Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who are the hottest new deep house talents?

It's clearly the season of predictions, as summer looms large over the northern hemisphere various mags and sites are compiling their 'Hot' lists and so far they've made interesting reading. So, not to be left out of the fun as autumn turns to winter down this way I posted the question on my Deep House fans page (here);

The list of names (50 plus in all) is surely a who's who of deep house right now and has already given me a few hours of joy, as I check out all the sounds. I never cease to be amazed how so much quality music can go undetected by the likes of our mainstream media - I guess it's about easy access for them more than the true sound of the underground - but hey! If they're not doing it I sure as hell am! So, of the epic list I thought I'd take you through the top five contenders, all of which I'm sure you'll have heard of and then next week the unknown five (or maybe that should just be lesser know?).

Maya Jane Coles

Labels: Real Tone, Dogmatik, 1trax, Mobilee Records, Brown Eyed Boyz, Loco, 2020Vision
Remixed: Tom Middleton, Deepshade, Fritz & Lang, Maceo Plex, Todd Terry

Huge support and press coverage for the 23 year old Londoner earning her top spot on the survey by quite some margin. Maya's debut EP on Franck Roger's Real Tone Records started the ball rolling with 'What They Say' reaching top spot on Beatport's Deep House Chart, Traxsource and Resident Advisors more charted track on October of 2010.

Her productions draw influence from a diverse range of musical styles and her British/Japanese heritage. Her talents are by no means confided to realms of house and techno. Under the guise of her live dub/electronica outfit, ‘She Is Danger (alongside the multi-instrumentalist/singer Lena Cullen) she has remixed the likes of Massive Attack and Gorillaz and fans of her Dubstep Product under the name Noctural Sunshine include key tastemakers, Joy Orbison and Sucba to name a few.

Latest tracks by Maya Jane Coles

Marvin Zeyss

Labels: Brown Eyed Boyz, Disclosure Project, In Deep Records, Modifi Grooves, Nightchild, Tanztone, TFE Records, Soul Shift
Remixed: Kev Obrien, Steve Lischinsky, Savi G, Jesus Pablo, DJ Primat, Re-Drum

Nuremberg resident Marvin Zeyss is no stranger to um followers, his guest mix is still doing the business and his tracks have been a regular on the radio show. Since 2007 he's been making a name for himself, quietly building a considerable discography. Not being one to subscribe the arguably popular sound of “minimal techno”, Marvin describes his own style as a combination of “Uncommonly Deep and Techy” and draws influence from artists like Nils Nuernberg, Azuni and Fakor-X. His debut release on NYC's Nightchild Recordings in 2010 kick started it all and since then he's featured on a solid line of labels including remixes on the much love and respected iRecords.

Latest tracks by Marvin Zeyss

Evren Ulusoy

Labels: Look Ahead, Night Drive, iRecords, Seamless, Baccara, Brown Eyed Boyz, Disclosure Project, Loco, Plastic City
Remixed: Fer Ferrari, HouseRiders, Kevin Yost, Sebastian Davidson, Disclosure Project, Addex
, Berny

Turkey's Evren Ulusoy began producing in 2001, so not quite in the 'new' category by many standards? Inspired by parties in the late 90's he became an avid music collector ad made his debut on Ready Mix Records from Canada, his debut album included remixes from outstanding names such as Florian Kruse &Nils Nurnberg, Sebastian Davidson, Karol XVII & MB Valence and more. His style often switching between deep house, tech house and even progressive elements but always remains deep, emotional and organic. The DJ/Producer is also a regular on Proton Radio with his 'Kommunity' show every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Latest tracks by Evren Ulusoy


Labels: Amenti Music, Aroma, Kolour Recordings, Lost My Dog, Lo:Rise,
Remixed: Fred Everything, Jay-J, LawnChair Generals, Swirl People, Jake Childs, Miles Maeda

In a very short space of time Giom has become one of the most highly sought after producers, remixers and DJs in the deep house scene. Discovered by DJ Heather through MySpace in 2006, his initial releases were quickly signed to Amenti Music, Aroma and Kolour Recordings, alongside Heather’s own Blackcherry imprint. As a DJ, Giom is a regular at Fabric, sharing the bill with the likes of DJ Sneak, Mark Farina, Fred Everything and JT Donaldson. His energetic sets have led to a hectic tour schedule which means most weekends he can be found headlining in clubs from Australia to the United States and back around mainland Europe.

He can also be found recording as one half of Bobby and Klein. In 2010 Giom joined forces with UK label Lost My Dog for a partnership that will see him release a string of EPs and remixes, full length projects and headline LMD events. Away from house music Giom’s talents as a professional drummer are also highly sought after and have seen him tour and record for Zarif, The Nextmen, Odyssey and Kasabian amongst others.

Latest tracks by Giom

Jesus Pablo

Labels: Kitschy, Deep Edition, What Happens, Headtunes, Deso, 26 Tea Drops, Cubism, Southpark, Crossworld, Celestial, BM Slim, Eleflight
Remixed: Sean Danke

Liverpool based DJ/Producer/Remixer/Fashion Designer Jesus Pablo has risen to prominence since late 2010 with a string of releases on well respected and new labels alike. His DJ stock has risen rapidly in that time too, with gigs across Europe and a US Tour taking shape. Jesus is also actively involved with musical cohort and fellow scouser Di Riveria's new label Something Different - the pair's musical partnership has graced many of the same labels as Jesus's own releases.

Latest tracks by jesuspablo

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