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Interview: Jaidene Veda

As with life, house music is cyclical, and after the computer produced boom it's delightful to once more here vocals delivered with passion and feeling once more reaching out across the world. Few voices have the power to captivate and stop you dead on the dance floor, but Jaidene Veda is one such shining light of vocal beauty. It just so happens she's also the voice behind 'Sunday' one of my all time favourite house tunes and a previous 'If I could listen to one last tune' feature (here).

After three co-written and self-produced indie albums, two Billboard club singles, and several international chart topping EP's Jaidene Veda has become a recognizable voice in both the underground house community and top 40 club circuits around the world. Often described as "Bjork meets Sade", UK's 'Kula Records' recently dubbed her a "modern day Tracey Thorn". There's no doubt anyone who hears Jaidene's sultry, glowing vocals will be hypnotized by them, so it's with great excitement that I'm able to do a feature on such a talent as she unveils her latest indie project, 'Pisces Pendulum Anniversary Remix LP'.

Her path to this point has been marked by her drive to succeed and littered with big names, kicking off with the 'Flow' EP remixed by Pete Heller and one time Pete Tong 'Essential Buzz Chart' selection. Three indie albums including, 'Pisces Pendulum' (a compilation of deep house singles as well as Down Tempo, Lounge, Nu Jazz, Spoken Word and Neo Soul) caught the ears of DJ Spinna, Danny Krivit, Ralf Gum, and the likes of Bugz in the Attic, receiving international radio support including Pacha and Global Ibiza.

There's very little about the woman behind the voice out there. How did it all begin for you?

My mother said i was singing before i was talking - I'm not sure if that's just a story she likes to tell me but i love hearing it! I was trained on the piano, I played guitar, I sang informally, but I was a sub-pop baby - music lover very early, passionate grunge artists and poets inspired me!

Then Bjork and trip hop threw my world, Sade and Me-Shell Nedgeocello molded me eventually, but when my big brother (DJ at the time) introduced me to house music, I "knew" what I wanted to do.

It was Blue Six 'Sweeter Love', the dance floor was so hypnotized, and this lush but anonymous voice was weaving in and out of the dance floor. Aya's voice was in my head for hours after the club. I was 17 and very impressionable, but I knew I wanted to be that voice on a record not even in the room, but so everyone could feel you. And of course the 4/4 was like your heartbeat, I've felt it ever since.

You've been to some wonderful places as an artist since those early days, which of them will stay with you forever? 

Ooh! hard to pick. New York will always be my favorite place in the world I think. However, the European stint with 'Pisces Pendulum' allowed me to make London my home for almost two months and it was a thrill, just like Paris - but I was able to visit my Fathers family in the Czech Republic for the first time - so Prague feels like the most memorable. 

Having collaborated with many of the industries finest, including Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell, Josh Milan, Glenn Underground, Jimpster, Reelsoul and the Ananda Project, her body of work has continued to bring her closer to working with all of the artists who inspired her early in her career. 2010 ended with a two-month touring/recording stint across Europe, spanning several areas of Britain, as well as Paris and Prague where the collaboration with Peng/The Rurals legend Andy Compton was born that gave us the Ocean.

How did the collaboration 'Ocean' with Andy Compton (The Rurals) come about?

I'll preface this with the fact I've been a Rurals fan for ages, I can remember singing 'That Feeling' at gigs when I was 18 and not that comfortable freestyling, ha! Eleonora from Stilnovo was a big part of 'Pisces Pendulum' and my first show in Europe was her big birthday bash in London, just by coincidence Andy saw the performance pics, he said he peeped my music on Myspace and Youtube after that, and it made him call Eleonora to see if I was still in the UK - what a blessing - we ended up in studio for a whole month together after that, completely unplanned and feeling like inspiration full circle! Big love for Andy, what a musician at heart. 'Into Life' is a gem to me, but his mix of 'Soul Size Love' was a lovely cupid cut for the album!
And this latest Pisces Pendulum Remix Anniversary album?

Essentially, I'm celebrating the anniversary of my mini European tour back in the Fall of 2010. However, performing with Pisces Pendulum overseas led to more of a recording stint for me and various new connections to people that were all so enthusiastic about the project. That's how all of these remixes came about, as well as an opportunity for me to create something that felt like an album, not the compilation it stemmed from. I wanted to experiment more and enjoy the growth in my sound and studio skills, going way off the 4/4. I would say half the project is soul and nu-jazz, there’s even a rendition we stripped down to solely the piano and me - real music!

'Sunday' is one of those tracks that stands out from your tunes for me - how big a tune was it for you?

It's really special to me, that's for sure. Sunday on the dance floor is where this whole journey started. Osaze and I wrote that track in 2004 or something though, so the long journey to the SA and UK (MN2S) releases, then the monster remix by Jimpster (absolute fave mix on the floor!) coming years after! Well I'm lucky. It was something that resonated with people, but I knew it would - there's an entire global community dancing religiously on Sunday nights, look at Shelter too, right? I really wanted to sing about it, but I'm so happy people feel it.

Those lyrics are 'sung back to me' the most, it's so moving to share that with people... what I've done on this album is produced an "Ode to Sunday", so i actually feature four of my singer sisters all hitting an original approach to the acappella, then I designed the story from home to New York to Chicago (with the help of Thomas Osaze and Vick Lavender). There's a deep tribute to the Pioneers of the scene on that piece that we're all really proud of!

To date Jaidene's featured on Jaiveda Productions (her own label), Sacred Rhythm Music, Peng, Nordic Trax, mn2s, Soul Candi, Amenti, Adaptation, Curvve Recordings and more. An award winning Filmmaker and Sound Designer, Jaidene (an Audio Engineering grad from the Vancouver Film School) was recognized at several International Graduate Film Festivals, for 'Outstanding Video-making Achievement', as well as nominations for 'Best Experimental' and 'Best Original Music', for her debut short film in 2005. Anyone wanting to while away a few hours of the day should head straight to Jaidene's YouTube page, where her film making passion meets those stunning vocals!

Tell us about Jaiveda Productions?

I'm just a little indie mama who likes to do it all i guess, so when I was making records, or producing shows, projects, films... I just threw a title on it and it stuck. I think people think I run a record label, it makes me giggle (and blush;).

How much importance do you put on the social media promotion these days?

Again, I'm just an indie chic. This e-world we're in is what it is, and that means it's everything! Promoting the original 'Pisces Pendulum' was pretty much purely Facebook, I've only recently linked with Twitter, and Myspace is dead - sad to say it cuz it felt like a really genuine connection to your listeners - peeps were very enthusiastic about sharing music and providing feedback.

The mushroom effect seemed to really be there. but I'm a pretty mad promo monkey, self promo is awkward as hell but I had to do it from day one and really it's so much more rewarding connecting face to face or at least somehow directly with your audience. I used to see Tiesto footage of my early dance singles with thousands of people going off at some European gig, but I never felt that as much as people calling or writing to me to tell me they just made love to my album, or fell asleep to it - it's not the compliments you seek, it's the connections. We're human and artists need reciprocity. Social networking is a GEM in that manner.

LIKE A TATTOO [REELSOUL MAIN] by solechannelmusic

What labels or artists are you looking out for in the year ahead?

I have a huge soft spot for producers who are not afraid to sing. MR.V killed that jam! So did Reelsoul - their production is heavy too. Choklate had some sexy numbers on the floor all summer, but I'm proud of my girl, Hosanna Littlebird, for resonating so much soul simultaneous to sultry in all she's doing - people associate us with each other (music and our friendship) but she is truly a unique woman - watch out!

Otherwise I think we all couldn't be more impressed by everything Josh Milan touches of late, 'Soul Size Love' finally coming out with my big brother in the biz meant the world to me, but I'm grateful to be inspired by his vision with Honeycomb and how deeply he is involved on all levels. On a much smaller scale I see our parallels but I can learn from him on every level of the business - seeing that you can do it all, wear all the hats you want, touch all the genres you want, build a musical family.

But most importantly, we may be in love with this thing called house - but we are music lovers first! With the abundance of labels, artists and constant releases in the underground now you have to dig, but soul music lives, and the giant souls behind all of it are always the most humble people I meet, those are the artists and labels that will preserve the integrity of house music because they are the real musicians.

Buy the album here

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

UM presents: Selen Parman

Back to the UM Guest Mix series with a first for us! In a landscape all too often dominated by big names and male ego's it's a great pleasure for me to finally be able to introduce a female DJ. It's also possibly the first tech house mix we've had on the series - see it's not all deep house round these parts!

Selen Parman is a Turkish ex-pat who recently moved to Europe to Australia. Her interest in DJ'ing started (like so most DJs) at very early age. 

Her journey since has seen her DJ at the Club Crystal stage located by the amazing Bosphorus in Istanbul where she has played alongside international names like Terry Francis, Asad Rizvi, Lee Burridge, Hipp-E and more. In 2006 she secured a residency at Café Del Mar (Bodrum, Turkey)

Selen has played guest spots at parties such as Lost Baggage, We Love Sounds After Party,Chinese Laundry, Thank Techno It’s Friday, Monkey Tennis, Church of Techno and Spice since moving to Sydney and has spent the last year refining her sound and
honing her craft. She is a lover of all house and techno, from deep and warm to crunchy and dark. More recently she has been running TEAM Records.


1: Klovn‐ Boijz
2: Trinity and Beyond‐ Flat Broken – (Continum Remix) (Unreleased)
3: Alain Ho and Daniel Kyo – Two Sides (Dyed Soundorom’s Looking For Android Gruber Remix)
4: Fimo – Casa Di Musica
5: Mihai Popoviciu – Central Hk
6: Philogresz – Thick Dean (Klartraum Version)
7: M.a.n.d.e.a.r – Buddies (Siopis Remix)
8: Mendo Feat. Andre Butano – Gringo (Miguel Lobo and Andre Butano Remix)
9: Alex Niggeman – Smash Your Face
10: Nina Kraviz – Okain’s Scream (Sebo K Remix)
11: Bernard Jones – Don’t You Wish (Nick Dare Remix)
12: Ryan Thompson – You Like
13: Hooved ‐ Somnanbulism 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

UM102 Tracklisting

The latest new releases from Deeper Shades, Deso, UM Records, Acryl Music, Deep Edition, Gruv Shack, Le Vinyl  remixed by The Messenger on Lens Media, Peng Africa, Casareccio Records, Aki Bergen on Night Drive Music, Adaption Music, Lost My Dog, Mateo & Matos remixed by Pete Moss, Kolorit Records, Retweak, Mike Richardson & Howard Sessions feat' KT Forrester remixed by Pete Dafeet, Shaboom Records, Tracey Thorn  remixed by Charles Webster on Strange Feelings Jaidene Veda, Native Soul Recordings, Soluble Recordings, Dave Martins remixed by Desos on Something Different and Micheal Mclardy remixed by Dudley Strangeways on Back To You.

Listen or download on Soundcloud or iTunes

UM102 - 25.10.11
1. Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak - I Miss The Things (Stephen Rigmaiden Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings
2. MetteS feat' Amber Jolene - Last Night (Dudley Strangeways Remix) - Deso Records
3. Deep Spelle & Kevin Martin Spelle - Can't Stop Thinking About You - UM Records
4. Helly Larson - Freeway - Acryl Music
5. Cram - Make You Do Wrong - Deep Edition Recordings
6. DJ Jakes - The Rise (Original Mix) - Gruv Shack Records
7. Le Vinyl - Ufff (The Messenger's Whatever You Like Mix) - Lens Media
8. Darque feat' Kaylow - Difference - Peng Africa
9. Jean Jeak & D. Takerz - Give To Beauty (Original Mix) - Casareccio Records
10. Aki Bergen - Gold Digger (Vocal Version) - Night Drive Music
11. Lonya & Ilya feat' Meital De Razon - Spring Reign (S.K.A.M. Remix) - Adaption Music
12. Dominic Martin - Side 2 Side - Lost My Dog Records
13. Mateo & Matos feat' Vincent Inc - Want U Tonight (Pete Moss Remix) - People That Make The Music
14. Crek - Make Me (Original Mix) - Kolorit Records
15. Matt Gray - Summertime - Retweak Records
16. Mike Richardson & Howard Sessions feat' KT Forrester - Looking Back (Pete Dafeet Remix) - Lost My Dog
17. Shaboom - If You Need Me (Langenberg Remix) - Shaboom Records
18. Tracey Thorn - Swimming (Charles Webster Remix) - Strange Feelings Records
19. Jaidene Veda - If Only (Eleonora Remix) - Pisces Pendulum
20. Diem & Romano Arcaini - Time (Brent Vassar Remix) - Native Soul Recordings
21. SouTHboy - People Of The Sun (Original Mix) - Soluble Recordings
22. Dave Martins - Deep Control (Desos Remix) - Something Different Records
23. Micheal Mclardy - Rainy City (Dudley Strangeways Remix) - Back To You 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 20.10.11

Okay, so this feature is becoming a little irregular, I admit, but I decided I'd only put it together when there were the tunes to make it as exciting as it should be! So, here's this editions pick of the tunes I've been tapping my feet to while I work... be warned, some of these tunes are already released, and have been inspired by the poll I'm running on the Deep House fans page to find the hottest new labels (features on that to come!), so if you like them, be sure to buy them.

Mike Richardson and Howard Sessions ft. KT Forrester - Looking Back (Huxley Remix) - Lost My Dog
Mike Richardson & Howard Sessions ft. KT Forrester - Looking Back (Huxley Remix) (Lost My Dog) (Clip) by Kahua Music

MAXXA - Day After Day EP - Setalabel
MAXXA - Day After Day EP [SET066] release mix by setalabel

Eats Everything - Entrance Song - Pets Recordings
Pets_11_-_Eats_Everything__-_Entrance_Song by pets_recordings

Obando - Automovile (Original Mix) - Deep Disco Music
Obando - Automovile (Original Mix) by Deep Disco Music

Alex Agore - Improper Change - No Matter What

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UM101 Tracklisting

Fresh new tunes from Low Pressings, Jesus Pablo,  Beatservice, Superluminal remixed by Alvaro Hylander on Behaviors, Pole Position, DJ Sneak & Phil Weeks on Robsoul Recordings, Jay West on caption Music, DeepClass, Adaption Music, Deep Spelle & Kevin Martin Spelle remixed by Karol XVII & MB Valence on UM Records, Miguel Migs feat' Meshell Ndegeocello  on Om Records, Eleflight Records, Black Vinyl, The Exquisite Pain Records, Night Drive Music, Large Music, Shades Of Gray remixed by Milton Jackson, Tronicsole, Mobilee Records, Aki Bergen , Off Recordings, Wind Horse and Deep Edition Recordings in the mix.

Listen or download via Soundcloud or iTunes

UM101 - 18.10.11

1. Lucas & Hugo SanchesEverytime I See You (Original Mix) - Low Pressings
2. Jesus Pablo - Behind The Line (Original Mix)
3. Dennis Jr. feat' Christabelle - Call Code - Beatservice Records
4. Superluminal - Attend (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Behaviors
5. Soulplate feat' Charmaine - Move You (Prang Beats Mix) - Pole Position Recordings
6. DJ Sneak & Phil Weeks - Acid Disko - Robsoul Recordings
7. Jay West - The Speed of Soul (Silver City Remix) - Adaption Music
8. Raul Carrasco - Cordones (Original Mix) - DeepClass Records
9. D-Reflection - Happiness is Taking Over (Haldo Remix (Tom Conrad & Alex Senna Edit)) - Adaption Music
10. Deep Spelle & Kevin Martin Spelle - Something About Your Lovin' (Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Remix) - UM Records
11. Miguel Migs feat' Meshell Ndegeocello - Close Your Eyes (Shades Of Gray Dub) - Om Records
12. Santi Touch - Noche - Eleflight Records
13. DJ Ermi - D.S.P - Black Vinyl
14. Alain Ho & Alex Arnout - Your Love (John Daly Remix) - The Exquisite Pain Records
15. Terry Grant - Drunken Master Style - Night Drive Music
16. Nathan G - Come Together - Large Music
17. Shades Of Gray - Dis This (Milton Jackson Remix) - Reckless Republic Music
18. Shades of Gray - Deepr Undercover - Tronicsole
19. Rodriguez Jr. - Bagpipe Women - Mobilee Records
20. Aki Bergen - I Hate Aki Bergen (Juan Sanchez Remix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe
21. Teva - Peace Of Mind - Off Recordings
22. Vipul - Carousoul (Original Mix) - Wind Horse Records
23. Zade Cross - Flat Out - Deep Edition Recordings

Friday, October 14, 2011

Interview: Kevin McKay (Glasgow Underground)

Back in the early 90's, when untitledmusic was starting out as an ad-hok fanzine dotted around the finer record stores of the UK, it was thanks to some great people with amazing labels that UM is still alive and kicking. Sadly, all too many of them have fallen away over the years as the industry changed and the digital era made it a very different business. One such person was Kevin McKay who owned Glasgow Underground, one of many outstanding labels that believed in what we were doing and kept the promo's coming our way. Just like us, he vanished for a little while, but is back with a bang, new music, re-edits and lots more.

So, I thought, as part catch up for old times and part education to the newer groovers I'd fire a few questions at the man that introduced me to Mateo and Matos, Neon Heights, Jersey Street, LHK, DJQ, Alex Moran, Rick Preston and so many more - I have my house education to thank this guy for. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Kevin McKay....

What came first for you, your own music or Glasgow Underground?
I started DJing properly - playing house/club music as opposed to just playing dance/pop records at friends parties - in 1989 and soon afterwards I became fascinated with the idea of making music. I kept having these ideas about how to improve and push forward the current club sound. You know, wondering if tracks would sound better if they were done a certain way or imagining a current house record modulated with a certain style to come up with something new. At the time even basic samplers cost thousands of pounds. Combine that with my serious vinyl habit and there was no chance of me saving up for a studio setup. Then one night I was DJing at Strathclyde University Students Union when a guy from my course came up to me, handed me a tape and said, "I really love the music you play and want to make stuff that sounds like it. Here's what I do." That was in 1991. We spent the next 3 years hanging out in various Glasgow clubs and then going back to either my place or Andy's to try and create our own version of what we'd just heard on the dance-floor. The idea of turning it into a business didn't come until much later. I couldn't get anyone in Glasgow to sign our first EP so I went to the Princes' Trust and got a grant/loan of £2000 to put it out myself.

Latest tracks by Glasgow Underground

As Muzique Tropique you and Andy Carrick paved the way for some many other UK indie dance labels - was it all as glamorous as it seems?
I guess working in the music business is as pleasurable now as it was then: you still get to go to work every day doing something you love. The main difference back then was that there were more barriers to entry (studio equipment costs, manufacturing/distribution know how, no email/web marketing solutions, etc) and so it took much more initial effort to get a label off the ground. That made having that business seem more otherworldly than it does now. However the reality of being in that situation was and still is a mixture of experiences. When you are stuck in the office with your head in excel spreadsheets doing royalty statements or combing through licensing contracts the job can seem as dry as any other office work but when you're playing a track you've made on a boat sailing down the fjords outside Oslo to a bunch of loved-up Norwegians going bonkers on a sun-kissed boat party… it's bloody awesome.

You're also the man that owns Breastfed Recordings and brought us all Mylo. Was that success down to the lessons learnt on GU or just one of those things?
It's funny because at the time I discovered Mylo, house music (and deep house in particular) was considered as unfashionable as you could get by the British music media. So much so that at the start of Breastfed I took on a pseudonym (Kevin Kennedy) because my name was inextricably linked to Glasgow Underground (a deep house label - shock! horror!) and house music in general. That meant I could contact people without them automatically pigeon-holing Mylo as "deep house". I even went as far as using the same pseudonym for all my production and mixing credits on the Mylo records (heaven forbid someone that made deep house co-produced & mixed this new exciting stuff). So in some ways, Mylo had nothing to do with Glasgow Underground but in others, his success had everything to do with it. For example, Breastfed was started with very little money so we used Glasgow Underground's credit with suppliers to get our vinyl and Cd's made, we used GU's sway with distributors to get a distribution deal and we used all my experience with pluggers to pick the right team to work on the project. Without all that it would have been almost impossible for us to have achieved what we did with Mylo on our own without licensing on to a bigger label at some point. Of course we partnered up with other labels but all the releases were done under the Breastfed brand and we retained ownership of all of our copyrights.

As if all that's not enough you're behind the Heartbeats imprint too - what's the deal with that?
Grum is one of the most talented artists I've ever met. When I signed him I wanted him to have his own label so that he could develop his own style (both musically and visually) without being surrounded by other acts. He started off making "electro" but it would have been wrong for him to be on a label surrounded by other "electro" artists as his skills and range of influences were always going to mean that he would outgrow one particular sound. And Heartbeats is the perfect name for what he does too. Every time I hear a new Grum tune, it gets me right there in the middle of my chest where it counts... 

Glasgow Underground was/is one of those legendary labels from the late 90's/early 00's, what happened in 2004 to make you stop releasing music?
Our distributor went bust owing us around £40,000. We had just enough funds to cope with that kind of loss but it was going to take a significant new investment to get the label back up and running. At the time Breastfed had been going for about 18 months and I decided to commit all my time to that. As well as running the label, I mixed all the Mylo tracks that we released on Breastfed, co-produced 1/2 of the album and programmed/produced all of the Linus Loves material so there wasn't much time for Glasgow Underground. I did put out a 12" in 2006 and one in 2007 I did keep my hand in… kind of!

With so many releases under your belt (115 12"'s and 38 albums if Discogs is right?) what were the highlights of GU for you?
The Romanthony album is an obvious highlight, "Bring U Up" especially. He is one of those incredibly talented but also incredibly confusing artists. Working with him was certainly entertaining! The early releases also mean a lot to me as I was involved in the production; Muzique Tropique, Sixteen Souls, Studio Blue. And then my favourites from a DJing point of view have to be Powder Productions and Mateo and Matos.

So why after 7 years is now the time to bring the label back?
I think there's a real appetite again for house music and that has inspired me to do it. I didn't see the point in just making the catalogue available digitally so we're planning a series of compilations that showcase what we did in the 90s/00s and how it is relevant to people that like labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Rejected, Hot Natured or Visionquest today.

With the likes of Paper, Classic Music Company, Shaboom, Toko and UTC soon to make their comebacks I'm interested to know whether it's an artistic decision or a financial one for you?
It's definitely an artistic decision. When I was working on Mylo records or Linus Loves records, I was really into that sound and Breastfed was the perfect label for them. I took some time out after that to produce a band because that was what I wanted to do then and now I'm really excited by house music again and what better platform to express that than on Glasgow Underground. Asking my favourite producers from around the world to remix the back catalogue and compiling exciting compilations out of it is just an added bonus!

Will their be any new vinyl releases for GU to add to those precious collections around the world?
Vinyl is still a very important part of being a dance label so we're going to still do it. I'm just still working out the best way for us to do it given that the market for it is so much smaller than it used to be.

How do you think the current marketplace, with digital technologies and social networks have changed the record label business?
It has made it much easier to have a record label and therefore it has made becoming noticed as one harder. That seems to mean that it takes a little longer for the really strong stuff to rise to the top, which is not necessarily a bad thing...
Latest tracks by Kevin McKay

What other labels and artists have you been enjoying of late or tipping for big things in the near future?
Rob Etherson from Glasgow is a producer people should look out for. He makes tech-house as one half of Ovr Kill and has a release forthcoming on Kling Klong, he makes bass/house as one half of Mia Dora and has just turned the new Roots Manuva single into a slice of Julio Bashmore-meets-Eats Everything deepness and, as Rob Etherson, his mix of Mash's "Somebody's Property" was one of Pleasurekraft's bombs of last year.

What can we expect to hear from you personally and the label over the coming months?
The first new signing to GU is a producer from LA called Small Pyramids. His debut ep "Another Way To Feel" was released free on the net last year. It was blogged by the likes of Disco Delicious, Nightdrive & Too Many Sebastians and its stand-out track "I Want Blood" found its way into the playlists of Bxentric and Radio 1's Jaymo. We've just promo'd some cool remixes of "I Want Blood" by Cosmic Kids and Goldroom and they're getting great reactions from the deeper djs. He's working on an album for the label just now.

As for me, I've just done a track for the debut release on Moscow's Propaganda label (named after the club of the same name) which will be out as part of a compilation with other favourite djs/producers of the club such as Yapacc, Touane, John Tejada, Peter Kruder, Maya Jane Coles & Clara Moto. That's out in October/November, as will my remix of the Grum track "Power" and there'll be a new ep on GU before the end of the year and possibly an album next year.

GU Discogs
GU Soundcloud
Kevin McKay Soundcloud

Thursday, October 13, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 13.10.11

Another bumper week for tunes, so much out there to enjoy everyone!

Alain Ho and Alex Arnout - Your Love - TEP Recordings
TEP003 - Alain Ho & Alex Arnout - Your Love by TEP Recordings

The Soul Faderz - In The Moment (Telmo Remix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
The Soul Faderz - In The Moment (Telmo Remix) by Oh So Coy Recordings

DJ Sneak and Phil Weeks pres. Bubba Beats and Kid Piston - Robsoul Recordings
DJ Sneak & Phil Weeks pres. Bubba Beats & Kid Piston - Class In Session 1 (Robsoul Recordings) (Clip) by Kahua Music

Soulight - Don't Leave Me - DeepClass Records
Soulight - Don't Leave Me by SOULIGHT

EV Darko - Time Train (Deep Spelle Remix) - DP-6 Records

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

UM100 Tracklisting

Fresh new tunes from  DeepClass, Pole Position, Mobilee Records, Peng Africa, Tim Andresen remixed by Mark Kruse and Thomas Dieckmann on What Happens, Kolorit,  Click Therapy , Savoir Faire Musique, Santiago Sanatamaria on Deso, Glasgow Underground,  DCSTrax, Acryl Music, Disclosure Project Recordings, Terry Grant  remixed by Satoshi Fumi  on Night Drive Music, Jack Fell Down, Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal on Pin Up, Jay West on Adaption Music, Oh So Coy Recordings, Cromarti, 26 Tea Drops, DeepWit and Lost My Dog in the mix.

Listen or download on Soundcloud or iTunes

1. DJ Herr & Fer Ferrari - Houseland (Original Mix) - DeepClass Records
2. Soulplate feat' Charmaine - Move You (Soulplate Midnight Mix) - Pole Position Recordings
3. Rodriguez Jr. - Shapes I See - Mobilee Records
4. Darque feat' Kaylow - Difference (The Antidotes Remix) - Peng Africa
5. Tim Andresen - Arena (Mark Kruse and Thomas Dieckmann Remix) - What Happens
6. Mr. Leman & Thomas Dieckmann - Sunset (Original Mix) - Kolorit Records
7. Lee Guthrie - Bad Navigation - Click Therapy Recordings
8. Dual T - Kirsty (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
9. Santiago Sanatamaria - Fever (Original) - Deso Records
10. Small Pyramids - I Want Blood (Cosmic Kids Remix) - Glasgow Underground
11. Craig Stewart - Time & Again (Artie Flexs Remix) - DCSTrax
12. Dima Promo - Pace Of Mind - Acryl Music
13. The Disclosure Project - Fortean Quack (Satoshi Fumi Level Z Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
14. Terry Grant - Music For Discares (Satoshi Fumi Cyclo Kiss Mix) - Night Drive Music
15. Arto Mwambé - Une Seule Nuit (Jack Fell Down Re-Edit)
16. Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal - On The Floor (Vocal Mix) - Pin Up Recordings
17. Jay West - Just For Today (9west Messenger Remix) - Adaption Music
18. Cable Stealing Gypsies - My Baby Walking (Matt Prehn Deep Rub) - Oh So Coy Recordings
19. Sachrias & Aslak - Stromso (Adham Zahran) - Cromarti Records
20. Adam Jace - Afromojo (Max Mikheev & The Guzalos Funk That St Remix) - 26 Tea Drops
21. Javier Varez - You Are Here (Dirty Culture Moody Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
22. Tom Taylor & Gareth Whitehead - On A Tip - Lost My Dog

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

UM presents: Miami Ice

At the age of twelve Markus Greulich (aka Miami Ice) started to play the drums which helped him develop his love and feel for rhythm and percussion sounds. After a few years  the young German took things to the next level and started to practice mixing and producing.

2007 saw his first release on the italian digital label Stranamente Music released and in 2008 two releases followed on Onward Digital before Markus was asked by Pole Folder to do a remix for his new 80Hz Digital label.

He's since featured on Endemic Digital and Unrivaled Music and this year worked with the UK based Pretty Criminals on 'Feel The Crowd' - supported by the likes  of M.A.N.D.Y, Moodymanc, Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) and many more. It also entered the Beatport Top 100 Deep House Charts at No.53 and was picked for Beatport´s 10 Must Hear Deephouse Tracks.

It's fair to say 2011 has been a very good year for Markus with projects to come with great artists like Acid Andee, Colin C. (as MICC) and many more.


UM presents: Miami Ice (UM Guest Mix - 05.11.11) by untitledmusic


01. Vindahl - Sometimes (12" Groove Version)
02. Northern Lite, Sebrok - In Japan (Adam Port Remix)
03. Krl - Remember Donny (Greymatter Remix)
04. Adam Port - 86 (Original Mix)
05. Chopstick, Johnjon - Obviously She´s A Whore (Original Mix)
06. Adam Port - You Better (Original Mix)
07. Fantastic Man - Look This Way (Original Mix)
08. Master H, Alice Orpheus - I Am A Drifter Who Can´t Let Go (Beradi & Dairmount Drumapella)
09. Daniel Bortz - I Am Looking (Original Mix)
10. Den Ishu vs. DJ Sneak - You Can´t Hide From Your Bud (Den Ishu´s Classic Re-Build)
11. The Paradise - I´m In Love With You (Original Mix)