Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Best Of UM2012 (Part 2)

The Best Of UM2012 (Part 2)

1. The Messenger - Preachin Out - Neurotraxx Deluxe
2. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Into The Sound (Evren Ulusoy's Into My Soul Re-Touch) - Kommunity
3. And.Id - Black Mamba - Mobilee Records
4. Ev Darko - Dancing In The Dark (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
5. Mr. Leman - Sababa (Original Mix) - Gartenhaus
6. Matthieu Duchesne - Afternoon In The Garden (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Something Different Records
7. J.P. - Loved - On The Fly Records
8. In Deep We Trust feat' SaGo - Into You - In Deep Records
9. Tim Andresen - A Little Boogie (Original Mix) - Gartenhaus
10. Stimmhalt - Lilac (YokoO Remix) - Pesto Music
11. Aartekt - Girl Get Up (Kirby Remix) - Something Different Records
12. Angelo Ferreri - My Belong (Original Mix) - Alma Soul Music
13. Autumn Park - Silent Person (Ivan Garci Remix) - DeepWit Uncovered
14. Andre Guarda  - Duvel (Original Mix) - Casareccio Records
15. Matthieu Duchesne - Deep Soul (Nick Devon Remix) - Savoir Faire Musique
16. Daniel Ray - Corner Shop (Original Mix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
17. Minianimal feat' Nastya K - So Clean (JP Phillippe Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
18. Edmund feat Sacha D'Flame - Move Your Body (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Adaption Music
19. Manuel Sahagun - You Make It Easy - Salted Music
20. Evren Ulusoy - Sorry Being Sophisticated (Original Mix) - Cromarti Records

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Best Of UM2012 (Part 1)

Another year and another deluge of new music to choose from for the annual round up! What a year too! In so many ways. But, here we go in the Best Of series, 100 tracks, 5 mixes, and about 10 hours of the finest deephouse labels, artists and remixers 2012 had to offer.

The Best Of UM2012 (Part 1)

1. Desos - UnknownGroove (Dudley StrangewaysRemix) - Deep Edition
2. Alex & Chris - The Way You Make Me Feel (Original Mix) - Snake Beat
3. Jorge Takei - The Lyon (Atapy Remix) - Kolorit Records
4. Jon Delerious - Remember - Lost My Dog
5. Maiki - Orange Sky - Stranjjur
6. Deep Spelle - My Heart (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Relux Underground
7. Khaan - Toada A Beira (Pille& Mariano Mateljan Rmx) - Tapas Recordings
8. Nolan - Thief (HXU aka Huxley vs Timo Garcia remix) - Nurvous Records
9. Dj Yellow & Yota - Someone (Sleep No More Drum Edit) - The Exquisite Pain Records
10. Ivan Garci - Spanish Summer - DeepWit Uncovered
11. Thomas Dieckmann - The Mission (Da Funk New Thoughts Of Mind Remix) - UM Records
12. Matt McLarrie - Cyclops (Viper Strike Remix) - Pole Position Recordings
13. Nicolas Bassi - Nalingi Yo (Original Mix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
14. André Detoxx - Playa den Boss - Disclosure Project Recording
15. tONKPROJECT feat' Marie K - It's Time To Introduce You (Disclosure Project Disco Mix) - Behaviors
16. Sek - Feel What You - Lost My Dog
17. Lisa Shaw - Honey (Evren Ulusoy's Salted Dub) - Salted Music
18. Dudley Strangeways - This Needs To Change (Robot Needs Oil Remix) - Something Different Records
19. Jacob Bech - Bend - Neurotraxx Gold
20. Matthieu Duchesne - Deep Soul (Source Of Soul Remix) - Savoir Faire Musique

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

UM145 Tracklisting

Final show for 2012, wrapping up my crate of goodies for another year with two and a half hours of deep goodness exclusively available on Soundcloud as one mix - but if you're in need of one hour mixes head over to iTunes or Podomatic for the bite size servings, minus the last section of the mix.

Thanks to all the artsits and labels that have supported UM over the year and to all you that tune in and go deep every week! Keep the world spinning.

The latest deephouse from Kruse & Nuernberg, Tony S, Deep Spelle, Rishi K., Lost My Dog, Noir Music, PhaTGuyZ, Savoir Faire Musique,  Kommunity, Pion, Deep Site, Jon Sweetname, UM Records, Gartenhaus, Acryl Music,  Lovely Records, Nightbird Music, Evren Ulusoy, Shoes, Bags and Boys, Detroit Swindle, Dirt Crew, Disclosure Project Recordings, DeepWit Recordings,  Oh So Coy Recordings, Fynn Callum, Blue Dye, Brown Eyed Boyz, The Disclosure Project - Keep Going - Kommunity, Alma Soul Music and What Happens.

Listen or download on Soundcloud, iTunes or Podomatic

UM145 - 121bpm - 18.12.12

1. Kruse & Nuernberg & Nathan G - At Least We Can Dance - Liebe Detail
2. Tony S - Mercy (Original Mix) - UM Records
3. Ariane Blank - Becarec (Deep Spelle Remix) - Shoes, Bags and Boys
4. Rishi K. - Another Dimension (Original Mix) - Seta Label
5. James Dexter - Do That Thing - Lost My Dog
6. Kevin Over - When Anger Grows - Noir Music
7. PhaTGuyZ - Next To You (Rishi K. Remix) - UM Records
8. Lee Walker - The Deep Stuff (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
9. Zeque - Come Outside (Francesco Bonora Remix) - Kommunity
10. Anthony Mea - Zzaj Died (Pion Remix) - Deep Site Recordings
11. Tony S - Inside My Soul (Jon Sweetname Remix) - UM Records
12. Menson - Something About U (Original Mix) - Gartenhaus
13. Sunner Soul & Sergey Silvertone - Desperado - Acryl Music
14. Rishi K. - Into Me (Original Mix) - Lovely Records
15. Den Hetrix - Be With Ya - Nightbird Music
16. Albena Flores - Sumsi (Evren Ulusoys One In A Million Mix) - Shoes, Bags and Boys
17. Detroit Swindle - Guess What (Leftside Wobble Remix) - Dirt Crew
18. Universal Solution - Change It - Disclosure Project Recordings
19. Thanos T - Glass Door (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
20. Clark & Pudell - Vibin' (Epic Mix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
21. Fynn Callum - Beauty School - Deep Nota
22. Nowak & Winter - We R 1 (Adrian Bahil Remix) - Blue Dye
23. Guillaume Peitrequin & Born Bjorg - Looking Forward - Brown Eyed Boyz
24. The Disclosure Project - Keep Going - Kommunity
25.  J. Khobb - I Feel (Gareth Bilaney Remix) - Alma Soul Music
26. Maxi Valvona - You Gave Me Everything (Original Mix) - What Happens

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sending Demo's 101

Getting demo's is really exciting for a label. Frustratingly the vast majority turn out to be a let down for all sorts of reasons - all totally avoidable in my opinion and all something every aspiring producer should know and about and something any established artist you look up to and want to be learnt long ago in their career - probably by trial and error. So, I got to think it would make a great feature on the blog.

Okay, you've for a demo track or tracks and you want it signed and out there so you can build your profile - I get that but here's the most frequently made mistakes you might be heading for…

What not to do:

Tell everyone
The number of emails I get that start 'Hello, this demo is for you…" - invariably the demo is for me and 180 other people judging by the number of plays, or worst still be in the public domain for 27 days already and listened to 300 or more times. All labels are looking to sign 'new' music, not a track you've had for a while and a mate told you, you could get that signed the feedback's been awesome. Keep the track private, streamed preferably and be selective who hears it. Find out who to send the demo too, a bit like sending a CV out, make sure you make it personal and spell their name right!

Presume you're sound is right for everyone
Do your homework. If you make techno don't send your tracks to a soulful house label it's a waste of your time and theirs. And if you do, don't be surprised if you get a less than polite email back. The industry today made up of micro-genres, there's a home for your sound and labels looking for new material, but as a producer it's up to you to get your shit together and look professional from the outset.

Expect me to know all about you
These days it's easy to hit Google or Facebook to find out about someone, but by presuming that's what will happen is a fatal mistake. A prospective label will want to know a little about you - not the full autobiography, just enough of what your sound is about, labels you might have been on, remixes you've done or other connected stuff. And for the love of god don't give them the bullshit biog about being inspired into music at an early age and how you're a DJ legend in your bedroom. Here's a decent example of what can work:

Be unorganized
It's unlikely a label is going to download every demo they get sent, so increase your chances of being heard by having your Soundcloud private links well labeled, track info and all that stuff looking professional and sounding as good as you can - clipping baselines, too quiet or just not polished enough is the surest way to make a crap first impression. Equally, as has happened to me, don't send a link that's a year old or worst still for sale on iTunes already. The label is looking for good production and a good producer they can work with.

Get shitty if you don't hear back immediately
You've spent precious time crafting your track/s, you've done the homework, compiled the email to be just right. Last thing you want a label to do is listen to it for 30 seconds on shitty laptop speakers and tell you "thanks but no thanks". Give the label a couple of days to listen properly and then if you've not heard follow up - politely. And of course, equally you need to expect a certain amount of knock backs - especially if you're track has been out there a year and for sale on iTunes, unlike this guy...

What happens next:

The label loves the tracks and wants to sign them - superb! But the work has only just begun.

From here you can expect the label to want you to sign a contract and agree a royalty percentage, license details etc. You need to read and sign this stuff and it's legally binding so take it seriously. You can expect a deal to be around a 50/50 split of profits on sales of original tracks and 20% or more/less on remixers, but this will vary from label to label and depending on your commercial value. The better known you are the more negotiating power you have obviously.

Once signed and sealed you'll need to supply pre-masters. It would be my advice to ask how the label wants these supplied. Some artists want to master their own tracks whereas others have specific mastering services they use so ask before you finalize anything.

If there's going to be remixes done you'll need to bundle up all the parts for the track too and supply them. And if you want to be uber professional package up a press photo and your biog info (see previous mention of what not to do there). Once sorted send the download link and follow up to make sure the label has everything they need. It may sound like going over the top, but think about it from the label's perspective - you're on it!

As I said the work has only just begun really - there's likely to be a delay while the release comes to market - keep in touch with the label and find out the promotional plan. Ask to see the promo feedback if you're interested - understand what the label would like you to do to help promote the release and help where you can - ultimately it's in your own interest to do so.

Once released the real work begins. One post on Facebook of the link and a couple of likes to other posts of it is just not promoting yourself. Sales patterns mean the first weekend is huge for your new release - so warm your fans up then come Friday give them the good stuff and drive some sales.

If you're a label owner and have anymore advise - drop a comment below and help get this right!

If you want to send UM Records a demo go here for more info HERE