Friday, August 31, 2012

This weeks personal picks of the tunes no self respecting deep'ster can live without...

Scott Harrington, Ryan Briggs & Tony S - Smokin' - Savoir Faire Musique

Aartekt & Zia - Autumn Mist - UM Records

Nohijo - Deep Disco - Oh So Coy Recordings

Al Bradley & Carlo Gambino - Automatick (Nick Devon Robomatic remix) - 3am Recordings

Pete Dafeet - Beneath The Fold (Giom Remix) - Lost My Dog

Friday, August 24, 2012

UM's High 5ives - 24.08.12

Another week rich in music so it's been a tough call getting down to just five tracks to share with you!

Kruse & Nuernberg - Drenched (Motorcity Soul Dub) - Open Bar Music

Big Al - Sunset Cruise EP - Lens Media

Edmund - Gotta Jazz - Large Music

Rishi K. - Binary Love EP - iRecords

The Disclosure Project - Keep Goin' (Addex Remix) - Kommunity

Thursday, August 23, 2012

UM presents: Guzz

Paris One DJ, producer and recent UM Records remixer is the latest UM Guest Mix'er.'


01 Clio - For Sure Baby
02 Nick Curly - Deep Breath
03 Vincent Deeper - 2 My Face (Guzz Remix) - UM Records
04 Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You (Original Mix)
05 Guzz - Show me the way (Original Mix)
06 Soul T - Dip Mnl
07 Hideo Kobayashi & Tomoki Tamura - Tokyo House Underground (Pezzner Remix)
08 Sascha Dive  - Deep In Rhythm (Original Mix)
09 Guzz - Forever Groove (Original Mix)
10 Kyodai - Breaking (Original Mix)
11 Miss Roberta -  Maybe (Patrizio Mattei & Danny Omich vocal re-work)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

UM135 Tracklisting

Latest releases from Oh So Coy Recordings,  3am Recordings, Fred Everything and Giom on Large Music, Grigory Fatyanov remixed by Dilby on UM Records, NM2,  Digi Peng, DeepWit Uncovered, 3am Recordings, Sesque Music, Santé remixed by Lula Circus, Stranjjur, Disclosure Project Recordings, Edmund feat Sacha D'Flame remixed by Alvaro Hylander on Adaption Music and Grouper Recordings.

Listen or download on Soundcloud, iTunes or Podomatic

1. Dakin Auret - All That I Need (Floyd Lavine Remix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
2. Al Bradley - Skirmish (Original Mix) - 3am Recordings
3. Fred Everything & Giom - Luv Lust (Giom's London Version) - Large Music
4. Grigory Fatyanov - Bend Down (Dilby Remix) - UM Records
5. Noir & Fraser Owen - Up To Me - NM2
6. Andy Compton feat' Liquideep - Take It Easy (Leighton Moodys Soul Side Up) - Digi Peng
7. Ali Ayhan - Save Your Soul (Original Mix) - DeepWit Uncovered
8. Michael Scott - Tusk (Rob Small Remix) - 3am Recordings
9. Soulmelt - Night Watch - Sesque Music
10. Santé - Protection (Lula Circus Remix) - MN2
11. Lula Circus - Visions - Stranjjur
12. Minianimal feat' Nastya K - So Clean (JP Phillippe Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
13. Edmund feat Sacha D'Flame - Move Your Body (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Adaption Music
14. Allan Zax - We Love The Music (The Disclosure Project Remix) - Grouper Recordings

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

UM134 Tracklisting

Latest releases from Lens Media Side B, Beef Records,  Lost My Dog, Salted Music, Neurotraxx Deluxe, Andre Crom on OFF Recordings, Suruba, Oh So Coy, Seven Music, Ev Darko on DP-6 Records, NM2, Marvin Zeysson Night Drive Music, Spin Science remixed by Dominic Martin on Tronicsole and Exotic Refreshment.

Listen or download on Soundcloud, iTunes or Podomatic

1. Deepstance - Keep On (Original Mix) - Lens Media Side B
2. Carina Cooper - I'm With U (Maksim Batyunin Remix) - Beef Records
3. Angelo Draetta - Don't Get It - Lost My Dog
4. Manuel Sahagun - You Make It Easy - Salted Music
5. Per Hammar - Get That - Neurotraxx Deluxe
6. Andre Crom - Holdin' On - OFF Recordings
7. Jorge Takei - Paris (Original Mix) - Suruba
8. Lew Ashby - Dawn (BeeKay Deep Remix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
9. Baldo - Dead Opera Motorcrash (Original Mix) - Seven Music
10. Ev Darko feat' Ann Browne - In My Eyes (If You Want It) - DP-6 Records
11. Millok & Zigelli - Feel Me (Mario Basanov Remix) - NM2
12. Marvin Zeyss - Smoothman - Night Drive Music
13. Spin Science - All Things (Dominic Martin Remix) - Tronicsole
14. Felix Cage - Mascarade (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) - Exotic Refreshment

Saturday, August 11, 2012

UM's High 5ives - 11.08.12

Bringing back an old favourite of mine to see if the love is still there!? After deciding to retire the Retail Therapy feature after sliding ratings it's left a hole in my musical week without any way of highlighting my favourite tunes of the week.

So, I'm keeping things tight and low-key as this feature comes back to life - no submissions, no mass round up, no fuss, just the tunes I've enjoyed the most this week. Starting this week with an obvious choice for me of course!

Vincent Deeper - This The Sound - UM Records

Sumsuch - Chop Shop - DeepWit Recordings

The Disclosure Project - Take It Down (Original Mix) - Soul Industries

Stimmhalt - Lilac (YokoO Remix) - Pesto Music

Soul Minority - SiX-NINE (Atjazz Remix) - Open Bar Music

Thursday, August 9, 2012

UM presents: Vincent Deeper


01. All Night (Andre Detoxx Late Night Remix) Desos UM Records
02. Deep Dancer (Deep Active Sound Remix) Desos UM Records
03. Keep Going On (Original) Kevin Yost i! Records
04. Hypnotized feat. Stryke (Aki Bergen's Future Jazz Band Edit) Oscar G. Nurvous Records
05. This Time (Gorge Remix) Lovebirds, Novika Toolroom Records
06. The Get Down (Original Club Mix) George Andrews Toolroom Records
07. The Remixes (Part.3) - Abigail (Andreas Saag Remix) Black Sauce Soul Free Records
08. Sometimes (Karol XVII and MB Valence Remix) Hanna Blockhead
09. Too Much Art Of Tones Room With A View
10. Beautiful Life (Original Mix) Martin Roth Anjunadeep

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

UM133 Tracklisting

New deephouse from  Common People on DeepWit Uncovered, DP-6 Records, Santi Touch remixed by Alvaro Hylander on Exotic Refreshment, Tom Lown on DeepWit Recordings, Evren Ulusoy remixed by Marvin Zeyss on Kommunity, YSE feat' Frank H. Carter III remixed by Giom Remix on Lost My Dog, Andre Crom on OFF Recordings,  Marc Cotterell remixed by The Messenger on UM Records, Full Range Records, Pawas on Night Drive Music, Deso Records, Stranjjur, Pesto Music and Witty Tunes.

Listen or download on Soundcloud, iTunes or Podomatic

1. Common People - Alison's Halo - DeepWit Uncovered
2. DP-6 - Big City Nights (Original Mix) - DP-6 Records
3. Santi Touch - Long Kisses (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Exotic Refreshment
4. Tom Lown - Urbana (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
5. Evren Ulusoy - Deep Is The New Sh*t (Marvin Zeyss Remix) - Kommunity
6. YSE feat' Frank H. Carter III - Magic In Your Eyes (Giom Remix) - Lost My Dog
7. Andre Crom - Reality - OFF Recordings
8. Marc Cotterell - Untitled Track Two (The Messenger Remix) - UM Records
9. Saar Fogel - Changes (Original Mix) - Full Range Records
10. Pawas - Conciousness - Night Drive Music
11. Desos - Ghetto Love (Original Mix) - Deso Records
12. Havens + Hart - Shoot'cha Down (Original Mix) - Stranjjur
13. Addex - Rumble In The Bronx (Ilias Katelanos Remix) - Pesto Music
14. Maximiljan - Long Way To Go - Witty Tunes

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Retail Therapy - 04.08.12

Matt Prehn feat Dené Theron - Taking It Back - Savoir Faire Musique

Daniel Curpen - My House - Oh So Coy Recordings

Desos & Michael McLardy - Can't Live Forever EP - Say Deep Records - 12"

Deepstance - Keep On EP - Lens Media Side B

Left Minded - Good Days EP - Something Different Records

Igor Dorohov - Get It - Pesto Music

Ruben F - On The Dancefloor EP - 3am Recordings

Evan Edson - Movement EP - Deep Site Recordings

Thursday, August 2, 2012

UM presents: Sandeep

Sandeep has been DJ'ing since 2003. His monthly nights in Las Palmas, Off Corso, Nighttown and Winkel van Sinkel have seen him DJ around the Netherlands playing alongside the likes of Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Karotte and Basement Jaxx. He is currently resident at the legendary Catwalk Club in Rotterdam.


1. Moti Brothers - I Want You 
2. Erasmus - Seaside Upgrade (Miami Beach Seaview Dub Mix) 
3. SmaK Pony - Anything 
4. Deep Spelle & Amy G - Trapped In (Helly Larson Remix) 
5. Malbetrieb & Sebastian Davidson - Song For M 
6. LondonGround - Heaven and Clouds (Unreleased Legacy Mix)
7. Merroc - I Feel You
8. Matt Fear & Kreature - The Last Song 
9. Karmon - Turning Point
10. Miyagi - Woodpeckers Love Affair (Sascha Braemer & Dan Caster Remix)
11. Lars Von Licht - Blind Circuit