - Ritualer (Tres Remix) - Dust City

Darius Vaikas - Never Enough - Eleflight Records

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be seen. Be heard. Be connected.

There's no denying it, the internet has radically reshaped the dance music industry over recent years. For better and worse. With fewer of us getting to enjoy the weekly ritual of leafing through rack after rack vinyl, or spending an age trying to decipher the mini review in graffiti lettering on those records at the back of the store, it's easy to reminisce and wish things were how they used to be. With the rise of digital technology has come a void in the networking opportunities open to unknown and up and coming artists and DJ's too.

But hang on there a minute. Without the rise of technology so many great things would never have been born either, internet radio, online digital record stores where you can just buy the track you're digging and not that useless 'bonus beats', Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Blogs (like this one), Serato, Traktor, Facebook, the list goes on and on.

It's just that at the bar before their headline set isn't always the best time to try and stuff your demo into that DJ's hand, or stalking that label owner around town in the hope of getting signed is going to get you a restraining order sooner than a deal. Yes, the digital age has reshaped the way we need to publicise ourselves too, whether you've got a track to get signed, an album to sell or a gig to promote.

To anyone wanting to get noticed, DJ and artists alike, the union of Soundcloud, RootMusic, Facebook, MixCloud, Twitter and the rest has become part of parcel of the promotion game, getting you seen, heard and connected on a global scale is a must.

In the first of my guides to getting set up for global domination and establishing your online brand I give you my tips on Soundcloud.


1. Getting started
This wonderful piece of German technology will be the bed rock of all that you do from here on. Depending on your budget you can choose from a number of packages (ranging from 2.5 Euro's month to 42). Kick off with the free account, it gives you 2 hours of space to use, 100 downloads and you can upload and delete tracks as often as you like.

Using a profile picture sounds obvious, but simplicity will work best, remember your little image is most often going to be seen pretty small, if your it's a mess or you're minute in it, it'll never get noticed - stand out from the word go and design it to be seen small!

Make your profile info short and sweet, and cut the third person speak ( "At an early age Mr. X was exposed to house music and inspired to share his style with the world, blah, blah, blah..." - it just sounds odd to me!). Speak as yourself, to the people that'll come check you out. Make sure any links you add work and direct people to a place they can find out a bit more about you - Facebook is a good option but if you have your own website even better.

2. Uploading your tunes
Upload your tracks/mix. Check the levels before you do so, I've lost count of the number of times I've clicked off a track after 20 seconds with my ear ringing to clipping basslines. A piece of sleeve artwork is a must - click throughs from my Deep House fans page for links with an image perform a great deal better than ones without. A little description goes a long way too. Give visitors as much concise info as you can; style of music, bpm, type of track (promo, mix, podcast...), it all helps show you've got your shit together.

3. Join some groups
In the early days you're not going to have a whole load of followers. Best thing to do is join some groups and add your tracks to them. Sharing your music like this is vital to building your audience. But remember, it's a two way street. Listen to other people's tunes, leave comments (if you've nothing constructive or positive to say - don't bother, no-one likes a cocking prick leaving abuse).

Be sure to respond to comments on your tracks, direct communication with your followers is a great way to encourage them to post the link onwards and come back for more.

4. Follow your favourites
Another great way to get noticed is to search using the search option within each page on Soundcloud for the kind of labels and artists you like listening to and follow them. Over time people will check out who else is following them and if you've got the previous three steps right they'll listen to your tunes and hopefully follow you too... and so the net widens.

5. Tracks and Sets
In time you might want to divide your tracks into sets within Soundcloud. You can create these, depending on the type of account you have (the free account allows you three sets), and add tracks to them. The real benefit of this comes further down the line as we move to RootMusic and onto posting links on Facebook. That said if you've got a EP worth of tracks putting them all in one set makes great sense.

6. Avoid spam
Not a day goes by without some random sending me a direct message on Soundcloud, they usually go along the lines of "Hey mate, please check out my new track and leave feedback. Cheers Mr. X" - Don't do it - I've never checked one out yet, and you can bet there's plenty of others not doing it either - annoying the world can never come to any good!

7. Adding a favourite
One of the many ways Soundcloud and Facebook have combined well is the Favourites function. Using your Extentions within the Settings menu you can automatically post new tunes and favourites to other social networks - Twitter, Myspace and Facebook. It's a useful tool for attracting people to Soundcloud and your profile in particular, not to mention a reason to add you on other networks. I have a few mates that don't do Facebook and follow UM on Twitter just to get a regular hit of new tunes I'm liking on Soundcloud.

8. Keep it regular
No point having one track sitting there for 9 months, keep the profile refreshed with new music on a regular basis and get your name out there on other users 'Tracks from people you follow' listing. I limit the number of people I follow so have often stopped following people if they've been quiet for way too long.

9. Dropboxes
If you're a DJ and you want to attract promo's you could do worse than add a Dropbox Widget to your Facebook profile or blog. You can find the html code here:

10. Widgets and Apps
Which brings us nicely to the last tip. No social network is complete these days without a range of Widgets and Apps and Soundcloud have it covered. From Dropboxes to embedded players and beyond, the technical adept amongst you can extend your Soundcloud experience to all sorts of areas, production, editing, sales, iPhones and the like - check it all out using the menu at the bottom of every page.

So that's us up and running, next time I'll take you through setting up your Facebook page.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UM53 - Tracklisting

Promo's from RealDEEP, Open Bar, Celestial, Smiley Fingers, Pin Up, Axis Trax, Dufflebag, Full Equip, Klimaks, Logo Tunisia, Council House, Baker Street, Dirt Crew, Konura and more in the mix.


1. Black Jazz - City Streets - RealDEEP Recordings 
2. Gypsymen - Hear The Music 2010 (Ospina & OscarP NYC Mix) - In House Recordings
3. Systemfunk feat' Josephine Sweett - Miles Apart - Solardish Records
4. Benny Grauer - My Soul - Disco Club Recordings
5. Hugh Cleal - Nonstop Luvin (Original Mix) - Open Bar Music
6. JP Chronic - Saxophonist In Paris (City Soul Project Mix) - Open Bar Music
7. Groove Soundsystem - Midnight Boogie (Original Mix) - Celestial Recordings
8. DirtyBeats - Ah Uha - Smiley Fingers
9. Munchies - Are You (Bollo Remix) - Pin Up Recordings
10. Rachel Ellektra feat' Ronnie Canada - Stand Tall (Leisure Groove Dub) - Axis Trax
11. Wally Callerio - That Girl (Wally Callerio Mamas Boy Re-Edit) - Dufflebag Recordings
12. Modern Groove Assembly - Third Sign (Andrea Rango Remix) - Stilnovo
13. Discogram & Sistema - Olas - Full Equip Recordings
14. Scott WozniaK - I Originate Fire (Instrumental) - Funk La Planet
15. Frann Delice & Xuzav - El Ritual (Mike Montano Mayaland Mix) - Tecnove Records
16. Marascia - Caliente (Pirupa & Leon Remix) - Klimaks
17. Da Funk - Gated Que - 2600 -
18. Marvin Zayess - Getting Closer (Original Mix) - Logo Tunisia Records
19. Damolh 33 - Dirty House (2010 Edit) - Council House Recordings
20. Merlyn & Bitwise - Between Days (Bitwise Remix) - Baker Street Recordings
21. Dekay feat' Nunu - Farewell To Planet Earth - Dirt Crew
22. Eventual Groove - Custom Game (Original) - Konura House

Friday, September 17, 2010

Keeping the world spinning!

Big news from HQ this week is the brand new slot on The twice weekly show (first play on a Tuesday 5pm EST) then rebroadcast on a Thursday (6am EST) is gonna be a great addition to the untitledmusic world - spreading the word on new tunes further and wider than before and hopefully attracting some brand new labels to support UM.

Only yesterday Jesse Saunders dropped me a line to ask if he could start sending me Broken Records (his label not just old damaged vinyl) promo's! Just one of the labels I'm on the hunt for adding to the roster over the coming weeks.

I'm really delighted to get the UM show on, such an established station with a host of top name DJ's. But fear not LowerCaseSounds fans - my weekly LCS show is going to continue to be the place I unleash all the new tunes I'm diggin' alongside some old classics and maybe the odd surprise too!

Here's a breakdown of when and where you can tune in:

3am CET, 4am EST, 9am GMT, 10am EU, 6pm AUS, 8pm NZ

4pm CET, 5pm EST, 11am GMT, 11pm EU, 7am AUS (Wed), 9am NZ (Wed)

4am CET, 6am EST, 11am GMT, 12pm EU, 8pm AUS, 10pm NZ

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you could listen to one last tune...

As you all know I don't much care for top tens, fives and all that. But I get asked it all the time, and have even asked similar questions in interviews of late. If you could only listen to one last tune what would it be?

My stock answer is, "Oh there's so many I couldn't possibly choose!". And in part that's true, but like all of us there's tunes that tie me to a time and a place - a great night out, that moment I needing lifting up or 
just wanted to get lost in the moment. And every time I hear them I'm back there in a moment.

Back in 2001 I was in Ibiza for my second time, I knew the ropes a little, the music had caught my imagination and I spent many a lazy early evening chilling down by Cafe Del Mar listening to the legendary Jose Padilla bring the sun down with a scary precision. Next door one way Phil Mison was doing the business and down at Mambo Pete Tong was working his groove (more than likely) - for me it was the pinnacle of perfect, beer in hand soaking it all up.

Amongst the hedonistic nights that were on the brink of being more about packaged tourism than the spirit of the music and the cerveza soak lads on tour it's still hearing this tune for the very first time that send shivers up my spine, turns the heat of San Antonio's setting sun onto my face and bring back the magic.

 Live performance recorded at Paradiso

Lou Rhodes, then part of Lamb, is without doubt one of those rare voices that the mass marketing music makers seek out these days and promote to death. But the Manchester duo (Lou and Andy Barlow) made it big with this tune and Gorecki then faded like the Ibiza sunset. Despite a reunion at the Big Chill Festival in 2009 and some 7 tour dates that followed.

But, for me, it does matter, when this tune drifts across the room it has me hypnotised for the duration.

Here's the Original version in all it's glory!

UM's High Fives

It's been a busy old week, what with UM52 being out, a mountain of promo's to sort, catching up on things and sorting out the odd blog post - but fear not, as always I've found time to hand pick five of my favourite tunes from the week. As before, not necessarily my current top five, but five tunes I'm really digging this week and one's I think you will too.

UM's High 5ives - (16.09.10)

Cosmic Cowboys - Lost In Berlin EP - Dieb Audio

Cosmic Cowboys - Lost In Berlin EP - Dieb Audio 017 by Dieb Audio

Le Vinyl - Soundbeach EP - Tapas Recordings

Le Vinyl - Sound Beach ep - Tapasspecial 03 by Tapas recordings

Mr. Morning - Where's The Love - So Sound Recordings

Mr. Morning - Where's The Love (So Sound Recordings) (Preview Clips) by Kahua Music

Makka & Howards Sessions - Trip To The Darkness - ReTweak Records 

Makka & Howard Sessions - Trip To The Darkness - Free download week by Makka

Rob Clarke - Depth Charge EP - Headtunes Recordings

Rob Clarke - Depth Charge EP (Headtunes Recordings) (Preview Clips) by Kahua Music

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DJ's that could save your life: Julius Papp

There's a crop of artists that are the reason I got into house music or deep house more specifically; Kevin Yost, Toko, Miguel Migs, Pete Moss, Salt City Orchestra and Julius Papp. Back in the day their jazzy, soulful deep sounds captured my 'indie-kid' mind, moving me away from the Stone Roses and Happy Monday's era and into a smooth, sexy chapter of my musical education.

Papp has graced far too many quality labels to list, and I own an unhealthy amount of 12 inches with his name on them still. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, he got tuned into dance music through the city’s flourishing club scene and diverse radio broadcasts that have inspired so many others since. He started collecting vinyl records in the late 70’s and took to the turntables in 1985, scoring his first major club gig two years later. The rest as they say is history.

It is the magic of the Internet age, and the likes of Facebook and Soundcloud that names such as Papp endure globally and are discovered everyday by new keen audiences ready to do the ground work to find out what makes a name so important as Papp is.

Julius's latest downtempo mix on Soundcloud is a great place to start:

Julius Papp MixTape - lazydaze Vol. 1 2009 by juliuspappmusic

As a veteran in the club scene, he has refined a style of dance music that has taken him beyond the boundaries of San Francisco to global praise and recognition. Being nominated as “Most Innovative Producer” at the 2004 House Music Awards is a perfect example of that. Putting him in the company of other nominated producers like, Joey Negro, Osunlade, DJ Gregory, DJ Spinna and Ben Watt was an absolute honor for him.

In 2003 Julius Papp ventured into the label arena with NeoDisco Music. Named after the sound that continues to inspire him - the label offers him an alternate outlet to release his own productions. 

Check out NeoDisco here: NeoDisco Music 

Back in July he released his most eclectic artist album to date, “Open Mind", on NeoDisco Music. The album showcases Papp's musical talents; blending disco, jazz, soul and latin elements with electronic & live instrumentation to create a modern take on his musical roots and influences. The result - a variety of offerings from down-tempo to funky house tracks that will appeal to all dance music enthusiasts.

From the soulful vocals of Lisa Shaw on “Way Back” to the funk-flavored “Diggin’ It”, Papp delivers a refreshing album conveying uplifting, positive messages and unifying fans on the dancefloor.

"Open Mind" <> Julius Papp Artist-Album. by juliuspappmusic

From a personal point on view Julius Papp is one of the reasons untitledmusic even exists, hearing those tunes back then made me want to DJ, made me want to tell people about this new sound any way I could. I'm delighted to have him as a 'friend' on Facebook, but haven't dared message him yet - maybe I will right now!?

In the meantime you can follow him on Facebook: Julius Papp Fan Page

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UM52 - Tracklising

Promo's from Night Drive, Uma, Headtunes, Pin Up, So Sound, Full Flavor, Deep Edition, Illegal Cargo, Eleflight, Deepology, Mirabilis, Society 3.0, Sound Mass, Deepermotions, Open Bar, Compost and a whole lot more in the mix.


1. Sebastian Davidson - Keep It Deep - Night Drive Music
2. Funkyloco - Cool & Jazzy - Uma Recordings
3. Rob Clarke - From Rocha With Love - Headtunes Recordings
4. Wonky Dynamo - Never Loved Before (Shur-I-Kan's Neverland Mix) - Cunting Records
5. Jangatha & B.Original feat' J.A.M.O.N - Push (Quell Remix) - Pin Up Recordings
6. Mr. Morning - Where's The Love (Original) - So Sound Recordings
7. Brandon Bass & Joey M - Destress - Full Flavor Music
8. Midnight Audio - Dig Deeper - Deep Edition Recordings
9. Maison D'ame - What Is This Thing (Craig Stewart & Johnny Montana) - Illegal Cargo Records
10. Santi Touch - Azul - Eleflight Records
11. Swanken - Lose The Man - Musical Missionary
12. Alex V - Luna (Original Mix) - Deepology Digital Records
13. Ave Astra - Car Trip (Bollo vs Maxxa Remix) - Soluble Recordings
14. Ran Shani - Classics (Original Mix) - Mirabilis
15. Le Vinyl & Johan Van Dier - Neighborhood - Tapas Recordings
16. Aleksey Beloozerov - Africa - Society 3.0 Recordings
17. Chase Buch - Dis Groove (Utku Dalmaz Remix) - Sound Mass Records
18. Tomson feat' Paul Randolph - Joy Vibration (Aqua Bassino Remix) - Deepermotions Music
19. Eddy Meets Yannah - This Is Love (Rainer Trueby Remix - Vocal) - Compost Black Label
20. Ospina & OscarP feat' Sammy Rosa - Morning Song (Max Martinez Afrotech Remix) - Open Bar Music
21. Patryk Molinari - Some Old, Some New - Pesto

Thursday, September 9, 2010

UM's High 5ives

Right, hands up who reads DJ Charts? Anyone? Not me, maybe I'll check out an audio chart of Beatport or two when I'm in need of inspiration, or just want someone to entertain me for a while, but generally I'm not really a fan of top 10's - usually they're biased or full of CDR tunes I'll write down and never find, forget and move on from.

So, I got to thinking that a regular chart from me, with soundclips might not be a bad idea (you tell me!) - not so much the five tunes I can't live without, but certainly 5 tunes I'm diggin' right now and think you will too.

UM's High 5ives (09.09.10)

Cristian Vargas - Rouge State - Baker Street Recordings

Cristian Vargas - Rogue State by Baker Street Recordings

Karol XVII & MB Valence - Minor Chords Remixes EP - Loco Records

Minor Chords Remixes EP by Karol XVII & MB Valence

Melomano - That Thing (In Deep We Trust) - Promo
That thing (in deep we trust) - promo version by Melomano

DJ Pierre feat' Dawn Tallman - The Spirit - Afro Acid Digital

Chase Butch & Nick Olivetti - Get Runny EP - Night Drive Music