Friday, September 28, 2012

UM's High 5ives - 28.09.12

Da Funk - Hunter - Highway Records

DJ Runo - Green Light District - In Deep Records

Il Katelanos Heart and Soul - ( Deep Spelle Remix ) - Lens Media Side B

Masahiro Suzuki - Fujidrops (The Disclosure Project Remix) - Adaptation Music

Pablo Fierro - Don't Worry (Gion Remix) - Perception Music 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

UM presents: Hall North

Hailing from the industrial landscape of Teesside in North East England, as do I, Hall North has risen to notoriety over the last couple of years, gracing labels including DeepWit, 26TeaDrops, Sounds Of Juan and this month my own UM Records.

Much like the landscape surrounding his home town, Hall North's tracks and sets encompass all that is deep/ethereal and dark/beautiful about house and techno music and emphasise the pure bitter sweet emotion that makes dancefloor experiences so memorable.


01. Intro: Martin Luther King Jr: "Emancipation Proclamation" / Kay:"Parallel Life" - DIVERT
02. Hall North: "Emancipation" (Dave James Ibiza Departures Dub) - DEEPWIT UNCOVERED
03. Damien Zala: "Ked Sector" - BACK TO THE FUTURE
04. Krios feat. Amy Lyon: "The Rift" (CDR)
05. Dark Funk: "A Walk In The Desert" - HALF SEAS OVER
06. JP Chronic feat. Yorgo: "Picture of You" (Andre Butano & Phillipe Liard Remix) - CHRONOVISION
07. Danny Quattro: "No More" (Stanny Abram Late Night Dub) - SAVOIR FAIRE MUSIQUE
08. Denney: "Soest" - BULLET DODGE
09. Left Minded: "It's a Shame" - (Saytek Remix) - SOMETHING DIFFERENT
10. Nadja Lind: "Limbus" (Paul Loraine Absent Without Leave Remake) - LUCIDFLOW
11. Hall North: "Consilium" - GLUE MUSIC
12. Jonny Bee: "You Make My Dreams Come True" (Hall North Remix) - UM
13. Hall North feat. Elisabeth Aivar: "Solitude" - UNSIGNED

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UM139 Tracklisting

Deephouse from The Disclosure Project on Kommunity, ITOM Records, 3am Recordings, Grass Green, Hall North on DeepWit Uncovered, Deeper Shades Of House, Savoir Faire Musique, Matthias Vogt on Urban Torque, Salted Music, Deepology Digital, Peng Africa, Tronicsole, Blue Dye and erry Vernixx remixed by Tony S.

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UM139 - 25.09.12 - 123 bpm

1. The Disclosure Project - Keep Goin' (Original Mix) - Kommunity
2. Vick Echo - Heavy Weights (Original Mix) - ITOM Records
3. Rob Clarke - Apache (Al's Deep Bath Dub) - 3am Recordings
4. Reed & Radley - Night Chills - Grass Green
5. Hall North - Emancipation (Lee Pennington Remix) - DeepWit Uncovered
6. Deep House Maniacs feat' Siba - Cloud 9 (Original Mix) - Deeper Shades Of House
7. Matthieu Duchesne - Kind Of Funk (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
8. Matthias Vogt - Accelerator (Jonno & Tommo Remix) - Urban Torque
9. Sonny Fodera feat' Bru Fave - Into My Mind (Original Soul Vocal) - Salted Music
10. Sasse & Phonogenic - Plenty Of Ice (Original Mix) - Deepology Digital
11. Monocles - Loud (Rufus Deeper Mix) - Peng Africa
12. Illyus - Rescue (Demarkus Lewis Remix) - Tronicsole
13. Michael Nowak - Chantal (Original) - Blue Dye
14. Terry Vernixx - Marbles (Tony S Remix) - 3am Recordings

Friday, September 21, 2012

UM's High 5ives - 21.09.12

The Messenger feat' Leon Baudin 37 Degrees (Original Mix)

Jonny Bee - NYC Sunset - UM Records

HouseRiders & Maske - Testify (Original Mix) - Kommunity

Dudley Strangeways & Michael McLardy - Dazzled - Back To You 12"

Ruyman Mas - Pelangi - Oh So Coy Recordings

Thursday, September 20, 2012

UM presents: Dilby

A welcome return for one of the original guest mixer, Kiwi born, Berlin based DJ/Producer Dilby. This set was recorded live at Sisyphos in Berlin.


01. Little 15 - (James Silk & 039's Dirty Jersey Remix) - Endemic Digital
02. Wez Saunders - You - Hype Muzik
03. James Teej - Space Oddity (Toby Tobias Dub Remix) - My Favorite Robot Records
04. David Keno - Heroes (Original Mix) - NM2 (Noir Music 2)
05. Peace Division - Voodoo (It's In The Wall) - Crosstown Rebels
06. Marco Carola - Play it Loud (Original Mix) - Minus
07. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Deepandable (Original Mix) - Loco Records
08. Mathilda Leek - See You Again (David Labeij Remix) - deep
09. Nicone, Sascha Braemer - Lonely (Original Mix) - Stil Vor Talent
10. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Gone Too Far feat. Robert Owens - Loco Records
11. Maceo Plex - Your Style (Maceo Plex Re-Visit) - Crosstown Rebels
12. PhonoKemi - 2000 Eyes (Original Mix) - Highgrade
13. My Favourite Robot - Forest Fires - Visionquest
14. The Guzalos - Uno (esus Pablo Remix) - 26 Tea Drops
15. Blaze - Lovelee Dae (20:20 Vision Remix) - Playhouse
16. Fat Freddys Drop - Shiver Man (Soane Shiver The House Remix) - Unreleased
17. INXS - Need You Tonight (Wehbba edit) - House of Disco Bootlegs

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

UM138 - Tracklisting

Latest deephouse tunes from Benedict remixed by Marc Cotterell, Sideways Recordings, Edmund on Large Music, Jonny Bee on UM Records, Evren Ulusoy remixed by Manhattan Projject on Cromarti, DeepClass, Yohan Esprada & Lorena Rich remixed by Soul Sway, F3 remixed by Matt Prehn on Pole Position, Marvin Zeyss on Stranjjur, Pesto Music, an X-Press 2 remix on SINCOPAT, Miguel Migs on Salted Music, The Disclosure Project remixed by Harold Heath and Lens Media Side B.

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UM138 - 18.09.12 - 123 bpm

1. Benedict - AAPTOBG (Marc Cotterell Remix) - Surface
2. Fraser Owen & Ben Macklin - Elixir - Sideways Recordings
3. Edmund - What A Night (Original Mix) - Large Music
4. Jonny Bee - NYC Sunset (Original Mix) - UM Records
5. Evren Ulusoy - Sorry Being Sophisticated (Manhattan Projject E-Train Mix) - Cromarti Records
6. LondonGround - Ciudad del Lago - DeepClass Records
7. Yohan Esprada & Lorena Rich - Is Not A Legend (Soul Sway Remix) - UM Records
8. F3 - Magnificent (Matt Prehn Remix) - Pole Position Recordings
9. Marvin Zeyss - Touch Me - Stranjjur
10. Stimmhalt - Lilac (Original) - Pesto Music
11. Kid Culture - Visions (X-Press 2 Hypnotic Machine Remix) - SINCOPAT
12. Miguel Migs - Dance and Clap (Deep and Salted Mix) - Salted Music
13. The Disclosure Project  - Breathing Space (Harold Heath Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
14. HouseRiders - Good Old Days (Pion Remix) - Lens Media Side B

Friday, September 14, 2012

UM High 5ives - 14.09.12

Marc Cotterell - Drea - Deep Pressure Music

Ilias Katelanos - Heart & Soul (Deep Spelle Remix) - Lens Media Side B

Masahiro Suzuki - Fuji Drops - The Disclosure Project Remix - Adaptation Music

Nikola Gala - Got To Pray (Moodymanc's Meditation Mix) - BEEF Records

Telmo - Some Nice - Oh So Coy Recordings

Thursday, September 13, 2012

UM presents: David Oniani

He debuted as a DJ s in 2004, his preferred musical styles are Deep House, Soulful house, Chillout ... In his musical works, he doesn't try to limit himself with a unique direction, instead he branches out in styles such as Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz, Deep house, Soulful house. In his releases he likes to combine two styles, giving preference to Deep house and Soulful house, while trying to keep his tracks melodic and deep as possible.
Currently, his music sold worldwide, cooperation with such labels as DeepWit Recordings, Kindred Recordings, TEPLO Records, Stereofly Records, iTech Sound System.



01. From P60 with Lisa Shaw - Magic (Jon Silva Remix) @ King Street
02. Blank  Jones With Cathy Battistessa - Happiness (Original Mix) @ Soundcolours
03. Monte - True (Original Mix) @ Jeudi Records
04. Andy Soul feat. Matthew Yates - I Never Knew (Soulight Missing Her Remix) @ Kula Records
05. Dale Howard – District (Original Mix) @ Off Recordings
06. Da Funk - Rauchzeichen (Gion Remix) @ Alma Soul Music
07. Tim Jirgenson - Deep Side Of Chicago (Original Mix) @ Babylon Records
08. Lucas Keizer - Therapy (Original Mix) @ KOLOUR RECORDINGS DIGITAL
09. Carrpetbaggers - Hourglass (Original Mix) @ Summerhill Music
10. Darryl D' Bonneau - Say You're Gonna Stay (Rhythmized Vibe Mix) @ Jellybean Soul
11. D-Reflection feat Thor Dulay - Real Life Fantasy (D's 909 Reflection) @ Adaptation Music
12. Ivan The Terrible - My Love (Original Mix) @ Nurvous Records

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UM137 Tracklisting

This weeks line up of deephouse gems has tracks from Deep Site, Lost My Dog, Jonny Bee remixed by Tony S on Savoir Faire Musique, an Evren Ulusoy remix on Lowflow Records,  Le  Vinyl remixed by The Messenger on Lens Media Side B,  Carlo Gambino & Al Bradley remixed by Nick Devon on 3am, UM Records, Blue Dye, Cromarti Records,  Matthieu Duchesne remixed by Dilby on Something Different, DeepWit Recordings, Aartekt & Zia remixed by Matt Prehn, Matt Prehn feat' DenĂ© Theron remixed by Evren Ulusoy and Jesus Pablo remixed by Robot Needs Oil on Headset Recordings.

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UM137 - 123 bpm - 11.09.12

1. Deephope - Not A Dream (Savvas Remix) - Deep Site Recordings
2. Dale Howard - Koppabird - Lost My Dog
3. Jonny Bee - Loveless (Tony S Remix) - Savoir Faire Musique
4. Fabien Kamb - Pearls (Evren Ulusoy Remix) - Lowflow Records
5. Le  Vinyl  - Ufff (The Messenger's Whatever You Like Remix) - Lens Media Side B
6. Carlo Gambino & Al Bradley - Automatick (Nick Devon Robomatic Remix) - 3am Recordings
7. Vincent Deeper - This The Sound (Atmospheric Deeper Mix) - UM Records
8. Lash - Time (Dave Nash Remix) - Blue Dye
9. Evren Ulusoy - Sorry Being Sophisticated (Original Mix) - Cromarti Records
10. Matthieu Duchesne - Afternoon In The Garden (Dilby Remix) - Something Different Recordings
11. Prosis - How To Move feat' Pablo Fierro (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
12. Aartekt & Zia - Autumn Mist (Matt Prehn Remix) - UM Records
13. Matt Prehn feat' Dené Theron - Taking It Back (Evren Ulusoy Remix) - Savoir Faire Musique
14. Jesus Pablo - See You In San Francisco (Robot Needs Oil Remix) - Headset Recordings

Friday, September 7, 2012

UM's High 5ives - 07.09.12

Moti Brothers - Deep In My Mind (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Itom Records

J Kar - Los Rios (The Messenger Remix) - Something Different Records

Gareth Bilaney - Enchanted Breath (Max Volkholz Remix) - UM Records

Dirty Culture - Fade In Fade Out (Ferdy Unreleased Remix) - Loco Records

DeepWit Crossing Borders Charity Compilation - DeepWit Recordings

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

UM136 Tracklisting

New music from Aartekt & Zia, Deeper Shades Of House, Miguel Migs on Salted Music, Kula Records, Nikola Gala remixed Shades Of Gray on BEEF Records, Lens Media Side B, Urban Torque, DeepClass Records, Jonny Bee, Chris Minus remixed by Pablo Fierro, Edmund on Large Music, DeepWit Recordings, Submantra  remixed by Alvaro Hylander on Savoir Faire Musique and Soul Shift Music.

Listen or download on Soundcloud, iTunes or Podomatic

1. Aartekt & Zia - Autumn Mist (Original Mix) - UM Records
2. Deep House Maniacs feat' Siba - Cloud 9 (Original Mix) - Deeper Shades Of House
3. Miguel Migs - Dance and Clap (Soul Bounce Mix) - Salted Music
4. Jon Billick - No Smoking (Original Mix) - Kula Records
5. Nikola Gala - Got To Pray (Shades Of Gray Remix) - BEEF Records
6. Big Al - Sunset Cruise (Original Mix) - Lens Media Side B
7. Brabe - Love You So (Leigh Morgan Remix) - Urban Torque
8. Badamohet - Catiras (Jesus Soblechero Remix) - DeepClass Records
9. Jonny Bee - Loveless (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
10. Chris Minus - Signal Fire (Pablo Fierro Remix) - Lens Media Side B
11. Edmund - Gotta Jazz (Original Mix) - Large Music
12. SumSuch - Chop Shop (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
13. Submantra - I See You Dancing (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Savoir Faire Musique
14. Nicolas Bassi - Don't Cry (Main Mix) - Soul Shift Music