Sunday, July 31, 2011

UM presents: Dilby

Long overdue I know, but finally the Guest Mix series is graced by a Kiwi DJ and someone I've had the pleasure of DJ'ing with too! One of Wellington's pre-eminent DJ's and house purveyor of the highest order... ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you Dilby.

Here's what Dilby says about himself... "Dilby’s original productions champion a signature groove and illustrate a level of attention to detail that is instrumental in everything he does. His tunes are dance floor grooves that take inspiration from the early house and techno sounds of Detroit and Chicago, give a nod to synth pop and salute their tribal influences all combined and presented using modern production techniques. This creative output takes the form of up-front, modern house and techno that sounds cutting edge, while paying homage to its roots.

Dilby’s sound has been gaining support from the international DJ fraternity. His tracks have been supported by the taste-makers of house music including Richie Hawtin, Danny Tenaglia, Nic Fancuilli, Carl Cox, Mark Knight, Stacey Pullen, Juan Sanchez, Flavio Diaz, Hermanez, Ray Okpara, Oliver Klein, Roger Sanchez, Thomas Penton, Ryan Halifax, DCUP ("we no speak Americano"), Johnny Fiasco, Joel Armstrong, Omid 16b, Spesh, Gavyn Maytell, Sasha le Monnier, SKLA, Raymundo Rodriguez, Deepchild, Rob Small and many more."

And whilst we've all heard these kind of biogs before, rest assured he's more than just words with tracks have featured on labels such as Baroque Records (UK), Forbidden Fruit Recordings (UK), Ritual Music (UK), Unrivaled Music (UK), Endemic Digital (UK), Dot Dot Records (Canada), We Continue Digital (UK), Hi-Life! Records (Canada), Cave Recordings (New Zealand) and a release is also in the works on my own UM Records.


UM presents: Dilby (UM Guest Mix - 31.07.11) by untitledmusic


01. Miguel Migs Feat Sonny J Mason - Burnin' Up (Fabio Tosti Under Dub) - Salted Music   
02. Jay Kaufman - Caustic (Echofusion Deep_Funk Remix) - Unrivaled_Music        
03. LouLou Players - Sunshine (Original Mix) SK Supreme   
04. Steffen Deux - Sexual Relation (Original Mix) - Brise Records
05. Analog Effekt - Another Point of View (Miami Ice Voodoo Mix) - Unrivaled Music   
06. Manu-L & Paul Cart  - Multicolours (Nima Gorji Remix) - Off   
07. Dilby  - Party Starter (Joel Armstrong & Skai Old School Remix) - Dotdot Records   
08. Ian Pooley  - 900 Degrees (Tom Middleton Cosmos Deep Dub)   
09. Wollion & Dualton  - Fakin' Pages (Original Mix) - 8bit   
10. Deadpan  - Revolution (Harold Heath remix) - VOCO
11. Nat Walker - Say It (Dilby Remix) - Unreleased   
12. Martin Landsky - Ain't Nobody's - Mobilee Records
13. Peace Division - Blacklight Sleaze (Original Mix) - NRK   
14. Dilby - Party Starter (Mucky Pups aka & Jonas Remix) - Dotdot Records
15. Bukaddor & Fishbeck  - Camino (Sebastian Porter Remix) - My Best Friend
16. Sergio Parrado - Bad Day (Original Mix) -  My Little Dog   
17. Audiofly  - 6 Degrees (Feat. Fiora) (Original Mix) - Get Physical 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UM93 Tracklisting

This weeks new releases from Matt Prehn, Unrivaled Music, Dudley Strangeways, Drumpoet Community,  Hype Muzik, Deep Spelle feat' Gee on Deepwit, Marvin Zeyss & Nedad Topic on Modifi Grooves, Kula Records, Large Music, Crossworld, Michael McLardy remixed by Soulplate on Pole Position, Manuscript, The Rurals feat' Diviniti on Andy's Peng Records, Salted Music, 22 Digit, Dan Curtin on Mobilee, Deso, DP-6, Southpark, a Nick Beringer Remix from Endemic, Relithium and Tapas all in the mix.

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UM93 Tracklisting

1. Matt Prehn - My World - Unsigned
2. Jay Kaufman - Caustic Echofusion (Deep Funk Remix) - Unrivaled Music
3. Dudley Strangeways - Bread & Circuses - Unsigned
4. AFMB feat' Geraldine Roth - In My Life - Drumpoet Community
5. Seb Dhajje - In 1975 (City Soul Project Remix) - Hype Muzik
6. Deep Spelle feat' Gee - Wet Road (Helly Larson Remix) - Deepwit Recordings
7. Marvin Zeyss & Nedad Topic - Catch Up (Original Mix) - Modifi Grooves
8. Fresh 27 feat' Robina - Together (Perspex People Vocal Mix) - Kula Records
9. Nathan G feat' Alexander East - The Promise (Nathan G Luvbug Vocal) - Large Music
10. Mike James - We (Original Mix) - Crossworld Records
11. Michael McLardy - Spring (Soulplate ReDub) - Pole Position Recordings
12. Slaash & Vincent Inc - 50 Ways (DJ Daw Deep Mix) - Manuscript Records
13. The Ruals feat' Diviniti - On My Way - Peng Records
14. Christian Alvarez feat. Mr. V - All Nations (Soledrifter Dub) - Salted Music
15. Midicult - Bathtub Gin - 22 Digit Records
16. Dan Curtin - Study In You - Mobilee Records
17. Hankat - Speak Only Hope (Original Mix) - Deso Records
18. DP-6 - Heart - DP-6 Records
19. Dave Martins & Thomas T - Try Me (Original Mix) - Southpark Records
20. Luminance - Bumtrax (Nick Beringer Remix) - Endemic Digital
21. Andrey Ultravision - Space Secret (Orifinal Mix) - Relithium Records
22. Lazo - Le Session (Holeane Remix) - Tapas Recordings

Sunday, July 24, 2011

UM presents: Hall North

The latest exclusive guest mix see's one of my home town favourites grace the series. Hailing from the industrial landscape of Teesside in North East England (UK), Hall North rose to notoriety on his remix of Harvey Mckay's '69' which was released to rave reviews on respected Glasgow label, Soma Records in 2010.

Since then Hall's had several releases/remixes released on labels such as Fade, Celestial, Endemic, Sounds of Juan and We Continue (Digital) and remixed the likes of Andry Nalin, Chris Fortier and Saytek. 
His productions have found their way into the sets of DJs as diverse John Digweed, Timo Maas, Roger Sanchez, Satoshi Tomiie, Groove Armada, Stacey Pullen, Sander Kleinenberg, Paul Loraine and Chloe Harris to mention just a few. His DJ sets have featured on such radio stations as Ibiza Sonica, Capture FM and Innervisions and his tracks/remixes have been played on Transitions (John Digweed) and Ministry of Sound radio. With more releases on Cubism, Endemic, Celestial and 26 Tea Drops imminent, and positive feedback flooding in from a whole host of impressive industry names, the future is looking very promising for this rising star!


UM presents: Hall North (UM Guest Mix - 24.07.11) by untitledmusic

Intro: Brian Eno: "Pour It Out" - ENO/Timo Camillo: "Meditation" - 26 TEA DROPS
1) Deep Spell feat. Gee: "Wet Road" (Original/Helly Larson mixes) - DEEP WIT
2) Alvaro Hylander: "Cream Soda"  - DEEP WIT
3) Chloe Harris: "Doomp" -  UNRIVALED
4) Hall North: "Somnium" - DEEP RHYTHM
5) Hall North: "Ola" - 26 TEA DROPS INTERNATIONAL
6) Helmut Ebritsch: "Deep Invitation" (Nadja Lind Pointless Mix) - LUCIDFLOW
7) Hall North: "Integrity" - DEEP RHYTHM
8) Saytek: "Untitled" (Hall North Remix) - CUBISM
9) Jobe: "Amygdala" (Nadja Lind/Maya Jane Coles mixes) - UNDERBELLY
10) Kris Taylor: "Drop It" (Hall North Remix) - ENDEMIC
11) H-Foundation; "Tonight" (Shonky Remix) - SOMA
12) Willie Buetas & MArtin Ruizh: "Deep Mind" - CELESTIAL
13) Zigmund Wolf: "Do The Right Thing" - TULIPA
14) Pete Gooding, John Moss & Mike Moorish: "Say Goodbye" - STRIPPED
15) Hall North: "Levinas" (Shyam/Steve Banks mixes) - TULIPA

Thursday, July 21, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 21.07.11

Miguel Migs - Everybody ft. Evelyn (Aki Bergen Remix) - OM Records
Miguel Migs - Everybody ft. Evelyn "Champagne" King (Aki Bergen Remix) [OM Records] by Aki Bergen

Matthew Burton & Nick Lawson - Take Me Away (BLM Remix) - Fear of Flying
Matthew Burton & Nick Lawson - Take Me Away (BLM Remix) CLIP by Fear of Flying Recordings

Sachrias & Aslak - Plugin Slut - Look Ahead Records
Sachrias & Aslak - Plugin Slut by Look Ahead Records

Steve Mill - The Happy Carriage EP (Sampler) - Urban Torque
Steve Mill - The Happy Carriage EP (Sampler) - Urban Torque® by Urban Torque®

 D-Reflection Ft. Christa - Shoot From The Heart (Original Mix) - Adaption

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UM92 Tracklisting

New music from D-Reflection feat' Christa remixed by Satoshi Fumi on Adaption,  In Deep,  Baker Street, The Disclosure Project, Deep Spelle feat' John Juster remixed by HouseRiders on Deepwit,  Warmth, a Marvin Zeyss Remix on Nightchild, Open Bar Music, Oh So Coy, Mr. Léman, Alexis Forge Project remixed by Hernan Cerbello on Low Pressings, Large Music, Evren Ulusoy on Cromarti, Alma Soul Music, Neurotraxx, Deep Rhythm Music,  What Happens, Disclosure Project Recordings, Pete Dafeet Remix on Lost My Dog,  Mobilee Records and  Chris Minus remixed by Martijn on Deso all in the mix.

Listen or download via
Soundcloud or iTunes

UM92 - 19.07.11

1. D-Reflection feat' Christa - Shoot From The Heart (Satoshi Fumi Remix) - Adaption Music
2. Medeev - Groovy Dance (Original Mix) - In Deep Records
3. Joe Morris - Wired For Sound (James Barrett) - Baker Street Recordings
4. The Disclosure Project - Cabriolet (Raha Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
5. Golopapas - Substance (Original Mix) - In Deep Records
6. Deep Spelle feat' John Juster - The Way You Treat Me (HouseRiders Lovin' The Way Mix) - Deepwit Recordings
7. Tom Lown - Cloud Surfer - Warmth Records
8. Festina Lente & Davor Pomir - Eigensinn (Marvin Zeyss' Sunset Remix) - Nightchild Records
9. KqueSol & D.O.O.P. feat' Shatti - Lonely (Ospina & Oscar P Main Mix) - Open Bar Music
10. Telmo feat' Pauli - Music Machine (Original Mix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
11. Mr. Léman - Love That Deep (Original) - Something Different Records
12. Alexis Forge Project - Nothing Remains (Hernan Cerbello Dub Mix) - Low Pressings
13. Jonn Hawley - Voice Inside - Large Music
14. Evren Ulusoy - Sorry Being Sophisticated (Original Mix) - Cromarti Records
15. Alex Sosa - Sleep Wake (Original Mix) - Alma Soul Music
16. Tapesh & Albert Marzinotto - Will You - Neurotraxx Deluxe
17. Matty Gillespie - Futurebound (Smak Remix) - Deep Rhythm Music
18. Chris Rawles - Hick Up (Original Mix) - What Happens
19. The Disclosure Project - Day & Night (Jesus Pablo Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
20. Humandrone - Beyonder (Pete Dafeet Remix) - Lost My Dog
21. Martin Landsky - Aint Nobodys - Mobilee Records
22. Chris Minus - Up To Something Good For Nothing (Martijn Remix) - Deso Records

Sunday, July 17, 2011

UM Presents: Jack Fell Down

This weeks guest mix has an air of mystery around it, rumours are circulating that Jack Fell Down is a new project from a familiar face or faces. So as the supplied blurb goes...
Jack Fell Down's a collaboration of anonymity. Anonymity is directly related to the concept of obscurantism or pseudonymity, where an artist or group attempts to remain anonymous, for various reasons, not limited to: adding an element of mystique to themselves and/or their work, attempting to avoid what is known as the "cult of personality" or hero worship, where the charisma, good looks, wealth and/or other unrelated or mildly related aspects of the person(s) is the main reason for interest in their work, rather than the work itself. Making this about nothing but the music.


UM presents: Jack Fell Down (UM Guest Mix - 17.07.11) by untitledmusic

1. Dop - After Party - Original Mix - Life And Death Italy
2. Deep Space Orchestra - Nos Bracos - Home Taping Is Killing Music
2. Heiko aux Teo Schulte - Spill - Original Mix - Suol Germany (formerly known as Baalsaal)
4. Alton Miller - Beautiful - Abicah Soul Mix - Mixed Signal Music
5. Julio BASHMORE - Craboon -Original Mix - FutureBoogie Recordings
6. Hotbox - Body Rock - Dave Allison Stratosphunk Remix - Gazeebo International
7. N'Dinga Gaba feat Sahffi - Summer Breeze - Atjazz Astro dub - Foliage Records
8. Erdbeerschnitzel - I Wonder - Mirau Music
9. The Dead Rose Music Company - Paw To The Floor Ep -  Just A Bitter Love - Wolf Music
10. The LEGENDARY 1979 ORCHESTRA - Tropical - Original Mix - Audio Parallax
11. Rampi feat Miss Bee - Feel It Burn (feat Miss Bee - Ray Mang Remix - Under The Shade Records
12. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Love - Original Mix - DJ Kicks

Thursday, July 14, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 14.07.11

Michael McLardy - Deep Nothing - ALiVE Recordings

Seraphine - Shiro (Original Mix) - Asymmetric Recordings 

Deep Spelle - The Way You Treat Me ft John Juster (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings

Vahagn 'Relapse' (Original Mix) - Buzzin'fly 

Festina Lente & Davor Pomir - Eigensinn (Marvin Zeyss' Sunset Remix) - NightChild Records

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

UM91 Tracklisting

The best of this weeks new deep and tech house releases from Headset, Soluble, Electronical Reeds,  Marvin Zeyss on Deep Movements, a Jesus Pablo remix on Cubism, Deep Edition, Bounce House, Dustpan, Manuscript, Black Vinyl,  Big Mama, Deep Rhythm Music,  What Happens, CRAM on Cabellero, Mobilee, Salted Music, Night Drive Music, Mile End, Jack Fell Down & Mz Sunday Luv, Adaption Music, Dilby on Unrivaled Music and Elef remixed by Florian Kruse Remix on Dirt Crew all in the mix.

Listen or download on Soundcloud or iTunes

UM91 - 12.07.11

1. Musaria feat' Saturna - Moment (Dave Barker Remix) - Headset Recordings
2. PhaTGuyZ - Let's Ride (Original Mix) - Soluble Recordings
3. Optional Feast - Solaria (Ecco Remix) - Electronical Reeds
4. Marvin Zeyss - Ending (Original Mix) - Deep Movements
5. Lunacy Sound Division - Night Bazaar (Jesus Pablo Remix) - Cubism
6. Hohle - Conviction (Original) - Deep Edition Recordings
7. Short Bus Kids feat' Cat - Day Party (DK Underground Dub) - Bounce House Recordings
8. Diem - Dumpster Funk - Dustpan Recordings
9. Esoul - Taste The Sun (Original) - Manuscript Records
10. Mauritzio feat' Levern - Wanna Be (Main Mix) - Black Vinyl
11. Manji - Tifla Sabiha (Original) - Big Mama Records
12. Qmusse & Johan Van Dier - Oscura Danza (Agent Matteo Remix) - Deep Rhythm Music
13. Chris Rawles - Roomdriver (Original Mix) - What Happens
14. CRAM - Famous (Deep Mix) - Cabellero Recordings
15. Martin Landsky - Morning Caffeine (Organ Dub) - Mobilee Records
16. DJ Dep - African Children (Marco Soave Back to Roots Mix) - Nightchild Records
17. Arco - Everywhere - Salted Music
18. The Disclosure Project - Cabriolet (Deep Active Sound Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
19. Terry Grant - A Moth On The Window Pane (Scope Remix) - Night Drive Music
20. Suela & Vivie-Ann - With You (Miles Moore Mix) - Mile End Records
21. Jack Fell Down & Mz Sunday Luv - Doin' Ya Thang (Bootleg)
22. D-Reflection feat' Christa - Shoot From The Heart (Original Mix) - Adaption Music
23. Dilby - Big Chief (Original Mix) - Unrivaled Music
24. Elef - Keep It Physical (Florian Kruse Remix) - Dirt Crew 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

UM presents: DJ Kadabra

We continue the UM Guest Mix Series with the first vinyl mix and an all-star tracklisting from DJ Kadabra (aka Dustin Kadabra Kinney) hailing from Austin Texas.

Dustin has been playing quality house music since ‘99. He's a host and producer of the The House Hookup, a weekly podcast on iTunes, featuring quality house music from the best DJ's in Texas and beyond as well as a writer and record reviewer for Chicago’s 5 Magazine.

Locals will also know his from his involvement with Zoobeats Collective and G3-Entertainment and Deck Support – broadcast on 89.9FM KTSW in San Marcos, Texas.



UM presents: DJ Kadabra (UM Guest Mix - 10.07.11) by untitledmusic


01: Lisa Shaw – Always (Lovetronic Vocal) – Naked Music 

02: Lawnchair Generals – I want – LCG Music 

03: Jonn Hawley – Voice Inside – Large 

04: Jay West – Soul on Fire – Amenti 

05: B. Original and Damir Pushkar feat J.A.M.O.N – Call Me (Reelsoul Interpretation) – Muzik 4 Tomorrow 

06: Demarkus Lewis – Kerri Chandler’s Rain (2011 Mix) - Guesthouse Digital 

07: Scope – Magic (2011 dub) – Large 

08: DJ Eako vs Robert Livesu & Ezara Sanders – Night Moves (The Machine Mix) – Stereo Productions 

09: Prztz – Madly Madly – Shaker Plates 

10: Funk Mediterraneo – Tanto Con Te – Uma Recordings 

11: Abstract Truth – We Had A Thing (Matty’s Body & Soul Vocal Mix) – Streetwave Music 

12: Chez Damier – You Ain’t Dancin’ (Bredit) – Soundcloud 

13: John Legend – Save Room (Reelsoul Main Mix) – Soundcloud 

14: Littlemen – New Life – Lowdown Music 

15: Black Smoke – One of Them (Jozef Mihalik Remix) – Oneway 

16: Orange Muse – Oyster (Honey Dijon & Sebastian Manuel Remix) – Digital Disco 

17: Fer BR – Africa Feels – Capitol Techno Recordings 

18: Phil Weeks – All Day Every Day (Joss Moog Remix) – Robsoul 

19: Sonny Fodera - Work – Large 

20: Andre 3000 – Prototype (Reelsoul Reboot) - Soundcloud

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 07.07.11

Marvin Zeyss - Inside You (Original Mix) - Deep Movements
Marvin Zeyss - Inside You (Original Mix) by Deep Movements

Frederick Alonso - Polarity (Alvaro Hylander Remix)
Frederick Alonso - Polarity (Alvaro Hylander Remix) "Preview" by Alvaro Hylander

The Soul Faderz - Monica - Oh So Coy Recordings
The Soul Faderz - Monica by Oh So Coy Recordings

Andy Bach - How Does It Feel (Fideles Dn'deep Remix) - Society 3.0
Andy Bach - How does it feel (Fideles Dn'deep Remix) by andybach

Evren Ulusoy - Nocturnal (SFrmx) - Nightbird

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

UM90 Tracklisting

Fresh new promo's from Andre Detoxx, Lee Waxman on Electric Sheep, The Sleeper remixed by Harold Heath on DCSTrax, Seven Music, Magik Johnson remixed by Fred Everything on Neat, Crossworld Records, DeepClass Records, Moodmusic, Unt Records, Deso, Leon Ware remixed by Atjazz on Expansion, Oh So Coy, Soluble, Endemic, Inland Knights on Drop Music, Giom & Joshua Heath on Lost My Dog, Rebel Hill, 26 Tea Drops, The Disclosure Project, Pole Position, Buzzin'fly Records and Farplane all in the mix.

Listen or download on Soundcloud or iTunes

UM90 - 05.07.11

1. Andre Detoxx - The Sun Is Out (Orginal Mix) - Unsigned
2. Lee Waxman - Souldrop - Electric Sheep Recordings
3. The Sleeper - Drum & Wild (Harold Heath Dub) - DCSTrax
4. Chilf - Forgotten Code - Seven Music
5. Magik Johnson feat' Boh Runga - Just Talking (Original Fred Everything Lazy Edit) - Neat
6. Wilo - Sky Is Not The Limit (Michael Pato Remix) - Crossworld Records
7. Antonio Santana - Time To Play (Original Mix) - DeepClass Records
8. Darran Nugent & Pavel Lenchenko - How Can I (Oleg Poliakov Remix) - Moodmusic
9. Danny Gutierrez - Este Es El Ritmo Que Te Hace Bibrar (Original) - Manuscript Records
10. Arby - Come On (Original Mix) - Unt Records
11. SumSuch - Elounda Morning - Seven Music
12. Craquetone - Timeline (Original Mix) - Deso Records
13. Leon Ware - On The Beach (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) - Expansion
14. Bang Bang - Hate Fleeting (Leigh Deep Way Too Deep Remix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
15. Bollo - Sensual Balloon (Target Audio Remix) - Soluble Recordings
16. Carlos Francisco - Fortaleza Bacana (Soulight Remix) - Endemic Digital
17. Inland Knights - Do It Again - Drop Music
18. Giom & Joshua Heath - Mister Marvellous - Lost My Dog
19. DustyFruit - Plastic Suitcase - Rebel Hill Recordings
20. Timo Camillo - For Lena (Original) - 26 Tea Drops
21. The Disclosure Project - Swerve - Unsigned
22. Xiasou - Back Of You - Pole Position Recordings
23. Vahagn - Relapse (Dana Ruh Remix) - Buzzin'fly Records
24. Vasquez & Cruz - Who You Wanna Be (Samson Lewis Dub Mix) - Farplane Records

Monday, July 4, 2011

UM presents: CRAM

The third in the Guest Mix series stays in Germany with Hamburg's CRAM. A guy that's had an impressive 2011, with releases on What Happens and Casa Rossa.

His collaborations on Caballero Rec and Deso Records along with remixes for Tim Andresen, Sean Danke, Dirty Deal have seen him feature on the UM shows a fair bit and I'm sure you'll enjoy this quality mix.

CRAM Website
CRAM Facebook

UM presents: CRAM (UM Guest Mix - 03.07.11 by untitledmusic


1: Russ Yallop – Crossroads (Rebellion)
2: The Timewriter – Phantom Swing (Moodmusic Records)
3: Yanivi feat' Peop Penso – Give It Up (Alvaro Smart Remix) (Beat Rude Records)
4: Roni Be – Something Happened (Grouper Recordings)
5: Cram – What? (Deso Records)
6: Roni Be – Pretty Sure LOK records)
7: Cram – A Good Night (Purple Disco Machine Remix) (Deso Records)
8: Tiger & Woods – Deflowered (Running Back)
9: Russ Yallop – I Can´t Wait (ROB  MELLO´S No Ears Mix) (Crosstown Rebels)
10: Frej Le Vin feat' Ann-Sofie Rokboel – My Silly Ibiza Dream (Deso Records)