Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UM presents: Di Costa

Constantin Dimov (Di Costa and also know to some as Twister at the dawn of his DJ-career) comes from Sofia, Bulgaria. His MoodyLushiousInfluences radio show on WestRadio every first Saturday is one of my favourite shows, so I thought I'd get the fella on the series and introduce him to you…


01: Lukas Greenberg - Intro (Feat. Cari Golden) - Plastic City
02: Rodrigo Soria - Blessing (Original Mix) - BPM120
03: Moe Turk - Groove Junkie (Original Mix) - Vibe Lebanon Records
04: Olej - Second Monday (Mangaka Remix) - Cd-r/Unreleased
05: J&M Brothers - With You (Original Mix) - Grouper Recordings
06: Jesus Pablo - Walking In Austin (Original Mix) - Cromarti Records
07: Desos - Girl You Look Good Tonight (Original Mix/Di Costa's Slightly Restructured Fix) - Deso Records
08: Sezer Uysal Pres. Spennu - Feeling Stranger Today (David Oniani Remix) - ITech Sound System
09: Felipe L - Pim Pla (Original Mix) - AK Tek Records
10: Jon Sweetname - Dulce Amor (Original Mix) - Loco Records
11: Andi Vasilos - Love From West - Know Thyself Recordings

Friday, June 22, 2012

Retail Therapy - 22.06.12

I'm back once again with your essential selection of the hottest new deep house releases out this week for your audio pleasures...

Michael McLardy - Baby Don't Cry - Baker Street Limited - 10"
Selling fast from McLardy and those top chaps at Baker Street.

Harold Heath & Tom Lown - Hal9000 - DeepWit Recordings
Tom Lown, Harold Heath and Q-burns Abstract Message party hard on this release.

Satin Jackets presents Flamingo Drive - Every Time I Think Of You (CRAM Remix) - Pole Position
CRAM on point with Pole Positions latest.

Esjayes - Ardiente EP - Deep Site Recordings

Thomas Langner - In Love EP - Stranjjur
Sexy house of the deepest variety from Poland

The Disclosure Project - Designer Ware Remixes Part 3 - Disclosure Project
Out on promo with remixes from Craig Stewart, Soulight, Adham & Hisham Zahran and more.

The best of the rest…
(the releases without Soundcloud buy it links enabled)

Audio Units - Sample The Example - 3am Recordings

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UM presents: Paul Hardy & McKai

Paul Hardy can be found on 2020 Vision, dotbleep, Lost My Dog, Undertones and Deepology and more. He has remixed the likes of Random Factor, Brett Johnson & DJ Heather, Bionic Bump Band and King Cosmic while having his own music reworked by Sei A, Sasse, Jay Shepheard and Miles Maeda.
Paul is also known for owning and running Baker Street Recordings, a label which since 2006 has released their own music (together and as solo artists) alongside tracks from Justin Harris (Music For Freaks), Lil Mark, Bang Bang, Yousef and Dubble D. Baker Street has grown into one of the UK’s leading deep and tech house labels appearing consistently in the sets of DJs like Laurent Garnier, Inland Knights, Dirt Crew and Luke McKeehan and on the pages of the dance music press.

McKai has taken his knowledge and skills as a sound designer for film and television and applied them to his music.  He has produced audio for leading global brands such as Max Factor, MTV, Sky and more and has been producing house full time since 2005, recent years has teamed up with Paul Hardy.  As well as being in the studio together McKai is also one of the team at Baker Street Recordings and joins Paul in a number of other music related business ventures.  He has a number of releases on the likes of 22 Digit, 3AM, 6th Sense, 1999 Recordings and of course Baker Street its self.


1: Freak Seven - We Bring The Music (Jimpster Dub) - 2020Vision
2: Steve Banks - Including Talk - Baker Street Recordings
3: Arthur M - Afterhours (Christos Fourkis Remix) - Know Thyself Recordings
4: Ninohengst - Things (Original Mix) - Burnzzz Records
5: Michael McLardy - Baby Don't Cry (Moodymanc Remix) - Vinyl Bootleg
6: Sleazy McQueen - I'm Working All Night (Atnarko Remix) - Eight Tracks
7: Howard Sessions, Mike Richardson - Looking Back feat KT Forrester (Original Mix) - Lost My Dog
8: Eddy Beneteau - Oh Baby - SupaLife Records
9: Joe Morris - Everything Everywhere
10: Paul Hardy - Dust (Jay Shepheard Remix) - Baker Street Recordings
11: Aartekt - Get Up Girl (Kirby Remix) - Something Different Records
12: Melos & Kyber - Stroboscopic (Paul Hardy & McKai Remix) - 22 Digit Records

Friday, June 15, 2012

Retail Therapy - 15.06.12

A busier week and no mistaking this week in the wonderful world of deep house delights. And as usual I've been casting my eye over the tunes on offer, many of which haven't made it into the retail lists of the majors - and it's even nicer to see a growing number of the releases being on vinyl too!

VA Elements: Water - BEEF Records
Classy EP from BEEF especially Dilby's track featuring Lowqui.

Deep Spelle - Nothing To Say EP - Lens Media
Ooooh, now this ones been on rotation in HQ  a while now, check the Original for the real deal if you ask me!

Tim Andresen - Baila Mas - What Happens
Latino flavours on label owner Tims latest.

Mark Wells & Tom Brady - Reality - Savoir Faire Musique
Dramatic sounds on this one, the original and Desos remix hitting big but it's Soul Sways remix that does the business for me with it's deeper groove.

Down By Law - On The Edge - Oh So Coy Recordings
Oh So Coy's very own brand of deepness keeps delivering ear-catching release. Dan Auret doing the business for me on the latest.

Jerry K - Recreation EP - Snake Beat Records
Quality EP of deep and chunky main room house moods.

Audio Analysts - L.A. Groove EP - Something Different Records
Some seriously moody deep tech house on SDR, check out the Sergio Santos & Tamer Malki Remix.

Sarp Yilmaz - Outcast - Alma Soul Music
Dense, multi-layered house on the new one from Alma Soul.

Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass - Jet Lag - iRecords
JP's latest on iRecords, where he's joined by HouseRiders another iRecords fav right now, combining with style on this mellower vibe.

The best of the rest…
(the releases without Soundcloud buy it links enabled)

PhaTGuyZ - No Sad Sad Song EP - Organika Records

Pawas - Borin Dream EP - Undulate Recordings 12"

Martijn - Make Me Feel EP - Deep Edition 12"

Lee Guthrie - Meltdown EP - Click Therapy

Dennis Collado - Basement Grooves - Casareccio Records

86Beat - One To You EP - In Deep Records

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

UM presents: Da Funk

Switzerland's Da Funk is the man behind the critically acclaimed Acryl Music. His deep techy style and innovative sounds have given him an impressive discography in recent years with releases on Brown Eyed Boyz Records, Dutchie, iRecords, Cromarti, Society 3.0, Deepology Digital and more quality labels.

Da Funk Website


01. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades-Stars & Shines - Bedrock
02. Martin Roth-Beautiful Life - Anjunadeep
03. S.K.A.M. - It's Not Over - Highway Records
04. Agoria Feat. Carl Craig & La Scalars - Speechless (Radio Slave Remix) - Infine
05. Vincenzo & Talking Props - Seduction (Jimpster Remix) - Dessous
06. Chubby Dubbz - Just Another Night - Om Records
07. DJ Rasoul & Don Crisp - Variance (Variant 3) - Crisp Recordings
08. Soundprank-Beginnings - Anjunadeep
09. Kris Menace Feat. Kowe Six - eFeel - Compuphonic
10. Add2Basket - One Two Go (Dana Bergquist & Peder G Remix) - Glideslope

Friday, June 8, 2012

Retail Therapy - 08.06.12

Here we go... this weeks premier selections of the deep house releases you really should be adding to your crates this weekend.

VA - Deeper Dimensions Vol 1 - Pole Position Recordings
Tracks from Matt Prehn, Michael McLardy and more on this one from Pole Position, not to mention a free DJ Mix download right here!

Tim Andresen - Whatcha Want - DeepWit Recordings
The What Happens boss graces DeepWit - for me you should head to the Alvaro remix.

Thomas Dieckmann - Good Old Days - UM Records
Gartenhaus' Thomas Dieckmann serves up some bouncy house with Mike Montano and Da Funk supplying the classy remixes.

Minianimal feat' Nastya K - So Clean - Remixes - Disclosure Project Recordings
JP Phillippe remix for me on this summer drenched deep house classic to be!

Evren Ulusoy - Deep Is The New Sh*t Pt.1 - Kommunity
Evren's labels second release keeps the quality sky high.

VA - Costa Brava Compilation Vol.3 - Epoque Music Label
Strong package, but I'm picking the GION remix of CRAM to kick the dancefloor off.

Adam Byrd - Sweet Dream - Cromarti Records
Original and Big AL Deep Dub are the pick of the EP for me - quality sticky moods.

The best of the rest…
(the releases without Soundcloud buy it links enabled)

Jon Sweetname - Dame Manzanas - Deepmentality

Tony S - Either Way Round / Feel It - Unrivaled Music

DK Watts - Don't Wanna See You EP - 3am Recordings

Juan Sanchez - This World - WittyTunes

Luke Gibson - Get It Together EP - Tact - 12"

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

UM presents: Mike Montano

Mexico's finest Mike Montano started out as a drummer before progressing to being a DJ/Producer. His signature sounds cross the boundaries of tehcno and deeper house, with his percussive heritage firmly on show with his latest remix of 'Good Old Days' on my own UM Records. With releases on labels including BEEF Records, Behaviors, Quantized, Tapas Recordings, Arabica and more he's received support from the likes of DJ Sneak, Nick Curly, Paco Osuna, Terry Grant and Alex Dolby.




1. Till Von Sein feat' Fritz Kalkbrenner & Thatstroem - Blueprint (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) - SUOL
2. Luomo - Spy (Penner+Muder Remix) 
3. Stride - Move Mountains (Original Mix)
4. The Disclosure Project - Spark (Original Mix) - OneThirtyRecordings
5. Nikko Gibler - Hide From No One (Original Mix) - Culprit
6. Ben Moss - For The Moment (Original Mix)
7. Queen Atom - What do u want (Cesare Vs Disorder Piano Edit) 
8. Lula Circus - Maccaja (Soul Minority Remix)
9. Soul Minority - Take Me To The Rhythm (Dirt Crew remix)
10. Luna City Express - Deep underground 
11. Mousike Techne - Jam (Original Mix)
12. Lukas Greenberg - In a Funk (Original Mix) [Plastic City]

Friday, June 1, 2012

Retail Therapy - 01.06.12

Another week, another round up of the finest deep house tracks released this week. Not the busiest week, but it's the quality, not the quantity that counts here at UM.

VA - A Rather Coy Summer - Oh So Coy Recordings
Oh So Coy keep their sounds coming with this VA EP. Daniel Ray sneaks it for me with a real late night moody one.

Jesus Pablo & Tony S - Lady In Turquoise - DRAFTLABEL
The Kirby remix for me on this one - nice etcher take on the Original, enjoying the depth.

Medeew - Monkey (Soulight Remix) - Sex White Panda
Oooh, check out the piano and drifting ambience on this one - nice!

VA - Collected Works 6 - OFF Recordings
OFF keep their sound coming with energy and class.

VA - Bubbly Refreshment - Exotic Refreshment
I'm going to as unbiased as I can be here! Cracker compilation of deep house gems from an all star cast, including Alvaro Hylander's remix of 'Long Kisses'.

Tim Andresen - Got Da Funk - Seamless Traxx
Big, bouncy stuff from Tim here.

The best of the rest…
(the releases without Soundcloud buy it links enabled)

Santi Touch - Sunsets & Rises - Eleflight

Kaol XVII & MB Valence - Into The Sound (Remixes) PT.1 - Kommunity
Evren Ulusoy's labels first release - excellent throughout.

Gion, Thanos T, Lucas - Rising - Grouper Recordings
Quality deepness and dark strutting grooves on this one.

TALK - Touching You (Lars Behrenroth Remix) - Deeper Shades Recordings