Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DJ's that could save your life: Julius Papp

There's a crop of artists that are the reason I got into house music or deep house more specifically; Kevin Yost, Toko, Miguel Migs, Pete Moss, Salt City Orchestra and Julius Papp. Back in the day their jazzy, soulful deep sounds captured my 'indie-kid' mind, moving me away from the Stone Roses and Happy Monday's era and into a smooth, sexy chapter of my musical education.

Papp has graced far too many quality labels to list, and I own an unhealthy amount of 12 inches with his name on them still. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, he got tuned into dance music through the city’s flourishing club scene and diverse radio broadcasts that have inspired so many others since. He started collecting vinyl records in the late 70’s and took to the turntables in 1985, scoring his first major club gig two years later. The rest as they say is history.

It is the magic of the Internet age, and the likes of Facebook and Soundcloud that names such as Papp endure globally and are discovered everyday by new keen audiences ready to do the ground work to find out what makes a name so important as Papp is.

Julius's latest downtempo mix on Soundcloud is a great place to start:

Julius Papp MixTape - lazydaze Vol. 1 2009 by juliuspappmusic

As a veteran in the club scene, he has refined a style of dance music that has taken him beyond the boundaries of San Francisco to global praise and recognition. Being nominated as “Most Innovative Producer” at the 2004 House Music Awards is a perfect example of that. Putting him in the company of other nominated producers like, Joey Negro, Osunlade, DJ Gregory, DJ Spinna and Ben Watt was an absolute honor for him.

In 2003 Julius Papp ventured into the label arena with NeoDisco Music. Named after the sound that continues to inspire him - the label offers him an alternate outlet to release his own productions. 

Check out NeoDisco here: NeoDisco Music 

Back in July he released his most eclectic artist album to date, “Open Mind", on NeoDisco Music. The album showcases Papp's musical talents; blending disco, jazz, soul and latin elements with electronic & live instrumentation to create a modern take on his musical roots and influences. The result - a variety of offerings from down-tempo to funky house tracks that will appeal to all dance music enthusiasts.

From the soulful vocals of Lisa Shaw on “Way Back” to the funk-flavored “Diggin’ It”, Papp delivers a refreshing album conveying uplifting, positive messages and unifying fans on the dancefloor.

"Open Mind" <> Julius Papp Artist-Album. by juliuspappmusic

From a personal point on view Julius Papp is one of the reasons untitledmusic even exists, hearing those tunes back then made me want to DJ, made me want to tell people about this new sound any way I could. I'm delighted to have him as a 'friend' on Facebook, but haven't dared message him yet - maybe I will right now!?

In the meantime you can follow him on Facebook: Julius Papp Fan Page

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  1. UPDATE...

    I did message the man himself and today received a reply.

    "Richie! hello there!

    wow! very cool blog you created!
    I appreciate your support! very impressive!
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    Brilliant - chuffed to bits with that!