Friday, June 17, 2011

UM Guest Mix Series

As long-term followers of UM will know I've had a very irregular guest mix series going on and off for a couple of years and have been graced with mixes from LowerCaseSounds, Lost My Dog, Baker Street, Marvin Zeyss, 3am, Artizan Music, Andre Detoxx, Dilby and plenty more!

Becoming a guest mixer is open to anyone and everyone. a chance to get some feedback, show off your taste and keep the world spinning. 

Now before you get all excited and fire me the link to your current mix there's a few things you need to know...

To be chosen as a guest mix your set must be:

EXCLUSIVE to UM for 1 month from the date of posting (that means not appeared anywhere already)
• Be of deep house or tech house music - I'll name and shame you if it's not! I will!
• Between 1 hour and 1.5 hours long and of good quality (sound and technique)
• Come with a full tracklisting

Simple basic rules that'll make life easier for all of us, but wait there's more... to allow me to gauge if they fit the UM concept I'll also be needing:

• A link to listen online (saving me downloading everyone's first)
• A link to download if you're successful
• A press photo of you (600x600 pixels minimum)
• A brief bio on you (100 words or there abouts)
• A list of links where people can check out more (Facebook, Soundcloud etc)

Each week, fortnight or month (depending on how often the mixes come in) I'll showcase a new guest mixer on the blog, UM's page and on the Deep House fans site, meaning over 55,000 people have a chance to hear you play - can't be bad!

Fancy that? Well get in touch with me on Facebook here - and we'll take it from there.

Tell your mates, post the news on and let's get ready to hear some great new mixes right here on the UM Blog!


  1. do u want mixes posting on here or facebook? thanks..chris

  2. What's wrong with Dubstep... don't get me starts! :)