Friday, April 15, 2011

If I could listen to one last tune...

Sometimes you never tire of a tune you've loved for years, others you stumble across a tune and it grabs you deep inside. I don't suppose that's happened in a long while for me, whether that's because I'm lucky enough to hear a whole load of music these days? 

Or maybe it's because those tracks that stop you and demand that second play right away have become few and far between - whatever the reason, 'Sunday' is one of those moments for me. Having been likened to legendary Naked Music sound of days gone by, the Canadian songstress has a string of hits to her name, not to mention a forthcoming EP of remixes! One to look out for! The Jimpster Remix is the first one I heard, thanks to a Pete Dafeet set, and whilst there's plenty of other great mixes around, including a Nick Holder one I played recently on a set, this is the one that gets the hairs on the back of my next standing up each, and every time!

A keen film maker Jaidene's Youtube channel is well worth checking out here. And this piece  is top class too nice bit of background on 'Sunday' at the start!


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