Sunday, July 17, 2011

UM Presents: Jack Fell Down

This weeks guest mix has an air of mystery around it, rumours are circulating that Jack Fell Down is a new project from a familiar face or faces. So as the supplied blurb goes...
Jack Fell Down's a collaboration of anonymity. Anonymity is directly related to the concept of obscurantism or pseudonymity, where an artist or group attempts to remain anonymous, for various reasons, not limited to: adding an element of mystique to themselves and/or their work, attempting to avoid what is known as the "cult of personality" or hero worship, where the charisma, good looks, wealth and/or other unrelated or mildly related aspects of the person(s) is the main reason for interest in their work, rather than the work itself. Making this about nothing but the music.


UM presents: Jack Fell Down (UM Guest Mix - 17.07.11) by untitledmusic

1. Dop - After Party - Original Mix - Life And Death Italy
2. Deep Space Orchestra - Nos Bracos - Home Taping Is Killing Music
2. Heiko aux Teo Schulte - Spill - Original Mix - Suol Germany (formerly known as Baalsaal)
4. Alton Miller - Beautiful - Abicah Soul Mix - Mixed Signal Music
5. Julio BASHMORE - Craboon -Original Mix - FutureBoogie Recordings
6. Hotbox - Body Rock - Dave Allison Stratosphunk Remix - Gazeebo International
7. N'Dinga Gaba feat Sahffi - Summer Breeze - Atjazz Astro dub - Foliage Records
8. Erdbeerschnitzel - I Wonder - Mirau Music
9. The Dead Rose Music Company - Paw To The Floor Ep -  Just A Bitter Love - Wolf Music
10. The LEGENDARY 1979 ORCHESTRA - Tropical - Original Mix - Audio Parallax
11. Rampi feat Miss Bee - Feel It Burn (feat Miss Bee - Ray Mang Remix - Under The Shade Records
12. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Love - Original Mix - DJ Kicks

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