Thursday, September 29, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 29.09.11

It's been way too long since my last mini round up of what's rocking the speakers here in UM HQ, partly as there was so much going on, and partly that the amount of great tunes had dropped off meaning most of the stuff I was checking out was going straight on the Deep House fans page on Facebook - but, fear not, the good news this last couple of weeks have been a bumper time for new and exciting tunes! So here we are once again!

Maya Jane Coles - Get Away (Subb-an Deeper Remix) - 1Trax

Sachrias and Aslak - Strömsö (Pablo Fierro Remix) - Cromarti Records
Sachrias & Aslak - Strömsö (Pablo Fierro Remix) [96kbps] by CromartiRecords

Imagine ft Amy G (HouseRiders Remix) - i Records
Imagine ft Amy G (HouseRiders Remix) [i Records] by Deep Spelle

Charles Scott - Mariposa - Nordic Trax
NT069 03 CHARLES SCOTT Mariposa [CLIP] by Nordic Trax

And well! Who can blame me for saving the best till last! The first release on my very own label!

Marvin Zeyss - In My Arms EP - UM Records

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

UM99 Tracklisting

The latest release from Jay West on Salted Music,  DeepWit, Seven Music, Kolorit, Pesto, Deep Spelle, Soulight on Soul Industries, HouseRiders on Lens Media, 22 Digit, Romanthony remixed by Rob Mello on Glasgow Underground, On The Fly, Oh So Coy, Savoir Faire Musique,  Audio Soul Project, Andre Detoxx, Lars Behrenroth feat' Chezere on Deeper Shades, The Disclosure Project remixed by Harold Heath, Cromarti Records, Marvin Zeyss remixed by Chris Luzz and Kev Obrien on UM Records, Lost My Dog, Nordic Trax and  Deep Active Sound on In Deep Records.

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UM99 Tracklisting

1. Jay West - Walk The Night - Salted Music
2. David Oniani - One Piano (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
3. Stephen Day - Long Way Down - Seven Music
4. Crek - Onetwo (Original Mix) - Kolorit Records
5. Kount Down Project - Main Frame - Pesto
6. Deep Spelle - Everybody's Smiling (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
7. Soulight - 414 Beale Street (Original Mix) - Soul Industries
8. HouseRiders - As Brothers & Sisters (Deep Spelle & Jeff Fontaine Remix) - Lens Media
9. Alan Svartr - How Wells Get Deeper (Jerico Remix) - 22 Digit Records
10. Romanthony - The Wanderer (Rob Mello's No Ears Remix) - Glasgow Underground
11. S.E.Love - S.E.Love (Vox) - On The Fly
12. Dmitriy Toks - Feel So Free (Leigh Deep Remix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
13. Dual T - Night Feels (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
14. Audio Soul Project - Community (Darren Gregory Deep Cover)
15. Andre Detoxx - Last Rain - Pesto
16. Lars Behrenroth feat' Chezere - The Way You Move (Dub) - Deeper Shades Recordings
17. The Disclosure Project - Escargot (Harold Heath Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
18. Sachrias & Aslak - Strömsö (Original Mix) - Cromarti Records
19. Marvin Zeyss - Between Your Legs (Luzz vs Obrien Remix) - UM Records
20. Acid Andee - Talking Bass - Lost My Dog
21. Charles Scott - Mariposa - Nordic Trax
22. Deep Active Sound - Checked Life (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) - In Deep Records

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

UM98 Tracklisting

Promo's from LHK & Sen-Sei, Deso, Dudley Strangeways remixed by Hall North on Something Different, Soul Minority and a Karol XVII & MB Valence Remix on Stratospherik, Miguel Migs on Om Records, Union Recordings, So Sound Recordings, Deep Edition, DeepClass, The Messenger, 3am Recordings, Craic House, a Alvaro Hylander Remix on Lens Media, Freaky Vibes, Dutchie Music, Marvin Zeyss on UM Records, Seven Music, 3 Deep, Headtunes, Click Therapy, South West Seven, Marvin Zeyss remixed by Giom and DeepWit Recordings in the mix.

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UM98 - 20.09.11

1. Patrick Turner - Athens (LHK &Sen-Sei Remix) - Dutchie Music
2. Pete Oak - Fashion Sux (Original Mix) - Deso Records
3. Dudley Strangeways - Crash Test (Hall North Remix) - Something Different Records
4. Soul Minority - Come Back For More (Karol XVII & MB Valence Remix) - Stratospherik
5. Miguel Migs feat' Lisa Shaw - Lose Control - Om Records
6. Fergus - To Create - Union Recordings
7. Funkyloco - So Sweet Baby - So Sound Recordings
8. Lee Daines - Club Sex 808 (Ed Maddams Remix) - Deep Edition Recordings
9. Cooccer - Sunshine In My Heart (Original Mix) - DeepClass Records
10. The Messenger - Wishful Thinking (Allen Spion Remix) - Lens Media
11. Carlo Gambino - Bad Habits (Claire Ripley Remix) - 3am Recordings
12. Delorean Suite - Love & Sincerity (Gavin Boyce Mix) - Craic House Recordings
HouseRiders - As Brothers and Sisters (Alvaro Hylander Remix) 14. Sarp Yilmaz - Don't Go On Me (Original Mix) - Freaky Vibes
15. Onur Özman - Black Skin (Roni Be Remix) - Dutchie Music
16. Marvin Zeyss - Between Your Legs (Original Mix) - UM Records
17. Scope feat' Terry Grant - Follow (Original Mix) - Seven Music
18. 3 Deep - Jim Morrison Just A Touch Essence Re-Edit
19. Rob Clarke - Gravity (Mike Jules Mid 90s Basement Mix) - Headtunes Recordings
20. Lee Guthrie - Through The Smoke - Click Therapy
21. South West Seven - Waffles & Dinges (Huxley Remix) - Seven Music
22. Marvin Zeyss - In My Arms (Giom Remix) - UM Records
23. Javier Varez - You Are Here (Alex Sosa Remix) - DeepWit Recordings

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

UM97 Tracklisting

Fresh new tunes from Mobilee, Drumpoet Community, Plus House, Endemi, Noir Music, Deso,  Neurotraxx Deluxe, Florian Kruse on Dirt Crew, Miguel Migs feat' Lisa Shaw on Om Records, Tigerskin , DeepClass, Nathan G and Lisa Shaw on Large Music, Lost My Dog, TronicSole, Stratospherik, Sounds of Juan, Lucas Rosso, Dutchie, Chillin Music, Fast Forward, Alma Soul Music and Pablo Fierro on DeepWit Recordings all in the mix.

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UM97 Tracklisting

1. Rodriguez Jr - Massilia - Mobilee Records
2. Agnès presents Cavalier - Kabardin - Drumpoet Community
3. Greenbay Jackers - A Bit More Sweat - Plus House
4. Chloe Harris - Echofusions (Retro Deep Funk Mix) - Endemic Digital
5. Noir - Are1 (Original Mix) - Noir Music
6. Darius Vaikas - For The Loved Ones (Frej Le Vin's Chicago Twist) - Deso Records
7. Filthy Riche - Love Lost (DZeta & Basile Remix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe
8. Florian Kruse - Kindness House - Dirt Crew
9. Miguel Migs feat' Lisa Shaw - Breakdown - Om Records
10. Tigerskin - Chuckle - Dirt Crew
11. Roberto Palmero - Fantasy Groupie (Original Mix) - DeepClass Records
12. Nathan G and Lisa Shaw - Together (Nathan G Luvbug Vintage Rub) - Large Music
13. Howard Sessions - Meddlin' With Me Melody (Howard's Drunken Mix) - Lost My Dog
14. HiRO - Peanuts (Sauco Remix) - TronicSole
15. Pete Oak - Robobob (Original Mix) - Deso Records
16. Soul Minority - Come Back For More (2011 Remastered) - Stratospherik
17. Pretty Criminals - Who's Larry Kabutz (Matt McLarrie Remix) - Sounds of Juan
18. Lucas Rosso - Dreaming A Reality (Original Mix)
19. Roni Be - High Standard (Original Mix) - Dutchie Worldwide
20. Rob Slac & Alec - Sounds Right - Chillin Music
21. John Diloo - My Everything (Original Mix) - DeepClass Records
22. John Beltran feat' Jeremy Ellis - Golden Night With You (Master Kev & Tony Loreto Vox Mix) - Fast Forward
23. Jack Pattern - El Hombre Que Amaba (Original Mix) - Alma Soul Music
24. Pablo Fierro - Nu York (Marcelo Nassi Remix) - DeepWit Recordings

Monday, September 12, 2011

UM Records is born

After months of behind the scenes work, the passion and belief of a host of fellow deep house heads and a learning curve of epic proportions UM Records is about to kick into life with Marvin Zeyss, Giom, Kev Obrien and Chris Luzz featuring on the debut release available from September 26th.

Available at all good online retailers the first release called 'In My Arms' from Marvin Zeyss is receiving some fantastic feedback from the likes of Fred Everything, Atnarko, Evren Ulusoy, Matt Prehn, Murray Richardson, Leigh Morgan, Robert Owens, Martijn, Tommy Largo, Alvaro Hylander, Andy Riley, Lee Jarvis, Rick Preston and loads more.

Artist: Marvin Zeyss
Title: In My Arms EP
Label: UM Records
Release date: 26-09-11

1: In My Arms (Original)
2: Between Your Legs (Original)
3: In My Arms (Giom Remix)
4: Between Your Legs (Luzz vs Obrien Remix)

Exciting new label UM Records announces itself to the world with a stellar line up for its debut release. Marvin Zeyss' 'In Arms EP' contains two original deep house tracks plus two sparkling remixes – Giom adds a splash of his trademark bounce to ‘In My Arms’ while Kev Obrien and Chris Luzz provide some strutting techy edges to round off the New Zealand’s labels first EP in fine style.

Marvin's EP here follows impressive releases on a host of deep house labels which has seen the young German's brand of deep and techy house take off, especially since the release of the 'Next To You' on Brown Eyed Boys featuring a Maya Jane Coles remix hit the streets. 

Nuremberg resident Zeyss has had releases on labels such as Modifi Grooves, Disclosure Project, Nightchild Recordings, 1 Trax, Brown Eyed Boys, iRecords and many more since his first release in 2010. He describes his style as a combination of “uncommonly deep and techy”.

Remixes comes from French house DJ and master producer Giom whose work on Lost My Dog, Amenti and OM needs no introduction and NYC duo Kev Obrien and Chris Luzz. Kev is the man behind the Stranjjur imprint, whilst Luzz (a regular cohort of Obrien's) has releases forthcoming on Loco and Cromarti to add to previously releases on Fresh Meat and others.

New Zealand's UM Records is the latest project from untitledmusic, the deep house ‘brand’ that encompasses a blog, a worldwide weekly radio show on eNation, Deepvibes, and Westradio, and the largest deep house fan group on Facebook. Future releases from the label will see Deep Spelle, David Alvarado, Halo Citydeep, Brian Ffar, Andre Detoxx, Santi Touch, Alvaro Hylander, HouseRiders, Marc Cotterell and more join the label.

Marvin Zeyss - In My Arms EP (UM Records, UMR001) (Preview Clips) by UM Records


Thursday, September 1, 2011

UM presents: Matt Gray

The UM Guest Mix Series bounces back with Matt Gray a house music obsessor with releases on Elite Records and Re:Tweak.

Matt's got a remix forthcoming on Lost My Dog and planned releases on Tim Sheridans VeryVeryWrongIndeed, with whom he's also currently working as a studio engineer and as part of his band Limited Love Orchestra. He's making waves on the club scene with monthly residencies at two very good venues in London - Bar Vinyl and The Shoreditch, along with a string of guest appearances at various other bars, clubs and parties around the UK and Ibiza.

A classically (and jazz) trained musician turned house and techno aficionado, he draws inspiration from an extremely wide range of musical forms. His productions are an unique blend of deep, grooving underground house (and sometimes shades of techno) music, influenced heavily by the early the 90’s sounds of Chicago, Detroit and the acid house movement, with the occasional nod towards disco, funk, dub and even the odd jazz solo thrown in, harking back to his rich and varied musical education.

His DJ sets are also testament to the diversity of his musical background. He regularly plays six-hour marathon sessions, taking the audience on a journey from down-tempo funk and disco vibes through to house and sometimes to more techno orientated sounds when the time is right. It is through this that he has gained the ability to be able to come on as a guest DJ at any time of the day or night, and captivate a crowd of party people, keeping them grooving until any time of the day or night, with his beloved house music being the dominant underlying force.


UM presents: Matt Gray (UM Guest Mix - 02.09.11) by untitledmusic


1. Esa and Mervin Granger Verloore Fina Records
2. Harold Heath Mescalito Forthcoming Lost My Dog
3. Matt Gray Summertime ReTweak
4. Delano Smith Change Is Coming Sushitech
5. Vincenzo, Talking Props Seduction (Jimpster Remix) Dessous Recordings
6. Stefan Goldmann Missing Days Victoriaville
7. Pete Dafeet Tribute 2K Southside Shuffle
8. Mike Richardson 
and Howard Sessions ft. KT Forrester Looking Back (Matt Gray Remix) - Lost My Dog
9. Homework Im Into This (Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Remix) Exploited
10. Atapy Handle Inside (Rob Small's Dark Analog Remix) Reisei Records
11. Two Armadillos Warriors Return Secretsundaze
12. Burnski Sometimes Takes Longer Dessous Recordings
13. Mic Newman 5 O'Clock Murmur
14. Jordan Peak Smoke Em' Out Saved Records
15. Matt Gray Stevie Hands (Short Edit) Forthcoming on ReTweak
16. S.A.S Wanting You Foot & Mouth
17. Andrea Esu E.S.U. Track Relish Records
18. Miguel Campbell Kiss And Tell No.19 Music