Friday, June 8, 2012

Retail Therapy - 08.06.12

Here we go... this weeks premier selections of the deep house releases you really should be adding to your crates this weekend.

VA - Deeper Dimensions Vol 1 - Pole Position Recordings
Tracks from Matt Prehn, Michael McLardy and more on this one from Pole Position, not to mention a free DJ Mix download right here!

Tim Andresen - Whatcha Want - DeepWit Recordings
The What Happens boss graces DeepWit - for me you should head to the Alvaro remix.

Thomas Dieckmann - Good Old Days - UM Records
Gartenhaus' Thomas Dieckmann serves up some bouncy house with Mike Montano and Da Funk supplying the classy remixes.

Minianimal feat' Nastya K - So Clean - Remixes - Disclosure Project Recordings
JP Phillippe remix for me on this summer drenched deep house classic to be!

Evren Ulusoy - Deep Is The New Sh*t Pt.1 - Kommunity
Evren's labels second release keeps the quality sky high.

VA - Costa Brava Compilation Vol.3 - Epoque Music Label
Strong package, but I'm picking the GION remix of CRAM to kick the dancefloor off.

Adam Byrd - Sweet Dream - Cromarti Records
Original and Big AL Deep Dub are the pick of the EP for me - quality sticky moods.

The best of the rest…
(the releases without Soundcloud buy it links enabled)

Jon Sweetname - Dame Manzanas - Deepmentality

Tony S - Either Way Round / Feel It - Unrivaled Music

DK Watts - Don't Wanna See You EP - 3am Recordings

Juan Sanchez - This World - WittyTunes

Luke Gibson - Get It Together EP - Tact - 12"

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