Monday, March 31, 2014

Back to the old school

As some of you will know untitledmusic has been around for quite a while in one shape or another. Originally back in 1994 or 5 (can't remember now) we started out as a little fanzine, distributed to vinyl stores and given away for free, reviewing new music but at that stage mostly the music we'd bought recently.

Well, things moved on and before we knew it, thanks to one of Alex Greenhough (Toko Records founder) we were soon distributed to the finest record stores across the UK. We even ended up printed issues out of our own money until time and life got in the way and the reviews made way to just playing music and the rest is history.

With the demise of printed magazines, the lack of quality online publications in the same genre and the rarity of good blogs I thought we'd give it a try and go back to the old school with UM and start doing some reviews again.

The first reviews are already written and scheduled to be posted on the release day of releases – keeping a steady trickle of wise words on the hottest new releases, many that you'll have heard on the weekly mixes too. 

Here's to the old school!