Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Best of UM 2010 - Part 2


1. Pawas - Waiting Game (Original Mix) - Sudden Drop
2. Ivan Enot - Morning (The Messenger's Smokey Morning Mix) - Acryl Music
3. Adultnapper - Monitor (Original Mix)
4. Thyladomid - The Voice (Original Mix) - OFF Recordings
5. Tim Andresen - Same Story (Original Mix) - Deso Records
6.Distant People feat' Tasita D'Mour - You're So Special (D-Reflection Remix) - Adaption Music
7. Downtown - Tonight (Original Mix) - Celestial Recordings
8. Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Strip Mix) - Open Bar Music
9. Red Box Lounge - Sweet Love - So Sound Recordings
10. Leo Portela feat' Prisi - All About Love (Elastic Sound Dub Remix) - Onethirty
11. Andy Compton - In Love Again (Deepxcapes Closure Mix) - Digi Peng
12. Lazario Casanova - Sun In The Sky (Original Mix) - petFood
13. Fer Ferrari - Double (Evren Ulusoy Remix) - DeepClass Records
14. Bang Bang - Broken (Giom Remix) - Lost My Dog
15. Davidson Ospina feat' MJ Whire - Well Of Love (Ospina 'Deeper' Vocal) - Ospina Digital
16. Marcos Rosales - Para Los Chicos (Main Mix) - Deso Records
17. D-Reflection feat' Christa - Wave Of Love (Dutchian Soul Boutique Build Mix) - Adaption Music
18. Cram - The Art Of Easing (Tim Andresen Remix) - What Happens
19. Julien Chaptal - Collider (Original Mix) - 2020 Vision
20. Relation - Optimistic (Soundexile Remix) - Urban Torque

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Best of UM 2010 - Part 1

With the holidays upon us and the usual stream of fresh new tunes slowing to a drip I wanted to go back over some of the great tunes we've all been enjoying over the year. And so this four part mix series was born, the rest of them will be uploaded over the coming two weeks - meaning there's plenty of music to get your party going! Enjoy and keep the world spinning in 2011.


1. Tim Andresen - Wrong Ones (Denis Horvat Remix) - What Happens
2. Jidene Ved -Sunday (jimpster Remix) - MN2S
3. Ferry Ultra feat' Ann Sexton - Rising Up (Soul Minority Remix) - Peppermint Jam
4. Ran Shni - Classics (Sebastian Davidson Remix) - Mirabilis
5. Silent Partner - Love Light Flight - Bump Shop Music
6. Mastercris - Find Me (Remix) - Dutchie
7. Cassius - Sound Of Violence (Chris Minus Deep Friend Remix)
8. Jesus Pablo & Milkwish - Journey - Kitschy Records
9. The Realm - I'll Let It (Aki Bergen Remix) - Papa Records
10. Roberto Palmero - Love Game )Mike Montano Sweet Love Mix) - Eleflight
11. Wally Callerio - That Girl - Guesthouse
12. Kane Ian - Take It On - Dustpan Recordings
13. Black Coffee - Superman (Main Mix) - Jellybean
14. Lisa Shaw - Free (Deep Phreeze Dub) - Salted Music
15. Sasse & James Flavour - Happy Ending - Statra
16. Sonny Fodera - Back To You (Original Mix) - Amenti Music
17. Mateo & Matos feat' Vincent Inc - Want U Tonight (John Mateo NYC Deep Mix) - Manuscript
18. Martin Dawson - Lonely - OFF Recordings
19. Neighbour & Jon Delerious - Next One - Nordic Trax
20. Atnarko - Close your Eyes (Soul minority Remix) - Onethirty Recordings

UM High 5ives - 23.12.10

So, here we are, the end of another year. One that's had so many highlights, not to mention 33 editions of UM featuring a myriad of superb tunes. 2010 also saw the birth of the deep house fans page on Facebook, now boasting 18,000 plus of us - amazing! And, not forgetting this blog, which has already topped the 5,000 plus a month visitors - just shows how alive and kicking deep house is! 
Which brings us nicely to the final UM's High 5ive's of 2010, and it's been a tough week, despite not too many new tunes to pick from, what there has been has been of the highest standard...

Dabelsky - Down Up - Soultronic Remix
Dabelsky - Down Up - Soultronic Remix by soultronic

Fiakun Team - Around Your Neck feat Paul Omaetxebarria (Penner + Muder Remix)
Fiakun 001 - Fiakun Team - around your neck feat Paul Omaetxebarria (Penner + Muder remix) by Fiakun

Jesus Pablo - Afternoon Tea (SC Edit) - Unsigned
Jesus Pablo - Afternoon Tea [SC Edit] by jesuspablo

Marvin Zeyss - Spellbound EP - In Deep Records
IDR033: Marvin Zeyss - Spellbound EP by In Deep Records

DP-6 - Summer Breeze - DP-6 Records
DR077 / DP-6 - Summer Breeze by dp-6

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One to watch: Kahua Music

As some of you will be aware Kahua Music provides one of the finest promotional services around, with an enviable roster of labels and artists featuring regularly. As part of the package they host a huge selection of clips from their Soundcloud page of future releases, special samplers, podcast and much more.

 This week's seen the guys add a new feature to the page - a playlist of their favoured tunes that are out now - complete with links to buy them at the usual download stores - and in this day and age of piracy and the like that is what it's all about at the end of the day - paying the artists we love to listen to for their efforts.

Releases Out Now by Kahua Music

To help keep you bang up to date with the latest releases I'm going to be adding this player to the side bar, so if you're in need of musical inspiration look no further!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

UM66 Tracklisting

Promo's from Soul Sheep, Acryl, Juicy Lucy, Giom on Lost My Dog, Dufflebag, Baker Street, Llama Farm, Farplane, Jesus Pablo & Marvin Zeyss, Marc Vexar on Deep Edition, 26 Te Drops, Pole Position, Neurotraxx, Sean Danke on Affin, Moodmusic, Aquamarine, What Happens, Support House, Nightchild and WOT!



1. Greenville Massive - Lost - Soul Sheep Records
2. Craig Stewart - Do For Love (Alex V Remix) - Acryl Music
3. Yoshi feat' Vincent Kelley - Get It In (Husky's RSR Water Reprise Mix) - Juicy Lucy Recordings
4. Polarsets - Morning (Giom Remix) - Lost My Dog
5. Manjane - Blame The Society (You Never Know) - Dufflebag Recordings
6. Rubicon 7 & Merlyn Martin - Hold Me Back (Jamie Anderson NY Dub) - Baker Street Recordings
7. DJ Kinx - Down On Me (Husky's RSR Rub) - Llama Farm Recordings
8. Rasmus Faber - Giant Leap - Farplane Records
9. Jesus Pablo & Marvin Zeyss - Across The Borders (Original Mix) - 26 Tea Drops
10. Marc Vexar - What Rhythm - Deep Edition Recordings
11. The Guzalos - Uno (Original) - 26 Tea Drops
12. Matt McLarrie - Midi Matters (Original) - Pole Position Recordings
13. Central Avenue & Graham Sahara - Dollars (Central Avenue Remix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe
14. Sean Danke - Purkur (Original Mix) - Affin Records
15. Lemon Popsicle - Chordelia (Sasse Remix) - Moodmusic
16. Jon Silva - Got 2 Have U (Original Mix) - Aquamarine Digital
17. Ivan Enot & ArmanJazz feat' B.Original - Message From Saint P (Original Mix) - Support House
18. Cram - The Art Of Easing (Tim Andresen Remix) - What Happens
19. Marvin Zeyss - Blindfolded (Original Mix) - Nightchild
20. DJ Whisky - Boni Mores (Atjazz Remix) - WOT! Recordings

Friday, December 17, 2010

UM Moods Vol.1

Over the last few months I've been stashing away a little folder of mellower tunes. Tracks that just didn't fit the usual weekly mixes, but were of the highest order. So, here's the first in an irregular series of mixes taking a more chilled out approach.

UM Moods Vol.1 by untitledmusic

1. Marbert Rocel - Love Me (Good Guy Mikesh And Filburt Remix) - Compost Black Label
2. Timo Camillo - A New Day - 26 Tea Drops International
3. Julius Papp feat' Lisa Shaw - Way Back (Broken Bt Instrumental) - NeoDisco Music
4. Marsmobil - Patience (Reprise Long Version) - Compost Black Label
5. Dave DK - Will Be Gone - Moodmusic
6. Hot Toddy feat' Jennifer Rhonwen - Down To Love - Smoke N Mirrors
7. J.Axel feat' Astrid Suryanto - You Give Me (Love) (Drum Edit) - Statra Recordings
8. Replika - Gamma Ray (Elastic Sound Rainy Mix) - Aquamarine Digital
9. Supersoulsonic - Eddy Is Dead (Michael Reinboth & Christian Prommer Edit) - Compost Disco
10. Fresh Tee - Nordic Waves (Andreas Saag Remix) - Eleflight
11. Robert Owens - Moments (Produced by Atjazz) - Compost Records
12. Marbert Rocel - Mischa (Mathias Kaden Mischa Goes Deep Remix) - Compost Black Label
13. The XX - VCR (Four Tet Remix)
14. Geelong Breakfast Club - Amboy (DK Berlin & Mike Buhl Version) - Moodmusic
15. Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - In The City - OFF Recordings
16. Michael McLardy - Kiss Goodnight - Baker Street Recordings
17. Geoff M, Terrence T & Eman - In The Club (Triad's Deep Epic Refix) - Tronicsole
18. Zoux - Desert Storm (Original Mix) - Logo Tunisia Records
19. Luca Cazzoni - Sapphire Falcon (Original Mix) - Logo Tunisia Records
20. Kimouts - And Then Came Spring - Urban Torque
21. Arnold Tempo - 2012 - Black Error
22. Hakan Lidbo - We Are Not Yet Alive - Onethirty Recordings
23. Steve Lischinsky - Mondschein (Colt Remix) - Deso Records

Thursday, December 16, 2010

UM's High 5ives - 16.12.10

It's almost that time of year and like most of us I'm looking forward to chilling out and catching up with friends and family, and more so, looking forward to spending some serious time catching up on tunes, getting to know the S4 and doing some little mixes of stuff I've been loving over the last year. This week's started to see a little easing back in new tunes, so keep a look out for some nice new mixes coming very soon (or when the promo's take a break).

Thanks to everyone that's been sending me new tunes to check out on Facebook and Soundcloud too, I'm trying to listen to as many as I can, and if they're any good fit them into the weekly show!

Okay, so what's been tickling my fancy in the office this week?

Thomas Sonora - Sooner Or Later (Original Mix) - Kolorit Records
Thomas Sonora - Sooner Or Later (Original Mix) by Sonora | Kolorit Rec.

The Guzalos - Uno (Timo Camillo's Walking In Warm Night Mix) - 26 Tea Drops
The Guzalos - Uno (Timo Camillo's Walking In Warm Night Mix) - 26TDi001 by 26 teadrops international

The Invisible Man (feat Ally) - Moment In Time (Kostas G Remix) 
The Invisible Man (feat Ally) - Moment In Time (Kostas G Remix) by Kostas G

David Glass - Everything (Persian Remix) - Crossworld Records 
David Glass - Everything (Persian Remix) (CWR020c) by Crossworld Records

Pigi, Pirupa - Sweet Devil (Peeta Remix)
Pigi, Pirupa - Sweet Devil (Peeta Remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD!! by Peeta / Avrosse

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

UM65 Tracklisting

Fresh new tunes from Celestial, Sonny Fodera on Amenti, Mateo & Matos on Manuscript, Deep Cartel, Metamimetic, Pesto, Dieb Audio, So Sound, In Deep, Mike Montano on Arabica, Selekta, Support House, Vitor Birfiss, 26 Tea Drops, 3345 Music, Adaption and Solar Dish all in the mix.

UM65 Tracklisting

1. Fandisko - Groove It On (Original Mix) - Celestial Recordings
2. Sonny Fodera - Back To You (Original Mix) - Amenti Music
3. Mateo & Matos feat' Vincent Inc - Want U Tonight (John Mateo NYC Deep Mix) - Manuscript
4. Moshun - Jazzmatazz - Deep Cartel Recordings
5. Fazhands - Neptune - Metamimetic
6. Christian G - Deep Reflection (Organ Chugg Remix 2010) - Pesto
7. Martin Eyerer - Catweasel (Nicole Moudaber Remix) - Blufin
8. Deep Cartel - Rhodes To Know Where - Deep Cartel Recordings
9. Hatzler - Nocturned (Andre Winter Remix) - Dieb Audio
10. Mr. Morning - Fire (Ronan Remix) - So Sound Recordings
11. Lea D - Black Soul (Evren Ulusoy Remix) - In Deep Records
12. Mike Montano - Introduce Myself (2010 Remix) - Arabica Recordings
13. Calico - December Moon (Mr. Sol's Warm Mix) - Selekta Recordings
14. RAF - Slide Me Inside - Support House
15. Viktor Birgiss - Neutral Utopia
16. Jesus Pablo  - Wu Wah (Original Mix) - 26 Tea Drops
17. Alexander East - Supposed 2 Be (Audio Soul Project Remix) - 3345 Music
18. Amir - Cambells Soup - OFF Recordings
19. Tom Conrad feat' Jaidene Veda - The One (Villa Gombao Inc Remix) - Adaption Music
20. Fil-รก-Fil - Tando (Zweiklang Deep Mix) - Solar Dish Recordings

Friday, December 10, 2010

One To Watch: 26 Tea Drops

In the second in a very irregular series I wanted to introduce another fine label. I got so excited by 26 Tea Drops first couple of releases that I just had to post it on. The man behind this new label in Timo Camillo, and for those in the know he's featured on labels such as Acryl Music, Deepology, Proton Music and more.

Now I hear a lot of new music, and there's loads of good stuff going on. But the times a tune snaps you into attention and touches you are few and far between. Which is exactly what Teastories did for me.

"For those who would like to lie on a sofa relaxing; for the romanticists who dreams to sit pacifically on seacoast. This midnight sounding will create excellent atmosphere of warmth and cosiness wherever you would be — in cafe, at home or on a beach." As the press release describes it!

Latest tracks by 26 teadrops international

Timo, owner of the TeaDrops Music project who has shows broadcast on ProtonRadio.Com, DeepFrequency.Com and Samurai.Fm. has just uploaded the second release to his Soundcloud page, and it's another fantastic EP, with plenty of deep techy warmth to enjoy for the deep house lovers out there - check it out via the player above and be sure to follow this exciting new label via the links below to keep up to date!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

UM's High 5ives - 09.12.12

There's nothing like your birthday falling on a weekend to put you in a great mood for the week ahead! And the sun even came along and joined the party! The 150 odd messages posted on my Facebook page was a real moment for me too - so many nice messages and not just from the labels and artists, but loads of music fans who are enjoying the whole untitledmusic thing! So thanks again to everyone!

You'll be glad to know I'm working hard to being you some quality content before we all pack up and take some time to enjoy the holidays! As promised I'll be doing a couple of special mixes over the festive period to keep you all groovin, but for the time being here's this weeks tunes of choice...

UM's High 5ives - 09.12.12

Marvin Zeyss - Watch Me Falling Down - Disclosure Project Recordings

Marvin Zeyss - Watch Me Falling Down - Disclosure Project Recordings - TDP051 promo by DisclosureProjectRec.

Mateo & Matos feat' Vincent Inc - Want U Tonight (John Mateo NYC Deep Mix) - Manscript 
Mateo & Matos feat. Vincent Inc - Want u tonight (John Mateo NYC deep mix) by Vincent Inc

Santi Touch - Bateleur (Darius Vaikas Remix) - EleFlight Departure Series Vol.1

EleFlight Departure Series VOL. 1 / Santi Touch - Bateleur ( Darius Vaikas Remix ) by EleFlight Records

Jesus Pablo - Wu Wah (Original Mix) - Unsigned

Jesus Pablo - Wu Wah (Original Mix) by jesuspablo

Visionaire - Kane Ian - Dustpan Recordings

Visionaire by Kane Ian

In all honesty this week could have been twice as long with so many great tunes around! What a week!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If you could listen to one last tune...

Toko Records holds a very special place in untitledmusic history. I owe a massive thanks to Alec Greenhough, who along with Paul Ingall established Toko Records way back in 1994. Whilst Alec did his rounds with Global Distribution he used to distribute bundles of copies of the then printed, untitledmusic fanzine - and so a friendship was born.

The label was the home of people like Attaboy (aka Alec and Si Brad), Mettle Music (who later went on to establish his own label, Klarky Kat, Violet Trax, Pat Barry, Rubato and of course Weekender.

Released in 2001 as Toko's 24th release the four track single was everything you'd come to expect of Alex Moran and Simon Bradshaw (Si Brad). Moran had been a favourite of mine on Glasgow Underground (what a label!) and Si, well was fast becoming Mr Deep House, recording under Attaboy, Cine City, House of 909, Salt City Orchestra, Paper Music, Rubato, Wastepaper, Departure Lounge and Weekender. Si's catalogue covers almost all the labels I used to hoard; Paperecordings, Pagan, Alola, Urban Torque, Tribal and more.

Sunday Session was the tune myself and UM cohort Phil Carr played every weekend at our Sunday Republic gigs and so the love for the tune has remained - reminding me of the days when deep house was so new very few people we're into it and they nodded in sync as we educated them in the finest deep house the UK had to offer.

Some time later I picked up a white label of the release which had the vocal version with Zoe Johnston on it. The Nottinghamshire singer-songwriter, perhaps more famous for her work with Neon Heights adds a wonderful edge to the tune!

When I upped sticks and move to the other side of the world I'm pleased to say both copies of this came with me and still sound as soothingly classy today as they did back then in Bar Cuba!

Monday, December 6, 2010

UM64 - Tracklisting

Promo's from Headtunes, Lucas Rosso, Night Drive, Dirt Crew, Loco, Jesus Pablo, Onethirty, Andy Compton on Peng, Dufflebag, Deso, Matt Flores on Loud East, Hudd Traxx, Seshified, Logo Tunisia, Marvin Zeyss on Disclosure Project, Hard Mix!, Session Deluxe, Eleflight and more in the mix.


UM64 - 07.12.10

1. Dirtyworx - Mustache - Headtunes Recordings
2. Lucas Rosso - Sweetest Thing (Original Mix)
3. Markus Homm - Day After Yesterday - Night Drive Music
4. Chymera - Curl - Dirt Crew
5. Michael Gull - Days Like Never - Colludo Records
6. Kev Obrien - Sometimes I Wonder (Till Von Sein Remix) - Loco Records Supreme
7. Freddy Parisi & Marco Soave - Don't You Moving (Moko Mix) - Nightchild Records
8. Jesus Pablo & Di Riviera - Inflight Movement (Original Mix)
9. Leo Portela feat' Prisi - All About Love (Elastic Sound Dub Remix) - Onethirty Recordings
10. Andy Compton - In Love Again (Deepxcapes Closure Mix) - Digi Peng
11. John Pridgen - Spanish Dove (Dub Mix) - Dufflebag Recordings
12. Marcos Rosales - Para los Chicos (Main Mix) - Deso Records
13. Matt Flores - Changes (Original Mix) - Loudeast Records
14. Popoviciu, Leader & ToyGun - The Quest - Hudd Traxx
15. Ralph Session feat' Rainy Payne - The Search (Doc Link's Liberate Mix) - Seshified Recordings
16. Roger Brennan - Broken Keys (Original Mix) - Logo Tunisia Records
17. Marvin Zeyss - Watch Me Falling Down - Disclosure Project Recordings
18. Pork Rib - Beau (S_M Music Remix) - Black Sheep Trax
19. Hard Mix! - Get The Soul - Mercado Paralelo Music
20. Hollen - Nervous - Session Deluxe
21. No Dial Tone & Santi Touch - Love - Eleflight

Friday, December 3, 2010

Interview: Gavin Boyce

Like me, I'm sure you have a mental list of names that are always worthy of checking out when their name appears on a remix or release you chance upon. For me that's the likes of Atnarko, Rick Preston, Chris Minus, Aki Bergen and more. Gavin Boyce is in that catagory, both as a remixer and a producer of some great deeper sounds, including his new release on Nordic Trax.

Mr Boyce has been an avid lover of dance music since his early teens listening to mix tapes from the warehouse raves in the U.K. and going to the legendary club nights in Waterford (Metroland & Roxy) He picked up his first set of turntables 13yrs ago. In the past 5 years his DJ’ing career has escalated to the next level, seeing him become Resident for no less then 2 of Waterfords most popular club nights Re:Publik & Resistance, although these days he can be found at Shelter and Cosmic Disco nights. 

November Mix by Gavin_Boyce

Both of these residences give him a chance to play a more diverse range of house music and it shows on his production skills. Where most producers pigeonhole themselves Gavin has left the book wide open. And with that said his tracks have captured the ears of some of the big time players in the house music scene including djs Sneak, Kerri Chandler, Laurent Garnier, Mark Farina, Kaskade, Dj Harri and Mazi. 2008-09 saw the irish man release 2 eps on Vancouver's excellent Nordic Trax imprint with "Antitrust" from the Face Down ep getting hot release of the week on Fish Go Deep's wide reaching weekly podcast and radio show.

Gavin is also one of the many artists and producers that isn't easy to find out about using my trusty Google, so to celebrate his new release Rooftop Soul EP, I asked the man himself a few questions.

What was the tune that got you into music?

"I have fond memories as a kid sneaking into the front room where my fathers disco collection lived and playing them over and over on the 3 in 1. An old Stevie Wonder album got wore down as it had the coolest inlay ever. Also I was obsessed with Joe Jacksons “Stepping Out” when I was 5. Still love that synth bass on there. You might as well throw in some C64 games with music by Rob Hubbard and then some NY electro and breakdance music and that’s me. Weird kid!"

What's best, vinyl, CD's or digital?

"For me it will always be vinyl. Sound quality arguments aside I love the control and feel of vinyl. I picked up a copy of Henrik Schwarz’s remix of Jackson 5 a few months back of which only 1000 were pressed with no digi release and it felt like I really had ownership of it. You don’t get that with digi. I’ve been using Serato now since 06 and vinyl and CDs before that so I’m not too fussy. I’ve also just got NI’s Maschine and I’m toying with the bridge which could be fun for live sets. Digi is obviously here to stay but nobody’s hit the nail on the head yet with a dedicated controller. We need an industry standard for a controller I think. Like Pioneer have with the CDJ or Technics with the 1200s but NI have come close with that S4. Bigger platters please!"

How would you describe your sound?   

"People assume I’m deep and techy as I’ve done a lot of resident gigs over the last 5 to 7 years and I like to give the guests respect and not try and bring people on a “journey” haha. I always just say “house” as I’m sick to the teeth of sub genres and I can’t keep up anyway. Obviously it needs to go in some box for the download sites but it’s harder to stumble upon unusual shit just like I would down my local record store where it was just house and techno.  I’ll play anything from 100 to 130 bpm that catches my ear but it’s got to have soul. I grew up on a mishmash of acid house, Detroit techno and garage so I’m lost in between there. You can’t wear blinkers these days there’s too much good stuff around."

Latest tracks by Gavin_Boyce

How do you approach producing - lock yourself away till you crack it or, wait for inspiration to strike?

"Definitely a lock myself away type. I’m an accidental musician. It seems to strike at 4am when I’m in some sleep deprived daze. Although last week I started a slow house track and had it 80% complete in 4 hours. You've got to stay with it if it’s flowing like that which is rare for me. I’m always missing deadlines with remixes which is why you don’t see many from me. At least with original stuff I decide when it’s done, if ever."

Ireland's producing some great DJ/producers right now - what's your take on Irelands scene?

"You can’t mention Ireland these days without mentioning Fish Go Deep they've led from the front now for a long time (22 Years) and the Go Deep / Sweat nights are legendary. Hundreds of people going bat shit crazy to 120bpm house is special. Right now you've also got John Daly, Chymera, Sian, Manu Le Tough all doing great things internationally too. Lots of young producers on the way too, its great to see a younger crowd at house nights, I was beginning to think house was going to turn into jazz where I’d have to go to a quiet club with tables and watch some old dude play some dusty vinyl."

Where in the world is your favourite place to play?

"Anywhere with good vibes, sexy up for it crowd and plenty of beer! I’ve had amazing nights 5 minutes from my front door or as far away as places like the WMC. I’ve been lucky to play at some Irish festivals too and Dublin has some great micro nights too worth checking out before the IMF close the country! I’m happy just to play and share my love of this music to people."
You've released tunes on some of the finer labels around, is it a case of just finding a label or do you have a desire to fit the tunes with the right label?

At the start it was just a case of getting it out there. The first track I ever made was only in late 05 and Greg and Shane from Fish Go Deep got it signed to a Canadian label for me. Nowadays I almost start a track with a label in mind. I’m not saying I’m going to be on Defected or anything but it helps me to think of a labels sound to kick things off. The important thing for me at the moment is to get a good feel into the track and pray my mates like it. If they don’t play it out then you know its shit!

You sometimes work under Untaken City name - why the two faces to your work?

"The Untaken City thing started off when was doing a remix for a local band called Solartaxi and I was struggling with a deep house version. It was getting very close to deadline so I said screw it ill do a big room version under a pseudonym (Untaken City comes from the Latin name from my hometown Waterford). It freed me up without compromising my own stuff and the finished mix I really liked. It’s stuff I would play myself so I’m not gonna do a Wolfgang Gartner and take a big left turn. I have a lot of disco edits as well that I might do something with also."

Which do you prefer - DJ'ing or production?

"The production thing is a slow release drug with peaks like getting stuff signed and getting good feedback etc but nothing beats playing out to a packed crowd. That’s the only reason I’m producing my own stuff, to play it out and just involve myself with the music more. I could never be just a faceless producer until maybe I’m too old to be playing music to kids. I got asked to help pick music for a Heineken TV ad recently which I thought would be easy. Its not!"

What's in store for the future?

"Going to be pushing the production side a lot more. With the huge recession here a lot of the younglings have emigrated and it’s hard to run nights that often. I hope to be working with Martin Iveson of Atjazz fame soon and maybe getting a remix from him which I’m really excited about. He’s a gent and a fantastic producer his love of music is infectious. Also myself and a few mates from our Yachtrock disco night will be running a nice big tent at an Irish summer festival next year for the weekend so that will be god fun with lots of live elements (and shed loads of rum and whiskey) thrown in!"


Thursday, December 2, 2010

UM's high 5ives - 02.12.10

Where has this year gone? It's December already and here in the Southern Hemisphere we're getting set for a long, hot one! Perfect for beach parties, BBQ's and those impromptu sets to provide the soundtrack to a lazy day. It got me thinking I should take all the mellower, downtempo tunes I get sent and do a special edition mix - so watch out on Soundcloud for that soon.

I'm chuffed to say that Brazil's Live1.fm is going to be adding the weekly UM shows to their schedule. I'm taking the 8pm Thursday slot, so once everything is sorted and ready to air I'll let you all know more.

It's certainly a busy end to the year for the labels too, judging by the amount of promo's landing this week, which is great for everyone. Which brings us nicely to what 5 tunes have been playing at untitledmusic HQ this week...

UM's High 5ives - 02.12.10

Tom Davis - In Your House - (Rasmus Juul Remix) - Deso Records
Tom Davis - In Your House - (Rasmus Juul Remix) by desorecords

Steve Lischinsky & Khalil - Pure Noisette (Original Mix) - Night Drive Music
Steve Lischinsky & Khalil - Pure Noisette (Original Mix) by Steve Lischinsky

Red Box Lounge - Sweet Love - So Sound Recordings 
Red Box Lounge - Sweet Love (So Sound Recordings, SSR041) (Preview Clips) by Kahua Music

Timo Camillo - A New Day - 26Teardrops 
Timo Camillo - A New Day by 26 teadrops international

Hawke - Everything at the same time (Atnarko Remix) - Eighth Dimension
Hawke (AKA Gavin Hardkiss)-everything at the same time (Atnarko Remix) by atnarko