Tuesday, May 29, 2012

UM presents: Deep Active Sound

Deep Active Sound aka Mihail Bessmertny has been producing quality deep house moods since 2009 and his debut release on Newborn Records. He's steadily gained popularity and global support among connoisseurs of deep melodic house sounds with releases on In Deep Records, Seta Label, Disclosure Project Recordings, DP-6 Records, Deep Tune and of course a couple of remixes on my own UM Records, including one track included on this awesome mix; Desos - 'Deep Dancer (Deep Active Sound Remix)'.



1. Harlem Knights Feat. Amalia - All about House Music (Deep Active Sound Remix)
2. Pablo Fierro - Dont Worry (Original Mix)
3. Onno -  Paragroove (Dyed Soundorom Mix)
4. Simon Mattson, Tobias Manou - The Story Of (Original Mix)
5. Desos - Deep Dancer (Deep Active Sound Remix)
6. HouseRiders - Mao (Deep Active Sound Remix)
7. Stan Kolev & Juan Mejia - To The Clouds (DeepSoundExpress Air Remix)
8. Yapacc - Rhythm To Dakar (Alejandro Mosso Remix)
9. NTFO - Policrom (Audiojack Remix)
10. Manuel Tur, DPlay - Deviate (Original Mix)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Retail Therapy - 25.05.12

Missed a couple of weeks I know! But two arms in casts makes for slow going. Fear not though I'm on the comeback trail and this weeks there's plenty of new music on sales to fill your crates. So, bypass the shite the retailers are pushing our way, forget the DJ Charts pushing their own tunes and lock in to UM for the finest selection of new releases to be found!

Robin Virag - Deeptitude - DeepWit Uncovered
DeepWit Uncovered drop something a little lively!

Desos - Deep Dancer - UM Records
Out this week on Traxsource (and later than planned I might add thanks to my little accident comes Desos, with remixes from Deep Active Sound and Andre Detoxx.

Jonny Bee - Hey Relax EP - Snake Beat Records
Head for the title track for the cream of this one.

Superluminal - Shydance (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Deepmentality Records
What can I say, Alvaro has the midas touch right now.

HT Zero feat' Stephanie Cooke - I Used To (No More) - FastFWD
Head for track two the (Alvaro Ernesto Remix) - quality!

Chris Minus - Bakerstreet - Brown Eyed Boyz Records
Chris Minus doing the business again.

Jesus Pablo & Sean Danke - Mojo - Headset Recordings
Head for the Robot Needs Oil mix.

Sona Vabos: Strings, Tings & Other Things - Southern Fried Records
Nice chunky old school feel to this one.

Allan Zax - We Love The Music - The Disclosure Project Remix - Grouper Recordings
The Disclosure Project - say no more!

Michael Scott - He Just Sat And Smiled EP - 3am Recordings
Quality remixes from Rob Small, Al Bradley and Lee Guthrie.

O.O.R.S - Callabonna Grove - Sudup Recordings
Head for the Julian Sanza Remix.

Spin Science - Time To Wait (Dominic Martin Remix) - Tronicsole
One of the original supporters of UM still going strong with Dominic Martin on the remix.

Andre Detoxx - I'm into You EP
Andre's first venture with Bandcamp. Stunning deep house moods once more from him.

Edmund feat' Sacha D'Flame - Move Your Body (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Adaption Music
Sneaking this on in too from Alvaro - man he's on fire.

The best of the rest…
(the releases without Soundcloud buy it links enabled)

VA - The Natural Selection EP 4 - Pole Position Recordings
Bumper crop from Pole Position including quality from McLardy amongst others.

Edmund feat' Sacha D'Flame - Move Your Body - Adaptation Music
Remixes from Matthias Vogt and DJ Rasoul well worth checking along with the originals.

Patrick Green - Back in Time - Sofitone Recordings
Including a tasty Javier Varez remix and on from Eddie Matos.

Dilby - Sundance - Hi Life
Techier stuff from Dilby, a man steadily building an impressive catalogue.

Deep Active Sound - Philosophy - Two House Recordings
Top quality deep house with a funky edge.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

UM presents: Andy Boscher - (UM Guest Mix - 22.05.12)

Originally born in Guernsey Andy is a DJ/producer who has been playing the London scene for three years now. With a diverse taste in cutting edge underground house and techno Andy is a unique DJ with an ear for intricate music. He has appeared as a guest DJ for a number of London events including Tempo Eturno and Twisted Plastic. More latterly Andy is half the duo behind the new monthly club night ‘!Shambles!’ which is set to launch this June bringing the best artists to London’s  intimate venues. As a producer Andy has recently had his first release on iRecords which is collaboration with fellow producer Chris Mounter. The techno bass enthused track defiantly brings something new to the table as is the intension of this young musical enthusiast for the rest of 2012.


1. Pan Pot, G-Tech - Gravity (Safewood's Outer Sunset Mix)
2. Hamid - After The Darkness Hamid
3. Clio - Do It
4. Tiger Stripes - Glorified
5. Brett Johnson, Mike Shannon - You Got Me (Dub Mix)
6. Low, Hill - My Parrot (Fabio Giannelli Remix)
7. Danny Fiddo, Affkt - Cartas Para Geisha
8. The Sushi Club - Myriad (Makoto Remix)
9. M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade - Home (Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Instellar Mix)
10. Einzelkind - Limelight
11. David Mayer - Moment
12. Cozzy D - Cupid
13. Mikel_E, Soulrack - Reshape (Marco Effe Tec-Sperimental Remix)
14. Michael James, Funk E - Nunca
15. Hector Couto, Cuartero - Juke Box
16. - David Mayer - Word Is Bond

Monday, May 21, 2012

UM128 Tracklisting

New tunes including an Atnarko remix on BlueDye Recordings, Dual T on Savoir Faire Musique, Jon Sweetname on Full Range Records,  Lost My Dog, Tronicsole, Ev Darko on DP-6 Records, Pole Position, Glasgow Underground, DeepWit, Pablo Fierro's new imprint Vida Records, Michael McLardy  on Deso, Spinne Records, Paperecordings, Oh So Coy and an Andy Compton remix on Exotic Refreshment.

Listen or download on Soundcloud, iTunes or Podomatic


1. Michael Nowak - My Words (Atnarko Remix) - BlueDye Recordings
2. Dual T - Bridge To The Sky (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
3. Jon Sweetname - Lilith (Original Mix) - Full Range Records
4. Sek - Feel What You - Lost My Dog
5. Spin Science - All Things - Tronicsole
6. Ev Darko - Beauty (Original Mix) - DP-6 Records
7. Samson Lewis - Pocket Rocket (Logistix Remix) - Pole Position Recordings
8. Lee Webster - How We Did It - Glasgow Underground
9. Lloyd Trimmer - Rafayel (David Oniani Remix) - DeepWit Recordings
10. Pablo Fierro - Vida (Afro Mix) - Vida Records
11. Michael McLardy  - House Fly (Original Mix) - Deso Records
12. 6Souther - Our Revolution (Original Mix) - Spinne Records
13. Flash Atkins - Freak Club - Paperecordings
14. Ruyman Mas - Lift Me Up (Original Mix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
15. DJ Christos - Weekend Special (Andy Compton's PENG Remix) - Exotic Refreshment

Friday, May 18, 2012

UM presents Marc Cotterell - (UM Guest Mix - 10.05.12)

A bit delayed due to my accident, but following on from Marc's release on my own UM Records it gives me great pleasure to introduce this exclusive vinyl only mix from the man himself.

Marc Cotterell's career started early in the 90's on the underground festival scene of the UK. Since those days he's DJ'd around the world, moved to the USA, become a vinyl fanatic and built a enviable discography of his own releases and collaborations with the likes of Autodeep, Frankmann, Hakan Libdo, Mateo & Matos and The Rurals. His releases have graced labels including Siteholder, Thoughtless, Night Drive Music, TEAM, Sophisticate, Etoka Logue, 2600 Records and of course UM Records more recently.


1: Linkwood Family - Miles Away - (Original Mix) - Linkwood 10"
2: Bendedit - Track One - (Marc Cotterell Remix) - Surface Recordings 12"
3:  BRS - Catch the Boat - (Original Mix) - 20/20 Vision 12"
4: Marc Cotterell - Form a line (Un-Released Version) - Unreleased 
5: Baaz - Jelly - (Original Mix) - Slice Of Life 12"
6: Playin 4 The City - Show Me Love (Body Swingers Remix) - Straight Up 12"
7: ADNY - What If I Love - (Original Mix) - Seasons 12"
8: ADNY Featuring Doreen Younglove - (Jesper Dalhback Mix) - Unreleased 12"
9: Playin 4 The City - Backshop - (Franck Roger Mix) - Tropism Music 12"
10: Derek Carter - Life Is A Circle - (Original Mix) - Bombay 12"
11: Playin 4 The City - Atmosphere - (Original Mix) - Straight Up 12"
12: Nordelius & Rassle - Smoke Rings - (Original Mix) - Svek 12"
13: Frankman - Unknown - Marc Cotterell Remix - Unreleased


Friday, May 4, 2012

Retail Therapy (04.05.12)

Another week with plenty of quality new tunes to take up your afternoon, and as ever I've filtered out the shit electro-pop, and all that Swedish House Mafia stuff just in case DJ Sneak drops in to check out what to buy - don't want to upset him!

Nicolas Bassi - Nalingi Yo (The Remixes) - Oh So Coy Recordings
Oh So Coy keep the standard high with this remix package - head for Mojito AfroDeep Mix or the Robert Rivera Remix for some epic vocal latin infused house.

Alfred R - Alert In The Morning Light - DeepWit Recordings
Featured a few weeks ago on UM, great range on the EP form mellower moods to main room deepness.

Tony S - Ghostwritten EP - Savoir Faire Musique
Title track all the way for me on this one.

Elpierro - Simple Things EP - Deep Site Recordings
One from this weeks UM show here - debut release for the label and sounding mighty fine all the way if the mellower vibes are your thing - which of course they are for me!

Saytek - Don't Pick Up - Endemic Digital
Head over to the Soulight Remix for some superb deep throbbing. The Rekreation clip shows promise but not enough beats on the clip used to know for sure?

Havens + Hart - The Shine EP - Stranjjur
This one will send shivers down your spine it's that good!

Angelo Ferreri - My Belong - Alma Soul Music
Head straight to the title track on this one for some funky deepness.

Evan Iff - Noticed You EP - i! Records
Since when did iRecords add the ! to their name (not on any of their vinyl I have)? Anyway, make a bee-line for the Jesus Pablo and Robot Needs Oil remix on this one - quality.

4 Da People - Gold Series Vol.1 - Epoque Music Label
Bit more of a soulful house vibe on this bumper package - but great late night, latino grooves. Exclusive on Traxsource as it's not out proper until the 14th May.

Adham Zahran & Hisham Zahran - Disco Flu - Moodmusic
Adham's key crazed jaunt on Moodmusic - if you like it piano style this is a must.

Rey Aguilar - It's Not Over (Chris Fortier Wants It Deep Mix) - Cromarti Records
Out this week with this mix and Nick Devon's sure worth checking.

Michael McLardy & Dudley Strangeways - Keep Off The Grass EP - Deso Records
Nice to have a bit of vinyl in this list too! Must try harder for more! Quality tracks on this one from two top blokes.

Dudley Strangeways - Hold My String - Disport Records
The opening two tracks are the picks for me - nice electronica twist of Dudley's sound.

Pablo Fierro - Vida EP - Vida Records
Pablo's very own label kicks off with the man himself.

The best of the rest
(or in other words, those that haven't got Soundcloud clips and links):

VA - Deep Theories Part 3 - Low Flow Records
Some quality tunes on this one, including a track from JP Phillippe (Disclosure Project)

Roberto Rodriguez - Dawn - Serenades
Loungey kinda mellowness.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The importance of being earnest

Seems I've not upset anyone with my last post - or at least they've not posted crazed rants about me anywhere - it's a good sign (I think). This time I'm taking on another little bugbear of mine - DJ Mixes without track listings.

I've often had this conversation with DJ's, some who get it and some that never will. But the importance of telling people what tracks you're playing is a key step to developing your personal brand and will make getting onto promo lists (if you're not already) so much easier. If you're on a promo list, and not doing track lists, then shame on you! Tut tut.

At UM I've always published track listings. It was the whole idea of the shows - promoting the music to the audience. The music I play is the reason people listen, not the mixing thankfully, and if like me your personal profile is small, the music you choose is one way to get people listening and taking note. When UM started the only way to get on the promo lists was to be sure people knew I was playing and reviewing their tunes - it worked out for me so I must have done something right?

I was always one of those people that had an ever growing list of records I wanted to buy, and always had a ragged sheet of paper in my wallet for any potential record hunt. It was like a religion, writing down a track you heard or read a review of in DMC Update and waiting until it came on sale - the buzz of the chase was everything! (or so it seems looking back). And, in my view the people that listen to mixes are the same now as they were then - hunting for tunes they must have!

Things are a little different these days of course, with shopping carts, blogs, reading list features on web browsers and places like Soundcloud allowing you to favorite a track for future listening. The internet has made finding the track easier, both illegally and legally (but that's another rant). And yet, way too many DJ's still don't see the bigger picture of what they need to be doing to play their part in the promotion cycle and by default building their name organically.

If you're one of the many DJ's working your butt off to get on those promo lists and you're not getting anywhere then the first question you should ask is, "Do I publish track listings?". Chances are by doing so you'll quickly see a growth in your worth to promo companies and labels alike. The second question to ask is "What am I offering the label in return for being on their list?".

For me it's simple. People on my own promo list are the ones that add value to the label. That means people I hope will help promote the release either by playing it in clubs, posting mixes including the tracks (and a listing), liking it enough to post about it on social media, blog about it, review it or chart it on one of the various outlets for decent charts. Obviously not everyone is going to like every release but that's the way it goes.

People that do chart, post, review, play and make it know that they do, get promotion from me in return. Which in turns helps widen their own audience and build their profile - with UM Records I try to post all charts, mixes and press coverage every release gets on the page, returning the favour and so the cycle continues - you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours kind of thing. If you're playing my tunes in a mix, regardless of whether it gets 10 listens and 10,000 it's no use to either of us being anonymous.

With the power of Google Alerts anytime one of UM's tracks gets a mention it flags up to me. That means I don't need to rely on  people telling me every time they do something good for the label, although some are superb at doing that it has to be said. And like all marketing, those people that promote themselves better than others quickly stick in your mind as key people and are more attractive to labels and promo companies.

So, going back to the earlier question and the point of this post… "Do I publish track listings?"

For me a mix without a track listing is pretty useless to everyone involved. As a DJ no-one can quickly assess your taste, and if that first track isn't killer I'm unlikely to listen for much longer. As a label I can't help promote you if I don't know you're supporting me. As a promo company I've no way of gauging your value to listing and reporting back to the label on airplay. And given the mass of mixes out there a track listing often gives listeners a reason to check out your mix over another without a listing.

If you're a DJ posting mixes and you want to get your name out there, then a track listing is essential. Which maybe should be a much bigger future post of how to get on promo lists? (anyone keen?).

My final point on this, if you're one of those DJ's hoping that the odd "Track ID?" comment is actually building your audience and encouraging interaction, you're mistaken. If the other 99% of listeners weren't interested in the tracks then were they really listening or didn't get that far?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

UM127 Tracklisting

Fresh new tunes from Salted Music, Cromarti Records, Aquamarine Digital, Evren Ulusoy on his own Kommunity label, Evan Iff  remixed by Jesus Pablo & Robot Needs Oil Remix on iRecords, Deep Edition , Low Pressings,  NM2,  Universe Media, UM Records, Deep Site, Something Different, Detroit Swindle on Dirt Crew and Pawas on Night Drive Music.

Listen or download on Soundcloud, iTunes or Podomatic

1. Manuel Sahagun - Wake Up - Salted Music
2. Rey Aguilar - Its Not Over (Chris Fortier Wants It Deep Remix) - Cromarti Records
3. MiDiMAN - Evening Tune - Aquamarine Digital
4. Evren Ulusoy - Deep Is The New Sh*t (Original Mix) - Kommunity
5. Evan Iff - Noticed You (Jesus Pablo & Robot Needs Oil Remix) - iRecords
6. Martijn - Make Me Feel (Adam Shelton Remix) - Deep Edition Recordings
7. Wet Synthex - Changes (Original Mix) - Low Pressings
8. Millok & Zigelli - Feel Me (Original Mix) - NM2
9. Yogi (Random Soul) & Steve K - Rhythm Turns Me On (Craig Stewart Remix) - Universe Media
10. Marc Cotterell - Untitled Track Two (Original Mix) - UM Records
11. Elpierro - You Know (Below Bangkok Remix) - Deep Site
12. Audio Analysts - L.A. Groove (Original Mix) - Something Different Records
13. Detroit Swindle - Nothing Else Matters - Dirt Crew
14. Pawas - Awareness - Night Drive Music