Saturday, November 30, 2013

UM's High 5ives - 30.11.12

Irregular, I know, but things get busy and... but... if..., look it's me not you...

Ahhhh, right, back to what made the week worth record shopping, and to be fair it's been a pretty shitty week for new music (not to self - should have released something this week). But, still so crackers out there:

Funtom - What Will It Be (Terry Vernixx High Desert Remix) - Headset Recordings

Matt Prehn - Chemical Attraction (Original Mix) - Large Music

Rhythm Plate  - Not Like That feat’ Frank H. Carter III (Hot Toddy Remix) - Lost My Dog

Tim Andresen - Away (Original Mix) - What Happens

The Black 80s - Nothing Better feat’ iBi Vaughan (Rubini Remix) - Compost Black Label 108