Friday, April 27, 2012

Retail Therapy (27.04.12)

I'm getting into the swing of this regular post now, and judging by the number of hits the posts are getting each week so are the fans out there - a stunning 1000 plus folks have checked out the two weeks selections to date - all any any shares, likes, g+'s, tweets and what not welcome!

A much busier week for releases this week, and from what I can tell next weeks going to be similar - all the more reason you'll want to be discerning on what you're parting with your hard earned cash for! Here's what I'm liking this week...

Nick Lawson - Drum Boppin - Back To You
Dudley's label keep it coming in fine style - the opener is the one for me, but a glorious late night vibe across the EP.

Marc Cotterell - Untitled Tracks Vol.1 - UM Records
Shameless I know! But with vinyl-mad Marc, Brian Ffar and The Messenger to enjoy you'd be crazy to miss this one!

Waxfood - Soul Session EP - Epoque Music
Epoque Music do it again with a top drawer strutting gem.

VA - Uncovered - DeepWit Uncovered
Sister label to the mighty DeepWit bu no less class. Max Volkholz and Ali Ayhan for me.

The Disclosure Project - It was amazing Full EP - OneThirty Recordings
As you'd expect, classy stuff from Disclosure Project.

Marbert Rocel - Small Hours - Compost
Always love the label, but don't always fit into the shows style - but man this has summer chilling written through it!

Cadatta - Melita (Our Deepness) - Hypothermik Musik
Wonderful moods from the ever impressive Cadatta.

Moodymanc - State EP - Centric Music
Exclusive to Traxsource as a Promo until May 15th.

Mr Cenzo - New Directions EP - Artizan Music
Opening track doing the business for me.

The best of the rest
(or in other words, those that haven't got Soundcloud clips and links):

Marvin Zeyss - Keep On - iRecords
Marvin's latest (been out on vinyl) finally comes to digital retailers.

BeLe feat. BeRight - The Wings of the Mind EP - Deso Records
Out on promo exclusive to Traxsource.

VA - Baker Street 5th Anniversary - Baker Street Recordings
Monster line up on this one and a few tune have featured in the show of late - Michael McLardy, Matt Prehn, Holmes & Watz - all worthy of mention for me!

Jesus Pablo - The F Word - Headtunes
Head in for the Tom Lown Remix and another top remix from Robot Needs Oil.

Kidz - Single - What Happens

Sebastian Davidson - Earthrise Remix EP - Nightbird Music

Edmund - Focus:Edmund - i! Records
Soul Minority and Deep Spelle remixes well worth it!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The devil is in the ID3 detail

Hot on the heels of last weeks somewhat 'controversial' post about getting your online brand sorted and driving sales,  I thought I'd tackle another hot topic of mine head on and see who else I can annoy!

Each week I listen my way through a stack of new music (and I wouldn't have it any other way, before I get a load of messages about moaning from a privileged place). Being the organised type I am (at some things at least), and needing to be time efficient as I go about my day-job and balance family needs with producing UM week in week out, I often find my Saturday morning second listen and processing time taking way too long because folks just don't set up their ID tags right. Shame on you. That means, I have to sort out artist names, track titles, catalogue numbers, genres, album names, year, artwork, remove under scores between every work and decipher random symbols and number and more.

Now, before we go any further I'm not saying my way is the only way. I'm not singling anyone out here, just using examples from this week to show you how, if you're bothered, you can make the lives of those receiving your tunes (that includes me I hope) so much better and get them playing them to their audiences sooner!

What kind of things am I talking about?
As you can see I'm probably a bit anal about things, but doing the weekly mix has meant I need to be able to get the info together quickly, accesses it as I mix and make life making tracklistings and my monthly RA chart as easy and exact as possible. As I go, I create folders for each promo, with the main info in the name and grab the cover artwork too, resizing it as I go - I'm old enough to be of the era that was used to looking at the sleeve in your record bag and remembering what the track sounded like, so seeing the sleeve in the digital world is vital to me. It's always disappointing when there's no artwork or the size of shot used is pretty small (under 300x300 pixels isn't much use to me at least). The more organised the download link the better, Kahua, 8dpromo, Dirtcrew, Alma Soul Music and others spring to mind of people doing it well and everyone is sure to have their favourites.

Once I sit down to run through the chosen promo's I drop them straight into iTunes (only finally selected tunes make it into my Traktor library). I then re-listen to the tracks I've checked throughout the week, weed out the ones that don't sound right this time to the final tracks for the forthcoming shows. Time after time have to sort out all the info and artwork. This example from the excellent Mobilee Records is typical of the sort of file conventions most people getting promo's will be used to seeing.

Which once dropped into iTunes ends up looking like this.

Or like these examples from other labels this week.

Here's a great example of what's (in my view) great practice and makes my life so easy. While it's not exactly how I end up setting my library up, all the info is there for me to quickly cut and paste into the right place and the sleeve artwork is already enclosed in each file.

And here's how Oh So Coy make life easy with their track naming - so much easier to extract the info I need from this rather than the first folder example use above. If anything it could use less hyphens and underscores using the capital letters to break up the words within areas (eg. OSCR035_NicolasBassi_NzlihgoYo_TheRemixes_RobertRiveraRemix.mp3).

How do some people get it right then? One way, and one I use is by using ID Tagging software. I'm no expert in what software other people use, but I do know lots of people that use iTunes - bad news is iTunes is not a proper ID3 Tagging programme and shouldn't be relied upon, especially OS system to OS system. Get yourself over to pa-software (here - and download their ID3 Editor - it's a straight forward, no nonsense editor and covers bother ID3 v2 and v1 tags in one interface. The purchased version allows you to do more so worth the cash.

It allows you to add all sorts of good info depending on what level of nerd-ness you want to go to, bpm, URLs, publishing info and more. You can work with files individually or as a group, but as you can see below by opening our example track the artwork was already embedded which is great, but the track info needs just a little tweak.

There's an extended tab within the editor, offering a more detail, but the key one for me, and especially if you're importing into Traktor is the 'Publisher' field. Add the label in here and it's populated once you fire up Traktor.

Worth noting here that adding '&' signs or other special characters can lead to all sorts of issues when moving files around - most people will have at one time or another had a file name something like this.

Off at a tangent here, but it's all part of my routine. Once I've got all the tracks I want sorted and in good shape I drop them into Mixed In Key. Some people might think it's a cheats way of building a set and having been a vinyl junkie for many years I can see their point, but with the amount of music coming into UM HQ and only getting a couple of chances to hear the new tunes, and then one go to mix it, knowing what key each tune is and it's bpm comes in handy and allows me to shape a set in rough before I've even started recording.

For anyone that's not already onto Mixed In Key head (here - The software detects the key the track is played in using it's own harmonic wheel and assigns it a number/letter value. The irony of them having Guetta on the homepage won't be lost on most - and lets be honest from the YouTube videos I've seen he needs the help more than I do (and that's saying something). That information is then populated back to the original track source - so whether you've dropped it in from iTunes or Traktor is adds the data to the file info.

Mixed In Key can also help the quality of the recording but highlighting those that need adjusting and whilst Traktor can equalise out track volumes as a default, my final piece of kit irons out any odd clipped peaks or booming mastering.

Platinum Notes, made by the same folks as Mixed In Key, can correct pitch too, which is all good an well if you're that tuned into that kind of thing (I'm not that musical so can't speak much about it) - I actually like to run each weeks new mix through it once recorded to get the volume level consistent with the previous weeks - no one likes to be listening to one track at a perfect volume then bam, it's shaking your fillings and waking the baby!

The end results look like this in iTunes - with both a harmonic value and bpm showing on each track - I have that set to be on the comments, but I think you can define where it populates for yourself. Which means when I import the crate into Tracktor I'm all set to go…

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

UM126 Tracklisting

New releases from Alma Soul Music, DeepWit, Boris Dlugosch on Peppermint Jam, new label Undulate Recordings, Oh So Coy, Betaphonics remixed by Matt Prehn on Downsouth-Music, Witty Tunes, Miguel Migs remixed by Fred Everything on Salted Music / OM Records, Celestial Recordings, Seven Music,  Casareccio Records, Form & Function, Mobilee Records, Suruba and Marc Cotterell on UM Records.

Listen or download on Soundcloud, iTunes or Podomatic

1. Sarp Yilmaz - Your Lovin (Original Mix) - Alma Soul Music
2. Alfred R - Got To Be Alert (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
3. Boris Dlugosch - Keep Pushin' (Joel Alter Remix) - Peppermint Jam
4. Data Vault - Need You (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Remix) - Undulate Recordings
5. Nicolas Bassi - Nalingi Yo (Mojito AfroDeep Remix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
6. Betaphonics - Midnight Love (Matt Prehn Dark Pass) - Downsouth-Music
7. Juan DDD & N.O.O.D. - Pelagato - Witty Tunes
8. Miguel Migs feat' Meshell Ndegeocello - Tonight (Fred Everything Lazy Dub) - Salted Music / OM Records
9. Alex M - Smooth 160 (Original Mix) - Celestial Recordings
10. Volta Cab - The Foundation (Original Mix) - Seven Music
11. Yoga Masters - Feel It In Your Soul - Casareccio Records
12. Miami Ice - The Way You (Original Mix) - Form & Function
13. And.Id - Black Mamba - Mobilee Records
14. Jorge Takei - Paris (Los Suruba Remix) - Suruba
15. Marc Cotterell - Untitled Track One (Original Mix) - UM Records


Friday, April 20, 2012

UM's Retail Therapy (20.04.12)

Second week of the 'Retail Therapy' blogpost and it seems the perfect week to have a release with it being one of the rare quieter weeks, which means I've had to dig around a little harder than I'd like to unearth some deep house gems for your weekend shopping carts. But, relax! Fear not, I've come through for you all - so dig in and check out the tunes and happy shopping!

Ross Couch - We Are One - Body Rhythm
Quality EP this one across the board, but this one has a sublime vibe to it, real old school class I think!

YokoO - Blinded EP - 22Digit Recordings
Strictly speak anyone as good looking as YokoO doesn't need any help from me! But what the hell, I like 'Blinded' too much!

Terry Vernixx - Desert Rain - Snake Beat
Nice retro Detroit glow to this one.

Jack Fell Down - Jack Fell Down EP - Southern Fried
Late night lazy grooves from the mysterious Jack Fell Down.

Chase Buch - Eastenders - KOTE
Techier EP from Chase Butch.

Juan Lombardo - Step by EP - Low Pressings
A spot of tougher deepness here, with Moodz being the one for me, nice chunky chugger.

The best of the rest
(on in other words, those that haven't got Soundcloud clips and links):

Pablo Fierro - Savin The Day EP - Dutchie Music

Liquideep - Feel It - Deeper Shades Recordings
Remixes from Andre Lodemann, Stimming & Shur-I-Kan and we all know how Lars keeps it deep on his label!

Julius Papp - Boogie Buffet EP - NeoDisco

Danny Quattro - Kalibu, Glasshouse - Savoir Faire Musique

Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Need You - Undulate Recordings

Quarter Notes - Quarter Notes 001 - Quarter Notes
Mystery pack of no named artists this one, but well worth checking Track 1 and 3 if you like it deep and smouldering.

Demarkus Lewis - Smoke - Headset Recordings

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Make the most of your 15 minutes

Andy Warhol may well have been right in his view we'd all be famous one day and the way the internet has opened up the world to your audience sure helps. From Facebook to Twitter, to Resident Advisor to the new frontier of Beatport DJ pages, everywhere you go, everyone has a profile to push and a name to make - but I despair - far too many people are failing to deliver anything to differentiate themselves from the masses and in a world where 15 minutes is more like 15 seconds that's fatal.

The basics of marketing can be applied to absolutely anything - cars, soap powder, chocolate bars, diet plans and people - engage your audience, express your difference and then sell them something. In this case that means when someone hits upon your profile you want them to:

1. See who you are
You're a DJ, promoting music you've made or the label you own - why the fuck do you need the headphones then - it's unlikely I just randomly found you and have no idea what I'm on your profile for - so the headphones are just one of many cliches over used - be different, get a good quality portrait done by a mate.

This image has been carefully chosen so not to offend the scores of Facebook friends I could have used wearing headphones in their profile pictures.

2. Tell me why I want to be your follower
As some of you will know I hate biographies, mainly because I've read the sames ones time and time again. How, you discovered music at an early age (surely that's true of everyone, unless you were deaf until your mid-teens or beyond?). How you developed a love of house before buying decks and quickly becoming the hottest DJ in your backyard. No doubt you've been around the world DJ'ing, supported by a host of top name DJ's and resident here, there and everywhere. Fact is, so has everyone else - take the test, hop onto Soundcloud and read the profiles - you'll be asleep before you know it.

An example from a very famous people...

"Since the young age of 14 the passion and ardor for the techno movement in Europe, encourage him to explore the variety of the expression of tendency that was revolutioning the world music Club scene"

The other pet hate I have of these profiles is speaking in the third person - as in speaking about yourself as if you're not you, for example 'Bob's' profile:

"Bob has developed a classic sound without ever sounding dated. A perfectionist both in the studio and behind the decks, Bob’s hard work is now coming to fruition. Bob has built on the string of..."

Here's Atnarko's entire profile as an example of keeping it short, uncomplicated and bullshit free...

"I am DJ and Record Producer originally from Canada now living in Florida. you can find me Dj'n in your town or in my studio making music. Releases and remixes under my name (Atnarko) or with pal Huggy as Formidable Force on labels like Lowdown, Tango,Robsoul,2020Vison,Lazy Days and Kolour as well as my own label EIGHT-TRACKS"

For me it expresses who he is, what he's done and spares me the hype. It won't work for everyone and adding a list of recent gigs and the all important links to RA, Facebook, Beatport and the like is of course a must. I often connect across the whole suite of links once I find someone I'm interested in hearing more from and I can't be alone in that.

3. Be consistent
That inter-connectivity of modern times is great, it can push people from place to place, draw them to you from Stumble-upon, Pinrest or a list as long as some discographies people insist on posting as profiles. What's important as people find you and connect is that the experience is what you're aiming for wherever it comes - keep up to date on things, out of date profiles aren't a good look if I'm trying to figure out if you're the person that's made that cool remix I've just heard.

It's time consuming (be warned) so being everywhere might not be the thing to do if you're going to manage it right. Beatport's new pages are all brand new and exciting, but what is it going to bring you as a DJ without a product to sell on the retail side that RA doesn't already offer you?

Being seen everywhere means you need to value your personal brand and pay attention to the details. Spot the typo's in Atnarko's profile text? (I should point out I'm terrible at typo's and spelling before I get a hammering)  - get someone to check it if you're rubbish like me, but inconsistent capitals, spacing or spelling errors all influence how someone thinks of you - if you wouldn't put it on your real CV then don't do it online either. 

4. Seal the deal
After hours of profile perfecting, account registering, uploading, tagging, posting and connecting you come to the business end of things - quite literally. Whether you're an artist, DJ, remixer or label owner (and forget the "I'm in it for the love of house" crap - there's a difference between loving doing something and being in it for love alone - the latter means you've no need for a profile at all, after all you're not looking to profit from this are you?) the relationship is consummated with a financial transaction at some point - be that DJ booking, remix, release or licensing deal - it's what you can gauge the success of your social media hard work. So, make it easy for me, add buy it links to Soundcloud clips as soon as you can, promote your release as much as you can (all too many people think their job is done once a track is released), if you're doing a guest mix include your tracks - not all of them, but the odd dusting of self promotion is a good quality.

DJ charts are a major part of the current brand promotion used by many, and given the piss poor way some online retailers catagorise deep house, it's the only way to hear deep house on some so make them part of your routine. 

But, (here comes another moan) don't just fill them with your own tunes, your own label or that of your mates - the reason I followed you to start with was because you had a difference, you were my guru of all things deepness, you were introducing me to new and exciting stuff - but I'll quickly lose interest if you don't maintain the standards and when I see that link on Facebook my reaction won't be the one you've worked hard to get.

Tom's is a great example - I'm sure he and I are on similar mailing lists, and I'd heard half of these before but the one's I hadn't I now own - and that is a reason for labels to be keen to support someone in the future - he's demonstrating his difference at the business end of things. Yes, the opener is his remix (and a quality one too) but the variety and quality is there to make me check out his next chart without question.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

UM125 Tracklisting

Latest promos from On The Fly, DP-6 Records, Deep House Proposal,  Witty Tunes,  DeepWit Uncovered, Noir Music, Kula Records, Harold Heath on Pin Up Recordings, DCSTrax, Savoir Faire Musique, Jesus Pablo & Sean Danke remixed by Robot Needs Oil Remix on Headset Recordings, Jay West on Large Music, Peng Africa and Chris Minus - remixed by Marc Cotterell on UM Records.

Listen or download on Soundcloud, iTunes or Podomatic

1. J.P. - Loved - On The Fly Records
2. Eddi Shkiper - Playing With Shadows (Original Mix) - DP-6 Records
3. Gurhan - Between Us (Subsky Remix) - Deep House Proposal
4. Roberto Palmero - You A (Redondo's Nice n Easy Dub) - Witty Tunes
5. Max Volkholz - Conflicts (Original Mix) - DeepWit Uncovered
6. Larse - So Long (Manuel Tur Remix) - Noir Music
7. Cocoared & Soulplate feat' Charmaine - Supa Soldier (Colin Sales Remix Deep Vocal Remix) - Kula Records
8. Harold Heath - Techtonics (Original Mix) - Pin Up Recordings
9. Submantra & DJ Umbi - Give Your Love (Original Mix) - DCSTrax
10. Source Of Soul - This Way (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
11. Jesus Pablo & Sean Danke - Mojo (Robot Needs Oil Remix) - Headset Recordings
12. Jay West - Thinking Of You (Original Mix) - Large Music
13. Toxic - Wasted Melody - Peng Africa
14. Chris Minus - Finding Spaces (Marc Cotterell's Lost Space Remix) - UM Records

Friday, April 13, 2012

UM's Retail Therapy (13.04.12)

As much as I liked the old 'High 5ives' series it has been kind of been superseded by the Deep House fans page, so I got to thinking what would be a really useful regular post?

'Retail Therapy' is my answer! A weekly round up of 'decent' (well in my opinion anyway) new music that's just out this week and ready for you to buy. What's even better is you can now bypass all the shitty 'deep house' new release lists that are full of nu-disco, tech-pop or minimal techno wank and head straight to the best sounds you've enjoyed in previous UM radio shows - life made easy! So, what's made it onto this inaugural listing of the latest and greatest new releases worthy of your hard earned cash?

Dakin Auret - All That I Need - Oh So Coy Recordings
Gotta be one of the most innovative new labels around - both mixes top but the opener steals the limelight for me.

CRAM - Right Here (QMUSSE Remix) - Epoque Music
Sounding hot on UM124, with the Original Mix being top drawer too.

Matthieu Duchesne - Afternoon In The Garden (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Something Different Records
Well worth checking out the Robot Needs Oils remix too.

Savvas - Morning Martini (Original Mix) - Modifi Grooves
Seem to have missed out on the promo for this one! But no hard feelings (honestly).

Chris Minus - Eye Floater - SOLE Channel
The new sound of Chris Minus continues on SOLE Channel (although they've not quite grasped adding 'BUY IT' links - so here's the clips thanks to the man himself - the opening track for me!

Mikkel Vadsager - Ridin High (Original Mix) - Gartenhaus
Bumper crop of tunes on the VA long player - bought to choose just one...

Jeremy Breen - Holic Down (Howard Sessions & Al Bradley's Lip Service Remix) - Savoir Faire Musique 
Quality EP once more from Savoir Faire - Howard and Al's remix shining for me.

Hollis P Monroe - I'm Lonley (Larse Remix) - Noir Music
Re-issue of the 97 Stickman Records classic.

The Disclosure Project - Designer Ware Remixes Part 2 - Disclosure Project Recordings
Been on promo at Traxsource and about to get it's full release on Monday. The Messenger and Yohan Esprada mixes have been tickling my fancy.

Shigeru Tanabu - Visceral Reaction (Alvaro Hylander Remix)  - Proton MusicLate entry - but Alvaro has the midas touch right now.

The best of the rest: 
(or in other words, those that haven't got Soundcloud clips and links):

Carlo - From X To You - Elevation Recordings

V I V I D - King of Karma EP - Deso Records

Jesus Pablo - The F Word - Headtunes Recordings

Terryfic - Fly High - Soul Symphony Records

Fill Lavin - Right Time EP - Nightbird Music

Thursday, April 12, 2012

UM presents: Manhattan Projject

Kev Obrien and Chris Luzz have been making big waves ever since they first teamed up a year ago. The duo (who also co-own the hot Stranjjur Imprint label along with Andy Inneli) have now formed their new alias. The Manhattan Project was a research and development program led by the United States with participation from the United Kingdom and Canada, that produced the first atomic bomb during World War II. Fast forward 60+ years and the Project has been resurrected - in musical form.
In physics, when scientists mix certain volatile chemicals together, the process results in a chemical reaction that at times can be explosive and highly volatile. Yet when the smoke settles, the various chemicals have fused together to form an entirely new substance; many times more volatile and dynamic than the sum of it's parts. This is precisely what occurred the very first time Kev Obrien and Chris Luzz stepped into the studio together. Their first piece of work together; a remix of Ruthit's "I Feel" on Chicago's Fresh Meat Records; was quickly discovered and put into the regular rotation of Hot Natured's Jamie Jones, which subsequently created a global demand for their sound, prompting several well-respect labels to approach them for additional remix work; labels such as Save Room and Loco Records.

In September of 2011, Kev's new Stranjjur Imprint label was born. Soon after the label's debut release (the Miami Vices EP by Lula Circus, with remixes from MANIK and Pezzner); Luzz joined in as the third label partner alongside Kev and Andy Inelli. The label has seen great success thus far, with it's future release schedule including artists such as Kris Wadsworth, Marcin Czubala, Tigerskin & Till von Sein, Audio Soul Project and many more.

Moving forward to 2012, the duo will now record for Stranjjur, under the Manhattan Project guise; focusing on a deep and complex sound that nods it's cap to Chicago, Detroit, Miami and most heavily toward New York; the city they call home. Hundreds of hours of field recordings have been compiled during the duo's daily travels in and around the 5 boroughs; with the intention to not only incorporate the sounds of New York into the music, but to allow the sounds of New York to BE the music.


Intro: Biggie's in the Subway
01. Yakine - Tight Thing (Nido Lahs Remix) [One Records]
02. Luomo - Spy (Penner + Muder Remix) [suol]
03. Detroit Swindle - Pain Tomorrow (ORiginal Mix) [Saints & Sonnets)
04. Andhim - Walkmen [Terminal M]
05. Combo -So Real (Hexley Remix) [Rebirth]
06. Anja Scheider - LEt]] me Out [Mobilee]
07. Cozzy D & Dodha - White Lightning [Lower East]
08. Gauthier DM - Memories [Catwash]
09. Lee Foss - Brooklyn in the House [Mexa Records]
10. Terrence Pearce - Needy (Orginal Mix) [Stranjjur]
11 INXEC - Feelin Alright (Original Mix) [Culprit]
12. MJ - Don't stop (Sal LaGrosso Edit) [bootleg]
13. Rootz Underground - Enlighten Me (Rob Paine Dub) [Worship]
14. Chris James - Gold Rush (Original Mix) [ALiVE]
15. Miss Jools - Walk Away [mobilee]
Outro: Taxi Cab Confessions


Resident Advisor

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

UM124 Tracklisting

Promo's from Beef Records, Dudley Strangeways remixed by Robot Needs Oil on Something Different, Demarkus Lewis remixed by Milton Jackson on Lost My Dog, Andre Crom on OFF Recordings, Alma Soul Music, DeepWit Uncovered,  Stranjjur, Snake Beat,  Savoir Faire Musique, Chris Minus on Solechannel, Oh So Coy, Nightchild, Gavin Boyce remixed by Fish Go Deep on Nordic Trax and CRAM on Epoque Music.

Listen or download:

1. Jaded & James Petrou - Toni's Pain (Original Mix) - Beef Records
2. Dudley Strangeways - This Needs To Change (Robot Needs Oil Remix) - Something Different Records
3. Demarkus Lewis - Wipe Ur Mouth (Milton Jackson Remix) - Lost My Dog
4. Andre Crom - Holdin' On (Adriatique RMX) - OFF Recordings
5. Angelo Ferreri - My Belong (Original Mix) - Alma Soul Music
6. Autumn Park - Silent Person (Ivan Garci Remix) - DeepWit Uncovered
7. Havens + Hart - Find A Way (Original Mix) - Stranjjur
8. Terry Vernixx - Desert Rain (Original Mix) - Snake Beat
9. Tony S - Ghostwritten (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
10. Chris Minus - Eye Floater (Original Mix) - Solechannel
11. Dakin Auret - All That I Need (Original Mix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
12. Ruez - Song For The Deaf (Original Mix) - Nightchild
13. Gavin Boyce - Divine In You (Fish Go Deep Remix) - Nordic Trax
14. CRAM - Right Here (QMUSSE Remix) - Epoque Music Label

Thursday, April 5, 2012

UM presents: Adjust (Zweistein)

Adjust (aka Zweistein) aka Willem de Poorter is a producer /DJ from The Netherlands. A vinyl collector since the late 80's his production work has been his focus since the 00's. As one half of Zweistein he's performed across Europe and more recently is the man behind Cosmic Disco Records.


01. Uglh - Moving [Caramella Records]
02. Glimpse & Martin Dawson - Our Friends (Martin Dawson Alt-Dub Mix) [Pets Recordings]
03. Datamode - I’m Your Captain (Karol Xvii & Mb Valence Loco Remix) [Highway Records]
04. Helly Larson- Dubcreators (Lukas Greenberg Edit) [Etoka Shapes]
05. Moy Santana & The Gekkonidae - In My Room [Cosmic Disco Records]
06. Charlie Banks - Passing Walls [Dirt Crew]
07. Patrick Zigon - Stranger’s Paradise (Francesco Bonora Remix) [Danza Macabra Records]
08. Marc Romboy Vs Rodriguez Jr - Picnic Electronique (Deetron Remix) [Systematic Recordings]
09. Sqim - Forever More [Evamore Music]
10. Gavin Herlihy - Endless Feeling (Larse Remix) [Culprit]
11. Andrea Maffei & Sauro Cosimetti - Reto (Uglh I Need Your Love Remix) [Deep Throat]
12. M.A.N.D.Y. Vs Booka Shade - Home (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Interstellar Mix) [Get Physical]
13. Amine Edge - The Rythm [Katchuli Records]
14. Deep Dish, Prana - The Dream Feat. Bt (Sharam’s Deep Dish Dreamscape) [Twisted]

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

UM123 Tracklisting

Fresh new tunes from Evren Ulusoy remixed by CRAM on Lens Media, OFF Recordings,  Dual T, DeepWit Recordings, We Are Your Music Mate, Modifi Grooves, Jesus Pablo remixed by Tom Lown on Headtunes Recordings,  Savoir Faire Musique, Pole Position, Chris Minus remixed by Michael McLardy on  UM Records, Holmes & Watz remixed by him too on Baker Street , YokoO on 22 Digit Records, Marissa Guzman -remixed by Kerri Chandler on Juicy Lucy and 3am Recordings.

Listen or download on Soundcloud, iTunes or Podomatic

1. Evren Ulusoy - Star Crossed Lovers (CRAM Remix) - Lens Media
2. Chris James - On & On - OFF Recordings
3. Dual T - Beyond Your Dreams (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
4. Jonny Bee - I Need You (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
5. Tom Bednarczyk - Do You Believe (Original Mix) - We Are Your Music Mate
6. Ben Brown - Sneaky Feeling (Original Mix) - Modifi Grooves
7. Jesus Pablo - The F Word (Tom Lown Remix) - Headtunes Recordings
8. Danny Quattro - Kalibu (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
9. Matt McLarrie - Cyclops (Viper Strike Remix) - Pole Position Recordings
10. Chris Minus - Drifting Along (Michael McLardy Remix) - UM Records
11. Holmes & Watz - Believe It (Michael McLardy's Piano Workout Remix) - Baker Street Recordings
12. YokoO - Blinded (YokoO's Walking To The Light Edit) - 22 Digit Records
13. Marissa Guzman - Fifth Moon (Kerri Chandler Main Vocal Mix) - Juicy Lucy Records
14. Ben Dean feat' Bryony Matthews - Find Me (Original Mix) - 3am Recordings