Thursday, June 30, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 30.06.11

I love this music. Let me just say that first of all! And I have for as long as I had pocket money to own it. In the years since it's changed beyond recognition and now the internet serves as ring master for most of my musical exposure, access and more. But, and I'm hoping this isn't just me, we all get a bit jaded by it all.

And that's how I've felt this week, and I suddenly realised I'm doing the very thing I hate - bombarding everyone with links, links and more links, and if I'm honest, a little too often they're pointing people to this blog. So, sorry fellow deep house lovers. With the arrival of the Guest Mix series I may have overdone it these last few weeks? Something I'll fix over the next few weeks by pulling back a little on activity and focusing on the core things that make untitledmusic what it is. Just like this weeks picks of the tunes I'm been enjoying amongst the spam.

UM's High 5ives - 30.06.11

Monodeluxe - Beatsoulvibes - Vibe Boutique Records
Monodeluxe - Beatsoulvibes - All Around You (New Album Out Now!!) by Vibe Boutique Records

HouseRiders - Yesterday's Future ft Amy G (Deep Spelle's Deep Past Remix) - iRecords

Thomas Dieckmann - Under The Sun (Original) - Deso Records

Robert Owens - I`ll Be Your Friend (Claire Ripley Remix) - 1trax

Ian Pooley - So Good (Da Funk's Holding Heaven Remix) - Smoke n Mirrors

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

UM89 Tracklisting

Fresh new deep and tech house promos's from Brown Eyed Boyz, In Deep Records, Alvaro Ernesto, Hall North on Celestial Recordings,  Neurotraxx Gold, Sean Danke on Revolucion, Low Pressings, Fideles, Mobilee, TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos on Compost Black Label, Peckos, Mateo & Matos feat' Vincent Inc remixed by Marc Cotterell on Manuscript, Circuit Records, Ospina Digital, Newav Media, Glasgow Underground, Ben Gomori on Black Sheep Trax, Night Drive Music, Chris Minus on Deso, Resoluto, Neurotraxx Deluxe, Roni Be and Session Deluxe all in the mix.

Listen or download via Soundcloud or iTunes

UM89 Tracklisting

1. Max Essa - Caress (Toby Tobias Deeper Dub) - Brown Eyed Boyz Recordings
2. Golopapas - Decks (Original Mix) - In Deep Records
3. Alvaro Ernesto - Magdalena (Dompe Remix) - Shitfuck Records
4. Hall North - Jonah (Ryan Luciano Remix) - Celestial Recordings
5. Antonio Piacquadio - Katia's Groove (Nice7 Remix) - Neurotraxx Gold
6. Sean Danke - Stripes (Original Mix) - Revolucion Records
7. Dhaze - Drop The Line (Original Mix) - Low Pressings
8. Jona - Drifting Away - Mobilee Records
9. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - Something Happened (Instrumental) - Compost Black Label
10. Peckos - Old Boy (Dub) - Home Audio 
11. Mateo & Matos feat' Vincent Inc - Want U Tonight (Marc Cotterell Latenight Remix) - Manuscript Records
12. Alex Kentucky, Javi Viana - Deep Forest (Original Mix) - Circuit Records
13. Vicky Martin - Only You (Ospina Philly Dub-Ness Instrumental) - Ospina Digital - Ospina Digital
14. DJN Project & Kenny Bobien - What A Way (John Crockett Vocal Mix) - Newav Media
15. Kevin McKay & Phil Kelsey - Organized - Glasgow Underground
16. Fideles - Adella Remix -
17. Ben Gomori - Charm The Monkey (Out Of The Tree) (Le Jockey Remix) - Black Sheep Trax
18. Marc Poppcke - Good Morning Berlin - Night Drive Music
19. Chris Minus - Up To Something Good for Nothing (Original Mix) - Deso Records
20. Resoluto - Gitaar Snaar -
21. Sergio Fernandez & David Lara - Big Room Stories (Nima Gorji Remix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe
22. Roni Be - One Lonely Wish (Original Mix) - Reisei Records
23. Martin Dawson - Jardim Da Vida (Namito Remix) - Session Deluxe

Sunday, June 26, 2011

UM presents: Andre Detoxx

Hot on the heels of Frank Kruse's guest mix comes Poland's Andre Detoxx, a DJ/Producer I've long been a fan of and am proud to say will feature on one of the forthcoming UM Records releases!

Andre Detoxx started out in 1997 as the hose of the 'The GrooveBar Radioshow' on Poland's biggest internet radio station More recently he turned his focus to his own productions, and has rapidly built a name for his deep, drifting and emotive sounds, signing releases to labels such as Disclosure Project, DeepWit Records, Pesto, Tanztone, SoundBar and coming later this year his first EP on my own UM Records (umrecords).

UM presents: Andre Detoxx (UM Guest Mix - 26.06.11) by untitledmusic


1: Soulight - Soul
2: Sinan Kaya - Blind Alley
3: 9 West- Moments
4: Cosmic Cowboys - Cross The Line
5: Karol XVII & MB Valence - D.O.U.H.M.
6: Sebastian Davidson - Andy Who Roll (Aki Bergen Mix)
7: Bas Amro - Ten (Vincenzo Remix)
8: Inxec & Mark Chambers - O'so (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
9: Electric G - Autumn In Lissabon
10: Lawrence, Seth Troxler - Miles In Aphrika (YouANDme EDIT)
11: The Timewriter - Phantom Swing
12: Doomwork - Flashlight
13: Replika - Inner Visions (Modern Soul Mix)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 23.06.11

You'll all be delighted to know that here in the Southern Hemisphere we've passed through the longest day of year! so it's all eyes on the approaching summer for me, whilst so many get stuck into Ibiza, Sonar and all manner of exciting things like partying on yachts and getting a tan I'll be plotting and planning for an exciting second half to the year... get ready!

With so much quality music kicking around right now too, and more to come surely as the summer push reaches full speed, it's been a good crop this week to pick a select few of the finest tunes that have seen some serious airplay here in UMHQ.

Andre Detoxx - Over The Hill - Unsigned

Golopapas - Substance (Original Mix) - In Deep Records

Nick Hollyster & Robin Orlando - Hey Mama (Pablo Fierro Remix) - Elevation

Evren Ulusoy - Sympathizer (Yohan Esprada Mix) - Deso 

Jonny Cade - Dotty Hook Up (Pol_On For The Lazy Days Remix) - Loco Records Supreme

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vinyl Heaven: OFF Recordings

Not so long ago I was able to purchase a pair of second hand Technics 1210's after being without proper decks for about 4 years, and so I've gained a renewed passion for the slices of vinyl we (or at least some of us) grew up on. A time when piracy was as common as worrying about Beatport charts and if your midi mapping was doing everything you want it to!

What I've found is, that if you scratch the surface of the on what seems a digital marketplace you soon find a whole host of labels doing limited, low key vinyl releases, from Baker Street, to Home Audio and one of my personal favourites OFF Recordings. 

To celebrate 2.5 years of and 25 releases Andre Crom's label are unleashing a triple vinyl, double CD and digital compilation with contributions from established OFF acts like Crom and Dawson, Einzelkind, Nima Gorji, Chris Carrier, DJ W!LD, Huxley, Thyladomid or Luca Doobie alongside newer names to the label such as  David August, Tuccillo, Varoslav vs. Werner Niedermeier, Robytek, Alejandro Mosso and more - it's an almighty line up!

Not to mention a club tour all over Europe and beyond. Personally I think it's great to see a label going for it, and really pushing the quality of their sound on vinyl, and triple vinyl at that!

VA - Back To The Raw - OFF Recordings - OFF025
OFF025 - OFF Recordings Compilation by OFF Recordings

After getting deep into classic house in the late 90's, OFF-founder Andre Crom decided to go back to his roots with his own label. So in December 2008 OFF Recordings was born and within 2.5 years became one of the most popular labels for contemporary house music with an old school touch.

While most Berlin-based labels stand for a more minimal/techno-ish sound, OFF has consistently stood for house in its purest shape. Its sound merges elements from jazz, funk, soul, blues, disco and techno with 90's influenced house to create a unique mix, aimed directly at the dance floor.

The labels name “OFF” is all part of the label's philosophy - being open to all kinds of influences, not having flashy artwork, but a reduced and serious presentation. It also stands for an uncompromising focus on the club and dance floor. Step on the floor, lose your mind and get OFF.

OFF have produced vinyl releases for all of their releases to date, demonstrating that there's a market for it, and in fact if recent research in the USA is right, it's a growing market with vinyl sales increasing 14% last year whilst CD sales dropped 20% for the fourth year running.

The guys at OFF told me they saw OFF004 as a break through for the label, especially the DJ W!LD remix, establishing the label as one to watch. Since then releases such as Thyladomid's 'The Voice' with it's awesome vocal sample, and 'Gonna Be Alright' by Martin Dawson and Andre Crom have really taken the world by storm. A personal favourite of Andre's is Chris Carrier remix of 'Snakes' by Luca Doobie and Andre.

So where too from here? Well, the club tour taking in places such as Watergate, Privilege, Cookies (Berlin) and Chaca Chaca (Munich) and promotion of the album aside look out for more great releases and remixes from the likes of Nhan Solo and Daniel Dexter, Ian Pooley, Ekkohaus, Homework, Martin Dawson, Andre Crom.

Fancy getting your hands on the triple vinyl?
Buy Part 1 here and Part 2 here


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UM88 Tracklisting

Fresh new deep and tech house promo's from Jonn Hawley on Large, Soluble, Stained Music with a Matt Prehn remix, Smiley Fingers, JETT, Kev Obrien on SK Supreme, Relithium Records, Evren Ulusoy remixed by The Disclosure Project on Cromarti, Andre Crom & Martin Dawson on OFF Recordings brand new double vinyl release, Konura, Clean House, So Sound, Uma, Alma Soul Music and a Onur Ozman Remix, brand new sub label Peng Africa and a Rurals Remix of Gordheaven feat' Morobi, Beef Records, a Dirt Crew remix on Oh! Records, Phobic, Unrivaled Music, more from OFF with Huxley, Ian Pooley and Thyladomid tracks, Dufflebag Recordings and Musical Missionary all in the mix.

Listen or download via Soundcloud: Here
or via iTunes: Here

UM88 - 21.06.11

1. Jonn Hawley - For You - Large Music
2. Daniel Cummins - Slow Down (Original Mix) - Soluble Recordings
3. Greg Stainer & Oscar P feat' D Layna - Bring Joy Back (Matt Prehn Remix) - Stained Music
4. Rick Sanders - Manar (Original Mix) - Smiley Fingers
5. Soliman - Stand (Santé Remix) - JETT Records
6. Kev Obrien - Honey Steppin - SK Supreme Records
7. Diego S - Approved (Original Mix) - Relithium Records
8. Evren Ulusoy - Sorry Being Sophisticated (The Disclosure Project Remix) - Cromarti Records
9. Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - What We Do Today - OFF Recordings
10. Basement Jazz Ensemble - Shuttle Train (Original Mix) - Konura Recordings
11. Junior High - Soul Strings (Original Mix) - Clean House Music
12. Freaky Behaviour - Behind Ya Back - So Sound Recordings
13. Funk Mediterraneo - In Silence - Uma Recordings
14. Pig City - Adonis (Onur Ozman Remix) - Alma Soul Music
15. Gordheaven feat' Morobi - Khuzeka (Rurals Remix) - Peng Africa
16. Sinan Kaya - Control Me (Murat Kilic Trucking Remix) - Beef Records
17. Sachrias And Aslak - Lihasa (Dirt Crew Remix) - Oh! Records
18. Husky feat' Louis Hale - Old School - Phobic Recordings
19. Miami Ice - City Light Express (Original Mix) - Unrivaled Music
20. Huxley - Murnina - OFF Recordings
21. Zaint - Miss Huh - Dufflebag Recordings 
22. Miguel Colmenares - Ground Floor - Musical Missionary
23. Ian Pooley - Side Of Me - OFF Recordings
24. Thyladomid - Calling - OFF Recordings 

Monday, June 20, 2011

UM presents: Frank Kruse

So here we go, the first in the brand new series of guest mixes comes courtesy of Frank Kruse (Germany). Influenced by John Digweed, Timo Maas and Carl Cox he began mixing at the age of 20. Since then he's played across Germnay including on Sunshine Live, the most successful dance music radio station in Germany, developing a deep sound touching on tech house and moodier deep house tracks, as he does here in his UM Guest Mix.

Frank is a driving force in his hometown of Osanbruck, where as a promoter he's behind some of the highest quality parties alongside DJ's such as Santos, Tigerskin, Santé and many more. He's currently working on his debut single too, due out toward the end of 2011.


UM Guest Mix Series by untitledmusic


1: Scarlett Nina - Sunday Mood 

2: Ost & Kjex - Continental Lover (Pawas Dub Mix) 
3: Pat King - Close Your Eyes 

4: Mihai Popoviciu - Harpoon 

5: Matthias Meyer - Crystal Rain 

6: Super Flu - Nickeltoe 

7: Alex Moments - Skytope (Lauhaus Remix) 

8: Nick Curly - Cozumel 

9: Buck - Soul 

10: 9west - The Big Picture

Wanna be a featured DJ on UM's Blog? Then read HERE, how to submit a mix for consideration.

Friday, June 17, 2011

UM Guest Mix Series

As long-term followers of UM will know I've had a very irregular guest mix series going on and off for a couple of years and have been graced with mixes from LowerCaseSounds, Lost My Dog, Baker Street, Marvin Zeyss, 3am, Artizan Music, Andre Detoxx, Dilby and plenty more!

Becoming a guest mixer is open to anyone and everyone. a chance to get some feedback, show off your taste and keep the world spinning. 

Now before you get all excited and fire me the link to your current mix there's a few things you need to know...

To be chosen as a guest mix your set must be:

EXCLUSIVE to UM for 1 month from the date of posting (that means not appeared anywhere already)
• Be of deep house or tech house music - I'll name and shame you if it's not! I will!
• Between 1 hour and 1.5 hours long and of good quality (sound and technique)
• Come with a full tracklisting

Simple basic rules that'll make life easier for all of us, but wait there's more... to allow me to gauge if they fit the UM concept I'll also be needing:

• A link to listen online (saving me downloading everyone's first)
• A link to download if you're successful
• A press photo of you (600x600 pixels minimum)
• A brief bio on you (100 words or there abouts)
• A list of links where people can check out more (Facebook, Soundcloud etc)

Each week, fortnight or month (depending on how often the mixes come in) I'll showcase a new guest mixer on the blog, UM's page and on the Deep House fans site, meaning over 55,000 people have a chance to hear you play - can't be bad!

Fancy that? Well get in touch with me on Facebook here - and we'll take it from there.

Tell your mates, post the news on and let's get ready to hear some great new mixes right here on the UM Blog!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 16.06.11

Not every week can be full on and glorious, sometime you need the quieter one's to get back on top of your game and focus on the next push! That's been the story of the last week with me catching up on a load of things I needed to sort.

Things are quickly taking shape over at UM Records with the first release now looking like mid-August - I'm looking forward to kicking off the promotional campaign for Marc's EP with remixes from Brian Ffar and Halo Citydeep!

Also been working on a few new features for the blog - you'd be amazed how keen people are to get the publicity but how slowly things move when you're needing something from them. That said hope to have a few planned featured popping up here very soon in amongst the usual ramblings. So, here's what's been entertaining me this last, slow, week:

UM's High 5ives - 16.06.11

Dominic Martin - Virility - Tronicsole
Dominic Martin 'Virility' (TSOLE087B) by tronicsole

Dazed Dolls - iChord - Circuit Records

DJ Primat - Meditator II (Marvin Zeyss Mix) - Modifi Grooves

Jamie Funk - Sunday 4pm (Original Mix) - 1trax

Anton Lanski - Strange World (Original Mix) - Etoka Records

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When I grew up I never wanted to be a pirate

For a long time now I've been working away on a post about music piracy, a balanced approach looking at all sides of the argument, from artists and labels to music lovers and fans and all the way to retail stores, promotion companies and back. It's a slow road and at some point I'll throw up what I've written and just put it out there for debate.

The problem is the further I get into it, the more convinced I am that everyone has just accepted it exists and resigned themselves to it, just doing all they can to prevent it, but from the moment it's out in the public domain (for sale if you're lucky) you've little more than a few hours before it appears on blogs across the world.

Don't get me wrong there's a fiercely active campaign to combat it from certain quarters, and slow, meaningless progress from ISP's/Governments, not to mention the age old argument that it doesn't hurt anyone really. Which I disagree with, with a passion in case you were in any doubt of my standpoint.

Which kind of brings me to the reason for this rant. Last weekend, whilst sorting out music for this weeks UM show and generally arsing around on the net as I do regularly, I got a message from a label I have high regard for. I get a lot of requests to post links on the Deep House fans page, some I do, some I don't, but this was the second request from this label and as the page is all about quality music then it fitted the bill. The last time they been in touch about posting a link I'd asked if they had a promo list and if they would be prepared add me to it, as a way of helping promote them even more - it's a two way street after all! 

The story goes that they don't have a promo list (like many other labels don't and I can appreciate that given the exposure to piracy it can create if you're database isn't made up of people you can trust 100%). Anyway, we agreed that as a thank you I'd be slipped the next promo and we'd all be happy - superb, deal done!

Stay with me here, I know I ramble!
So, early Saturday morning I get another request to post a link. And, because I never give up I remind the fella about our deal. And good to his word we hop onto Skype and over comes the promo - very nice too, thanks! And it's here where my world got turned upside down... why? Because I was asked to swap files I might have in the other direction.

I'm sure plenty of DJ mates do it, and we know there's plenty of 'music lovers' doing it right now, but even by my low moral standards a label owner, who doesn't operate a promo list for presumably piracy concerns, is now asking to benefit from the piracy! 

I was, to put it bluntly, 'fucking shocked'! In turn it threw me into a spin about the feature itself, I mean who am I trying to kid if the problem runs so deep? My polite reply to the request was this "I'm just going to be straight, I don't share files with anyone, not even my wife, too many labels and artists trust me with their music and I'm all about helping it sell. sorry"

To which, to give label owner X his dues he said OK and went about his business. Now, I've um'd and arghh'd about whether to even mention this for a few days now, and well, sod it, it's out there now, off my chest and into your heads.

Is the fight against piracy over as a result, no! Is the feature I'm working on dead? No! But, I've got some serious thinking to do of my own ahead of UM Records' first launch and how we approach promotions!

Keep the world spinning everyone, and buy that tune you diggin!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

UM87 Tracklisting

The latest deep house and tech house releases from The Disclosure Project, Sideways Recordings, Pin Up,  Pole Position, Smiley Fingers, Neurotraxx Gold, Manuscript Records, Sasse on Brown Eyed Boyz, Unrivalled Music, Dieb Audio, Alvaro Hylander on Deepwit Recordings, Phantastik, Clean House, Deep Spelle on Soul Industries, Deso Records, Black Error, Circuit Records, Kane Ian on his Dustpan Recordings, Jesus Pablo on Eleflight, Rob Small remix on Assembly and a Hall North remix of d00sh on Endemic Digital all in the mix.

Listen and Download via:

UM87 Tracklisting

1. The Disclosure Project - Cabriolet (Ev Darko Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
2. Guy Hornsby - Capa's Journey (Episodes Alternative Route) - Sideways Recordings
3. Tovar - Squeeze (Original Mix) - Pin Up Recordings
4. Anthony James - Interrupted - Pole Position Recordings
5. Alfonso Padilla and Hernan Betancur - Conga Y Sol (Original Mix) - Smiley Fingers
6. Melo & Jorge - Candy (Original Mix) - Neurotraxx Gold
7. Sunner Soul - All We Have (Original Mix) - Manuscript Records
8. Sasse - Feel It - Brown Eyed Boyz Recordings
9. Adam Coley and Jesus Pablo - Dark Tanungle (Analog Effekt Mix) - Unrivalled Music
10. Bias and Paco Buggin - Astra (Original Mix) - Dieb Audio
11. Alvaro Hylander - Stop (Original Mix) - Deepwit Recordings
12. Tore Jarlo - Phantoms (Alexander Fog & Alberto Drago Remix) - Phantastik
13. Miles Sound - Team Buffy (Original Mix) - Clean House
14. Muto - I Do (Original Mix) - Smiley Fingers
15. Deep Spelle - Hope For Us - Soul Industries
16. Neurotron - Second Thought (Original Mix) - Manuscript Records
17. T. Ruggieri - Deeply (Original Mix) - Deso Records
18. AfroComma feat' Mr Mabena - Beautiful Music (Apple Jazz's Deep vs Cormecial Remix) - Black Error Recordings
19. Dazed Dolls - Ichord - Circuit Records
20. Kane Ian - What I'll Be - Dustpan Recordings
21. Jesus Pablo - All Night Long (Andre Guarda Remix) - Eleflight Records
22. Brynjolfur - Natt (Chris Minus Remix) - Deso Records
23. Matin - I Think I Miss You (Rob Small's Tape Hiss Remix) - Assembly Records
24. d00sh - Moshii Sounds (Hall North Remix) - Endemic Digital

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Hottest New Deep House Talent - Vol.2

Following on from our Top 5 Hottest New Deep House Talent survey on the Deep House fans page, I've been watching votes tick along for a couple of weeks and thought it was about time I brought you the names that made up numbers 5-10 on the results...

Alvaro Hylander
Labels: Solarish Records, Alma Soul Music, Bsccara, Etoka
Remixed: The Messenger, Cadatta, Jean Jeak, Pablo Fierro, tonkproject

Alvaro Hylander was born in the south of Spain but now living in Denmark he has 17 years of service in dance music under his belt - so hardly a new comer as such, but certainly a name on the rise thanks in part to a string of classy remixes and his own DeepWit Recordings label.

Labels: Crosstown Rebels, BerMuDa Music
Remixed: DJ T, Damien Lazarus, Jimmy Edgar, Debukas, Simon Baker
Soundcloud: NA

Art Department, aka Kenny Glasgow & Jonny White from Glasgow (UK) or Canada, depending on which source you check out, joined forces in the studio as recently as 2009, when Damian Lazarus called on them to remix Riz MC for his Crosstown Rebels imprint and the relationship has been going ever since.

Art Department - The Drawing Board - CRMCD014 by Crosstown Rebels

Deep Spelle
Labels: Soul Industries, i Records, NewBorn Records, Pesto Music
Remixed: Deep Active Sound, HouseRiders

Born in France but now living in Canada, Brice Martin-Spelle was inspired by the likes of Ludovic Navarre aka St Germain, Deep Dish and Kevin Yost. Deep Spelle tracks have been remixed by Soul Minority, Alvaro Hylander, Deep Active Sound, Helly Larson and Diego Astaiza in the time since and Brice has also been active as one half of HouseRiders with Jeff Fontaine.

Latest tracks by Deep Spelle

Labels: Loco Records, Brown Eyed Boyz, Ready Mix Records, Witty Tunes, Alma Soul, DeepWit Recordings, Tanztone
Remixed: Alvaro Hylander, Mastercris, Jayden San, Tuxedo, Marcelo Nassi, Steve Lischinsky

Seraphine aka Sylwester played his first live set in a small club in his native Poland back in 2008, his early productions, produced alongside Mores and Sebastian Davidson were well received seeing the DJ/Producer record around 50 tracks for 20 different labels since. Seraphine can also be found on and with his "Belvedere Sessions" radio show.

Latest tracks by Seraphine

Labels: Nervous Records, Irma Records, Spirit Sound Records, Soul Shift Music, Aenaria Music
Remixed: Rusticana Deep Machine, Jimmi Hendrik, Blockhead, Spacebeats

Italian producer Andrea Guazzeroni rounds off this up and coming top 5, and like so many new producers out there that's on all the right sites but information on his is scarce! So, his music will have to do all the talking for him!

Latest tracks by SPEAKDEEP

Thursday, June 9, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 09.06.11

Yes, the smell of sweat and sun tan lotion is starting to rise over Ibiza and so the annual push of new music has begun in earnest. Just a note... while all you northern hemisphere music goers are turning tanning yourselves on sun drenched house spare a thought for these rest of us on the other side of the world slowly turning green - with envy!

There's not much to report out of the usual this week. The new (second hand) Technics 1210's have settled in well, and thanks to the S4 Kontroller fitted seamlessly into the studio - I can't quite explain the joy of being able to mix with vinyl once again, and revive some of the gems that have been lying dormant in my record bags for way too long - I might even share a few of the mixes with you all over the coming weeks! In the meantime, here's this weeks picks of the music I've been checking out here in the office!

UM's High 5ives - 09.06.11

Evren Ulusoy - Sorry Being Sophisticated (The Disclosure Project Remix) - Cromarti Records
Evren Ulusoy - Sorry Being Sophisticated (The Disclosure Project Remix) [96kbps] by CromartiRecords

Jaidene Veda - If Only (Eleonora Remix) - Stilnovo Music

Pablo Fierro - Alone At Home (Matt Masters remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings 

Mark Kruse & Thomas Dieckmann - Walkin' (Original)

Kevin Yost - Dreams Of You - Sebastian Davidson Remix

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

UM86 Tracklisting

Deep house and tech house promo's from Deeper Shades, Evren Ulusoy on Cromarti, Buzzin'fly, Pablo Fierro remixed by Moody Manc on Disclosure Project, Klimaks, Baker Street, Dominic Martin on Tronicsole, Andrew Macari on his Soultone imprint, Di Riviera on Southpark, Asymmetric, DeppClass, Modifi Grooves, Mark Kruse & Thomas Dieckmann, Nightchild, Mike Montano on Quantized, Elevation, Dudley Strangeways remixed by Martin Dawson on Back To You Music, Tom Conrad on his Adaption Music, What Happens, Mobilee, Yerba Buena Discos and Manuscript all in the mix.

Listen or download via Soundcloud or iTunes

UM86 Tracklisting

1. Offie & Ky - Undefined Life (Original Mix) - Deeper Shades Recordings
2. Evren Ulusoy - The Bass And The Beauty (Original Mix) - Cromarti Records
3. Abyss - Birdsong - Buzzinfly Records
4. Pablo Fierro - Alone At Home (Moody Mancs Music Is Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
5. Egostereo - M-One (Original Mix) - Klimaks
6. Ki Creighton & Harry Monroe - Don't Touch Me (Paolo Mojo Mix) - Baker Street Recordings
7. Dominic Martin - Virility - Tronicsole
8. Andrew Macari - Doin Deeper Disco - Soultone Recordings
9. Di Riviera - Song Without A Name (Matty Gillespie's Deep Rhythm Remix) - Southpark Records
10. Pysh - Funkaholic (Macato Remix) - Asymmetric Recordings
11. Federico Luchetti - Vondelpark (Original Mix) - Freaky Vibes
12. Masque - Amarillo Melomano (Original Mix) - DeepClass Records
13. Smak - Recover (Original Mix) - Modifi Grooves
14. Mark Kruse & Thomas Dieckmann - Walkin' (Original) -
15. Onionz - Beautiful Music (Addex Mix) - Nightchild Records
16. Mike Montano - Caminante (Bolumar & Kiko Martínez Remix) - Quantized Music
17. Lonya & Aruba feat' Patrick Grob - Cannibals (Original Mix) - Elevation Recordings
18. Dudley Strangeways - Into Deep (Martin Dawson Remix) - Back To You Music
19. Stanny Abram - Zoo-Land (Original Mix) - What Happens
20. Tom Conrad - Vimana (Pablo Fierro Remix) - Adaption Music
21. Sebo K - Mr Duke (Alternate Version) - Mobilee Records
22. Homero Espinosa - A Night On Spring Street - Yerba Buena Discos
23. Greg Mak - Reverie (Echofusion Dark Groove Remix) - Manuscript Records

Thursday, June 2, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 02.06.11

June! Already! Man, where is this year going, that's half way through and the tunes just keep getting better! After an active few weeks discovering new music and producers my Soundcloud feed is chock-a-block with new tunes to tempt me so this weeks High 5ive's was a tough call, and especially making it tunes that haven't featured elsewhere!

In other news, UM Records is coming along in fine form, again a busy couple of weeks have seen the first eight releases really take shape with the first tasters of remixes coming in and I have to say sounding awesome! Oh, and after much searching I finally landed a second hand pair of 1210's thanks to a mate of a mate - feels great to have proper decks back in the studio after so much Traktor and digital sounds, at last something to play the first of the UM Records vinyl on when we get to that!

Right, onto the main business of the day, this weeks pick of the crop!

UM's High 5ives - 02.06.11

Les Loups - Show U The Luv (Les Loups Rework) - So Sound Recordings
Les Loups - Show U The Luv (Les Loups Rework) (So Sound Recordings) (Preview Clip) by Kahua Music

Julian Poker - Drop The Speech (SmallTown Collective Remix) - Alma Soul Music
Julian Poker - Drop The Speech (SmallTown Collective Remix) by Alma Soul Music

Lopatyn - Ultramarine (Evren Ulusoy's Deep Blue Remix) - Cromarti Records
Lopatyn - Ultramarine (Evren Ulusoy's Deep Blue Remix) [128 kbps] by CromartiRecords

Ivan Enot-Morning (The Messenger's Smokey Morning Mix) - Acryl Music
Ivan Enot-Morning (The Messenger's Smokey Morning Mix) by Acryl Music

Inxec And Mark Chambers - O'So - Maya Jane Coles Remix - 1trax