Thursday, March 31, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 31.03.11

Not much to report this week from UM HQ - well apart from the usual stuff of course! Busy trying to get to grips with the S4 still, and just got an email from NI on a software update that'll improve the graphics on the sound waves - which is a good thing in my opinion! Still busy working on something new and exciting for you deep house music followers - hope to be able to share that with you in a couple of weeks!

Right, down to business, here's the tunes that have been receiving some serious noise on the office speakers this week! 

UM's High 5ives - 31.03.11

RJ Fletcher - Boom Talk
RJ Fletcher - Boom Talk by RJ Fletcher

Marco Bocatto - So Much Bass
Marco Bocatto-So Much Bass by Marco Bocatto

11 inch - Come This - Vida! Recordings
11 inch - Come This by Vida! Recordings

Addex - The Cooler (Marvin Zeyss Remix) - iRecords
Addex - The Cooler (Marvin Zeyss Remix) by Marvin Zeyss
Andry Nalin Oldskool Track (Hall North Remix) - 26 Teadrops
Andry Nalin Oldskool Track (Hall North Remix) by HallNorth

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UM76 Tracklisting

Deep House promo's from Deepermotions, 22 Digit, Celestial, Crossworld, Bollo on his own Soluble imprint, Di Riviera on Southpark, Logo Tunisia, Toto, What Happens, Discotheque, 3345, Nightchild, Mercado, Paul Hardy and Matthias Vogt on Baker Street, Elevation, an Ashley Beedle remix on Axis Trax, Hakan Lidbo and Vincent Inc with Marc Cotterell on Manuscript, Freaky Vibes, Smiley Fingers and Lucas Rosso on Vida! Records.

UM76 Tracklisting

1. Simon Weiss - What's New In Tokyo City (Rick Wade's 'Tokyo Hustlers' Remix) - Deepermotions Music
2. Melos & Kyber - Boo Boo The Fool (Ludowick Remix) - 22 Digit Records 
3. Steve Froggatt - Keep On Movin (Original Mix) - Celestial Recordings
4. Sidney Charles - Jack Me If U Can - Crossworld Records
5. Bollo - Just Have Fun (Original Mix) - Soluble Recordings
6. Di Riviera - A Song Without A Name (Original Mix) - Southpark Records
7. Zoux - Broken Up (Original Mix) - Logo Tunisia Records
8. Groovekissing Inc - Deep Dubbin - Toto Recordings
9. Tim Andresen - Gimme Some (Original Mix) - What Happens
10. Marcelo Medeiros - Cest E Ma Musiqué (Vocal Version) - Discotheque Recordings
11. Groovalicious - So Right Tonight (Timewriter Remix) - 3345 Music
12. Pat King - Close Your Eyes (ReKreation Remix) - Nightchild Records
13. Brothers In House - My Life (Nilton Fatore WMC Mix) - Mercado Paralelo Music
14. Tonbe - Summer Trip - Toto Recordings
15. Paul Hardy - Swirl (Matthias Vogt Remix) - Baker Street Recordings
16. Mark Mywords - Priorities (Original Mix) - Elevation Recordings
17. Remote People - Wurlitzer - Deep Edition Recordings
18. Waterson - When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Ashley Beedle's Act Of Dub) - Axis Trax
19. Hakan Lidbo and Vincent Inc - We Fall So DEEP (Marc Cotterell Remix) - Manuscript Records
20. Sarp Yilmaz - Holding On (Original Mix) - Freaky Vibes
21. Israel Vich - Crazy People (Ricardo Rueda Rmx) - Smiley Fingers
22. Andrea Loche & Corrado Zonnedda - Com On (Original Mix) - Crossworld Records
23. Lucas Rosso - Nuageux (Original Mix) - Vida! Records

Thursday, March 24, 2011

UM High 5ives - 24.03.11

So much going on here at UM HQ right now it's pretty exciting times! Can't yet share the biggest news with all of you, but it's going to be great! Stay tuned! Meanwhile WMC is over, but the new music keeps flowing, last week was one of those weeks where everything sounds so good, and so far I'm 26 promo's into a whole new batch of greatness!

Some of you will have spotted the new radio drops within the shows! A massive thanks to Jaidene Veda and David Alvarado for sorting them out for me last week - expect more to come in the future from some of our favourite deep house and tech house friends!

UM's High 5ives - 24.03.11

Frej Le Vin - My silly ibiza dream feat. Ann-Sofie Rokboel - (Original Mix) - Deso
Frej Le Vin - My silly ibiza dream feat. Ann-Sofie Rokboel - (Original Mix) by desorecords

Soulmet - Wonder Why - Gooseneck Records
Wonder why (mastered by quiet-fish) by soulmelt

Moodymanc - Black Paint (Larry Heard's After Dark Mix) - Tsuba
Moodymanc Black Paint (Larry Heard's After Dark Mix)-Tsuba051 by moodymanc

Tomson & Benedict - Repossession EP (Sampler) - Urbantorque
Tomson & Benedict - Repossession EP (Sampler) - Urbantorque® by Urban Torque®

Escape Committee feat. Charmaine - If You Try (Original) - Pole Position 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

UM75 Tracklisting

Deep House promo's from Jazzy Eyewear, Soultronic, Warmth, Yogi & Husky on Salted, Acryl, Crossworld, Andrew Macari on Soultone, Revolucion, Deep Hype Sounds, Nick Harris and Soul Minority on Dirt Crew, OFF, Funk Mediterraneo, Light, Deso, Maison D'Ame on Solardish, Elevation, Jesus Pablo & Chris Minus on BM Slim, HiRO on Tronicsole, Mr leman and Affin all in the mix.

UM75 - 22.03.11

1. Jazzy Eyewear - The Renaissance (Les Loups' 1979 Remix) - Umalu Recordings
2. Soultronic - Searching For Groove (Soultronic's Classic Deep Mix) -
3. Persons of Interest - Tired of My 925 - Warmth Records
4. Yogi & Husky - Free Your Body - Salted Music
5. Lonya & Roi Okev - Milking The Sadness Away - Acryl Music
6. Mooshu & Dan Ce - Break (Steve Froggatts Groove Remix) - Crossworld Records
7. Andrew Macari - Hookin' It Uppa - Soultone Recordings
8. Raoul French - Be Some Body (Original Mix) - Revolucion Records
9. Eric Sutter & Hugh Cleal - Bring It Back (Original Mix) - Deep Hype Sounds
10. Nick Harris - Difficult Daze - Dirt Crew
11. Gene Siewing - Your Not A DJ (Luna City Express Kung Fu Mix) - OFF Recordings
12. Soul Minority - Keep On Doing - Dirt Crew
13. Funk Mediterraneo - I'm Nothin (Sonny Fodera Remix) - Dirty Monkey Recordings
14. Escape Committee feat' Charmaine - If You Try (Michael McLardy Remix) - Pole Position Recordings
15. Ryan Luciano - Feel It (Freddy Parisi RMX) - Light Records
16. Yohan Esprada - Vendome (Main Mix) - Deso Records
17. Maison D' Ame - What Is This Thing (Dave Miller Remix) - Solardish Records
18. Carlo - Ladybug (Original Mix) - Elevation Recordings
19. Damir Pushkar - Empty Rooms (Original Mix) - Pin Up Recordings
20. Jesus Pablo & Di Riviera - Late Night Feast (Chris Minus Deep Fried Remix) - Cubism
21. HiRO - In My Spell - Tronicsole
22. Mr. Leman feat' Ms.O - Everybody & Nobody (Original) -
23. Little Fritter - Truth Told (Dirty Culture Remix) - Affin Records


Thursday, March 17, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 17.03.11

Whooooa! Another one of those busy weeks with loads going on - seems there's a tonne of new music heading out there (all of it very good too which you can't always say) and plans are afoot to launch my very own imprint with a hand picked crew of artists that represent the untitledmusic sounds!

All of which was topped off last night by the arrival of my brand new radio drops from the sultry sounding songstress Jaidene Veda - all part of the master plan to add a little more branding to the shows! Okay, so we had a little outage with Soundcloud this week which has caused all sorts of issues for me and plenty of others looking to promote their new tunes, but here's the select few that have been cranking out here at HQ this week...

RJ Fletcher - Afterthought
RJ Fletcher - Afterthought by RJ Fletcher

Mr. Leman - The Man & His Dog (Original) Unsigned
Mr. Leman - The Man & His Dog (Original)(unsigned) by Mr. Léman

Giom & Nathan G - World Go Round (Giom Remix)
- Lo:Rise
Giom & Nathan G - World Go Round (Giom Remix) by Giom

Dazed dolls - A -Nicolas Duvoisin Remix - Circuit Records
A - dazed dolls original by circuitrecords

Seulo - Overcast (Michael McLardy Remix) - ALiVE Recordings
2. Seulo - Overcast (Michael McLardy Remix) [ALiVE&Remixed] by ALiVE Recordings

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UM74 Tracklisting

Promo's from Compost Black Label, Sasse, The Rurals, a Soul Minority remix on Night Drive Music, Nightchild, Jesus Pablo & Marvin Zeyss on 26 Tea Drops, Deso, Celestial, Mr Leman, Soluble, Neurotraxx Deluxe, DJ Sneak on Robsoul, Wally Callerio on Dufflebag, Marcel Fermier, Lee Jarvis remixed by Dudley Strangeways, Roberts Owens, Fresh Meat, Sebastian Davidson on Deepology, Crossworld, Lazy Days, Headtunes, Tanztone and Chris Minus on Disclosure Project.

1. Scope feat' Edward Capel - Emerald Bay (Scope Remix) - Compost Black Label
2. Sasse - Perc (Kev Obrien & Chris Luzz Remix) - Save Room Recordings
3. The Rurals feat' Ladybird - Now and Then (Original Mix) - DigiPeng
4. Christopher Wilde feat' Lu Chase - Bitter Sweet Feelings (Soul Minority Club Mix) - Night Drive Music
5. Freddy Parisi - Purple (Jesus Pablo & Di Riviera ReRub) - Nightchild Records
6. Jesus Pablo & Marvin Zeyss - Across The Board - 26 Tea Drops
7. Lucas Rosso - Environment (Original Mix) - Deso Records
8. Surco - Hana (Original Mix) - Celestial Recordings
9. Mr. Leman - Man and his dog (Original) -
10. Rumor - Feel You (Roman Rai Remix) - Soluble Recordings
11. Mathias Mesteno - Resolver (Original Mix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe
12. DJ Sneak - Boogie Allright - Robsoul Recordings
13. Wally Callerio & Chris Simmonds feat' Meli C - Let It Go - Dufflebag Recordings
14. Marcel Fermier - Amnesia Skunk - Crossworld Records
15. Lee Jarvis - Don't Call Me Baby (Dudley Strangeways Mix) - Back To The Future Recordings
16. Robert Owens - It Takes Me High (Tom Taylor & Gareth Whitehead Deep Remix) - Compost Black Label
17. Ruthit - I Feel (Kev Obrien & Chris Luzz Remix) - Fresh Meat
18. Sebastian Davidson feat' Prit - Saretha Smiles (Dima Promo Remix) - Deepology Digital
19. Tausend - Say To Yeah - Crossworld Records
20. Kruse & Nuernberg feat' Nathalie Claude - Silk City (Fred Everything Lazy Vox) - Lazy Days Recordings
21. Jesus Pablo - C Major (Original Mix) - Headtunes
22. Knapkin - Before I Sleep (Backlash! Remix) - Tanztone Records
23. Chris Minus - The Magic Hour - Disclosure Project Recordings

Friday, March 11, 2011

One week with... Pete Dafeet

I'm naturally very nosey. Fact! So, I thought you might be too and maybe, if you're like me you'd be interested in what some of our favourite music industry people get up to when they're not updating Facebook or doing Charts for Beatport and the rest. What would it be like to see what they got up to in an average week?

London-based Pete Dafeet is a producer and co-owner of deep house label Lost My Dog Records for the last 6 years and DJ'ing for 12 years and producing for 8. He's sold more records than I've ever managed to listen to, releasing and remixing for Shaboom, Robsoul, Detour, Toolroom, Lost My Dog, Uniform, Artizan, Headtunes, Southside Shuffle and more – music that’s been supported by household names like Mark Farina, Danny Tenaglia, Groove Armada, and Laurent Garnier. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. As well as co-owning and running one of the finest and most consistent labels around he also holds down a proper job (as my Dad would say) working as a social marketing consultant at Metia, a digital agency based in London.

It makes him a very busy man!...

Struggle into work to start preparing for a big pitch we've got coming on Wednesday. I got into social marketing through our experiences with Lost My Dog – my passion is definitely music marketing, but I enjoy transferring the same logic to bigger companies in different industries.

Pick up new booking for the summer, for a new night starting at Vibe bar on Brick Lane – a fun venue to play so looking forward to that. Last played there 3 years ago for Bosh Records, and impressed with this new night's schedule: they've got Tom Middleton, Shonky, Aki Bergen, Ed Davenport penciled in for the first few months.

Spend evening working on new Lost My Dog record, get fed up and throw most of it away. Like the core drums so keep them to start a new track when I've got a bit more patience...

Stuck in a meeting room at work all day, ideas coming together slowly for the pitch – the company does a lot right in isolation, so its mainly just a case of starting to connect some of the dots (got to love the marketing speak eh?!).

Spend the evening working on a brief for our designer Tom to create a booklet reviewing the last 12 months of Lost My Dog - we did a lot last year, so want to get it all down on paper! Will be sending out to industry people to help push the label and hook some new gigs.

Pete Dafeet mix for Homegrown
Pete Dafeet - December 2003 Homegrown Hotmix by Lost My Dog

Pitch day at the day job – not a big fan of the prep, so am happy once we're in the room and can just talk. Fish and chips for lunch, then chat with Ian (one of my partners in Lost My Dog) briefly to arrange a label meeting in London for later this month. He lives up near Newcastle so we don't get too many chances to do things face to face.

Spend the evening buying new downloads on Juno and burning Cd's ready for weekend gigs. Honestly prefer buying music to getting promos, nice to support the labels and so much easier to find the music you want to play.


Quiet morning catching up on the day-job, gym at lunch then an afternoon of meetings. One is a demo of a new online monitoring tool that looks quite fun – enjoy keeping up to date on the geeky stuff, tends to give some ideas for the label too. Home on time, in bed by 10 as up early tomorrow.

Up at 3:15 for flight to Lithuania from Stansted. Painful. Standard Ryanair experience – spilt coffee, abusive passenger, bag ends up 20 rows away from me. Arrive just before noon to lots of snow, picked up and driven for some local food and beer before heading to the hotel to relax. Manage to fit in 3 big meals and 2 naps before gig. Awesome. Play for 90 minutes at Pop Star Bar, it's a young crowd so play a few house classics they know. Nightcrawlers anyone? Head to promoter's new whisky bar for carry on, get to bed around 6.

Feel a bit tender after last night, don't leave hotel room until 4pm thanks to promoter organising late check-out. We grab some food then drive to the capital Vilnius for second gig. Eat at a great restaurant in the old town, learn about some of the history, grab a few drinks, then head to Tarantino for the gig. It's an older crowd here, and they like it deeper – play a couple Shonky tracks to start which they love. Someone makes my weekend by requesting Susan Cries (out recently on Lost My Dog), play the Rhythm Plate mix which gets the best reaction of the night. Bed around 5.

Bang Bang - Susan Cries (LMD038) by Lost My Dog

Anyone else keen to go to Pop Star Bar on this evidence?
Up at 8 for journey home. Fly up to Riga first in an old Fokker 50, love planes so this excites me. Make my connection by skin of teeth, watch Four Lions on the plane home – so funny. Get home and start working on that aborted track, before collapsing on sofa to watch the footy and catch up on some sleep.

As I'm sure you're all dying to know, Pete supports the mighty Middlesbrough (as do I before you start!), so I can only assume he was catching up on some real footy based on our current form!



Resident Advisor

Lost My Dog

Thursday, March 10, 2011

T2 - New new NI Traktor is here

As someone once said, "The only constant is change", and as more and more DJ booths and bedrooms switch from vinyl or CDJ to digital systems the battle between the leading brands is pushing the technology on and on.

Last year saw Native Instruments launch the S4 Kontol (of which I've loved using so much) and now the rest of the Traktor family receives an overhaul. The main thrust of the changes are really incorporating the new software features from the S4 version into the standard package; loop recording, new effects, the sample decks that's so key to the S4 and perhaps the most significant is the TruWave waveforms feature, offering a whole new dimension to your mix (and it looks nice and sexy in that blue!) - it's able to differentiate between kicks, hi-hats and snares and anticipate your mix. 

With various zoom levels you'll even be able to set up tighter cue points than ever before. And as with the S4 you'll be able to choose between layouts (something I've not quite got used to on the S4 but it does allow you to eliminate stuff you don't use - depending on your style).

The new package comes with a monster loops kits too - 40 original loops and 10 full tracks drawn from Loopmasters’ new DJ Mixtools series, plus additional scratch sounds by DMC Champ DJ Craze. Drum, bass, percussion and synth loop in dubstep, minimal, house, techno and trance styles all for you to do your own thing with.

And the future doesn't stop there, the Audio sound cards have had an update as has the S4 software (from what I can tell on NI's site) so I'm off to check my updates....

UM's High 5ives - 10.03.11

Been a full on week here in HQ, with WMC kicking off there's a deluge of new music, not all of it good (but that's the time of year I guess) - but some real gems to be enjoyed and hopefully UM73's showcasing some of them on your speakers right now!

I'm giving Twitter a bit of a go this month, mainly to see how it works, but to give the followers on there something a little extra! If you fancy following me join me here. OK, enough of the chat, let's get down to what tunes are keeping me going this week...

UM's High 5ives - 10.03.11

TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos- Album Remixes Part 2 - Compost Black Label
After Dark, My Sweet Album Remixes Part 2 by Nuno Dos Santos

Mr. Léman - Street - Feat Nathalie Zak (Original Mix)
Mr. Léman - Street - Feat Nathalie Zak (Original Mix) by Mr. Léman

Stefan Kranz – Say Nothing (Original Mix) Unsigned
Stefan Kranz – Say Nothing (Original Mix) Unsigned by Stefan Kranz

VA - Crunchy Deepcuts no. 1 - 26 Tea Drops
26TDI005 Teaser. VA - Crunchy Deepcuts no. 1 by 26 teadrops international

Marcel Fermier - LOVE (Soulplate Rmx) - Pole Position
Marcel Fermier - "LOVE" (Soulplate Rmx) - PPR007 - Support: Graeme Park, Vincent Kwok, Sonny Fodera by Pole Position Recordings

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

UM73 Tracklisting

Brand new deep house releases from Martin Eyerer, Mr Leman, Forza, Junkyard Gazette on Crossworld with Matt McLarrie on the remix, Domsko on Lost My Dog, Disclosure Project, Deso, Victor John Junior, Rick Sanders, Open Bar, Kolorit, Acryl, 3am, In Deep with Marvin Zeyss remixing, Corduroy Mavericks on Native Soul, Adaption, Jesus Pablo & Vikte with Chris Minus supplying the remix on Cubism, Buzzin'fly, Soultronic and more in the mix.


UM73 Tracklisting

1. Martin Eyerer - Jazzy Things (Tom Clark RMX) - Blufin
2. Mr. Leman feat' Ms. O - Your Future Adiction (Original) -
3. S.K.A.M. - Magic (Original) - Forza Records
4. Junkyard Gazette - Flauti (Matt McLarrie Remix) - Crossworld Records
5. Domsko feat' Astral T - Hard Yards (Johnny Fiasco Vocal Mix) - Lost My Dog
6. Masahiro Mihara - Lotus Position (The Disclosure Project Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
7. Jesus Pablo - That Direction (Original Mix) - Deso Records
8. Victor John Junior - Don't Make Me Wait (Andrew Macari Remix) - Greenhouse Soul Recordings
9. Rick Sanders - Diamonds & Sapphires - Smiley Fingers
10. D'Manti - Tonight (Davidson Ospina Deep Dub) - OpenBar Music
11. Crek - Freeway (Original Mix) - Kolorit Records
12. Adham & Hisham Zahran - Triplets (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Acryl Music
13. Makka & Howard Sessions - Man Or Machine (Original Mix) - 3am Recordings
14. Savi G - Strange Mr G. In The Room (Marvin Zeyss Remix) - In Deep Records
15. Nick Beringer - Schedule (Manuel Regnet Remix) - Crossworld Records
16. Corduroy Mavericks - Biscuit Love - Native Soul Recordings
17. Asymmetric Soul feat' Meital De Razon - Running Around (Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor Remix) - Adaption Music
18. Jesus Pablo & Vikte - Sunday Morning (Chris Minus Deep Fried Remix) - Cubism
19. Lostra and Jeanm - Buddha Lash (Jackspot Remix) - Elevation Recordings
20. Snoretex - Strange Aeons (SJU Muzic Eternity Mix) - Buzzin'fly
21. Steve Banks - Shade 10 (Original Mix) - Modifi Grooves
22. Soultronic - Just a Piano Thang (Original Mix) -
23. D-Reflection - Day One - Adaption Music 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Marvin Zeyss - UM Guest Mix

Kicking off a brand new series of UM Guest Mixes with the ever impressive Marvin Zeyss, a new name in 2010 that's featured plenty on the UM shows and brought us some of the finest new music of the year gone by, and certainly one to watch out for in 2011 and beyond.

Nuremberg resident Marvin Zeyss is a budding house and techno producer who wears his heart on his sleeve. Although not a musician in the traditional sense, he's always had a passion for music and began producing back in 2007. His personal style, a combination of deep and techy moods draws influences from far and wide but Zeyss is keen to point out he's certainly not 'minimal techno'.

His debut release came on NYC’s Nightchild Recordings in 2010. A year that saw the name Marvin Zeyss crop up plenty of times on the UM shows and my blog posts making him an obvious choice for the first in the new guest mix series.

So far his elegant sounds and classy depth has graced labels such as DeepVein, Modifi Grooves, In Deep, Tanztone, Nightchild, Beachtown, Vida! with remixes appearing on the likes of Logo Tunisia, Crossworld, Soulshift and many more.

At a mere 19, Marvin's name is surely one to watch this year and for many more to come with me being delighted to kick off the Guest Mixes for 2011 with such a quality set.

Resident Advisor

Thursday, March 3, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 03.03.11

After a couple of weeks away and an email outage things are back into full swing here at UM HQ, which means there's an abundance of music to catch up on and share with you and of course UM72 out there right now! Plenty more to come this week with the first in a new series of guest mixes too!

UM's High 5ives - 03.03.11

Karol XVII & MB Valence - Deep Beginning - Loco Records
Karol XVII & MB Valence - Deep Beginning [Loco Records] by Karol XVII & MB Valence

Zeque - Forever Es (Marvin Zeyss Remix) - TheSounds
Zeque - Forever Es (Marvin Zeyss Remix) by Marvin Zeyss

Chris Lattner - A Pair EP - NRK
Chris Lattner - A Pair EP (NRK167) clips by nicknrk

Robert Owens - Hearts And Soul (prod. by Atjazz) - Compost
Robert Owens - Hearts And Soul (prod. by Atjazz) by compost

Mr. Leman feat Ms. O - Your Future Adiction (Original)
Mr. Leman feat Ms. O - Your Future Adiction (Original) by Mr. Léman


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

UM72 Tracklisting

New music from Neurotraxx Deluxe, Elevation, Matt Prehn on Baker Street, Deepclass, OFF, Corduroy Mavericks on Dufflebag, 3345 Music, Celestial, Jevne with a Pete Dafeet Remix on Eighth Dimension, Dieb Audio, Modifi Grooves, Treasured Grooves, Soultronic, Sound Mass, Tovar and Fer Ferrari on Pin Up, Crossworld, Affin, Fresh Vibes, Smiley Fingers, Soluble, Aki Bergen and Pezzner, lost My Dog and Noir.

UM72 - 01.03.10

1. Ant Brooks - For You (Original Mix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe
2. Larry Peters & Etro Hahn - EEEYY (Chris Lattner Remix) - Elevation Recordings
3. Matt Prehn feat' Marcia Alves - Glow - Baker Street Recordings
4. Wally Stryk - Serena (London Ground Remix) - Deepclass Records
5. Belfie & Toche vs Gabriele Carasco - Mad & Son - OFF Recordings
6. Corduroy Mavericks - Dance Me - Dufflebag Recordings
7. Pepper Mashay - Things U Do (Jonny Montana and Craig Stewart Remix) - 3345 Music
8. The Timewriter - Silkimono - Beef Records
9. Techmann - Waiting For You (Original Mix) - Celestial Recordings
10. Jevne - Following The System (Pete Dafeet Remix) - Eighth Dimension
11. Lemon Popsicle - Dust Village (Original) - Dieb Audio
12. Carlo Astuti - The Leaves Change But You Dont (Soul Minority Remix) - Modifi Grooves
13. Gil Aguilar - Wat Dey Know - Treasured Grooves
14. Down Up (Soultronic Remix) - Dabelsky - Soultronic
15. Nunzi - Bomboclat - Sound Mass Records
16. Tovar - Toro (Fer Ferrari Remix) - Pin Up Recordings
17. GHM - Hornpis - Crossworld Records
18. Reggy Van Oers - Indovine - Affin Records
19. Jesus Echegarreta - Mind To Breathe (Baffa Remix) - Fresh Vibes 
20. Dee Keepers - The Woman In Red - Smiley Fingers
21. Biomin H - Diving (Original Mix) - Soluble Recordings
22. Aki Bergen & Pezzner - Tarareando (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix) - Neurotraxx Gold
23. James Curd - A Friend - Lost My Dog
24. Thomas Schumacher - Heat Waves (Original Mix) - Noir Music