Thursday, April 12, 2012

UM presents: Manhattan Projject

Kev Obrien and Chris Luzz have been making big waves ever since they first teamed up a year ago. The duo (who also co-own the hot Stranjjur Imprint label along with Andy Inneli) have now formed their new alias. The Manhattan Project was a research and development program led by the United States with participation from the United Kingdom and Canada, that produced the first atomic bomb during World War II. Fast forward 60+ years and the Project has been resurrected - in musical form.
In physics, when scientists mix certain volatile chemicals together, the process results in a chemical reaction that at times can be explosive and highly volatile. Yet when the smoke settles, the various chemicals have fused together to form an entirely new substance; many times more volatile and dynamic than the sum of it's parts. This is precisely what occurred the very first time Kev Obrien and Chris Luzz stepped into the studio together. Their first piece of work together; a remix of Ruthit's "I Feel" on Chicago's Fresh Meat Records; was quickly discovered and put into the regular rotation of Hot Natured's Jamie Jones, which subsequently created a global demand for their sound, prompting several well-respect labels to approach them for additional remix work; labels such as Save Room and Loco Records.

In September of 2011, Kev's new Stranjjur Imprint label was born. Soon after the label's debut release (the Miami Vices EP by Lula Circus, with remixes from MANIK and Pezzner); Luzz joined in as the third label partner alongside Kev and Andy Inelli. The label has seen great success thus far, with it's future release schedule including artists such as Kris Wadsworth, Marcin Czubala, Tigerskin & Till von Sein, Audio Soul Project and many more.

Moving forward to 2012, the duo will now record for Stranjjur, under the Manhattan Project guise; focusing on a deep and complex sound that nods it's cap to Chicago, Detroit, Miami and most heavily toward New York; the city they call home. Hundreds of hours of field recordings have been compiled during the duo's daily travels in and around the 5 boroughs; with the intention to not only incorporate the sounds of New York into the music, but to allow the sounds of New York to BE the music.


Intro: Biggie's in the Subway
01. Yakine - Tight Thing (Nido Lahs Remix) [One Records]
02. Luomo - Spy (Penner + Muder Remix) [suol]
03. Detroit Swindle - Pain Tomorrow (ORiginal Mix) [Saints & Sonnets)
04. Andhim - Walkmen [Terminal M]
05. Combo -So Real (Hexley Remix) [Rebirth]
06. Anja Scheider - LEt]] me Out [Mobilee]
07. Cozzy D & Dodha - White Lightning [Lower East]
08. Gauthier DM - Memories [Catwash]
09. Lee Foss - Brooklyn in the House [Mexa Records]
10. Terrence Pearce - Needy (Orginal Mix) [Stranjjur]
11 INXEC - Feelin Alright (Original Mix) [Culprit]
12. MJ - Don't stop (Sal LaGrosso Edit) [bootleg]
13. Rootz Underground - Enlighten Me (Rob Paine Dub) [Worship]
14. Chris James - Gold Rush (Original Mix) [ALiVE]
15. Miss Jools - Walk Away [mobilee]
Outro: Taxi Cab Confessions


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