Friday, December 30, 2011

UM presents: Jonny Bee

We round off 2011 with one final guest mix from London based DJ/producer Jonny Bee (aka Giovani Bruno) from Milan, Italy. Chances are you ay have heard him recently on the Tunnel FM radio shows, or heard his previous releases on Sharm74, Deep Note, Audiobite Soulful, Badaboom and more. 2012 will see him feature on the ever impressive DeepWit Recordings.

UM presents: Jonny Bee (UM Guest Mix - 31.11.11) by untitledmusic



1. Alexander East, Nathan G - The Promise   (Nathan G Remix) - Large Music
2. Cadatta - True False Feat. Din QC (Ilias Katelanos Remix) - Deep Wit Recordings
3. Danny Daze, Maches - If This  (Original Mix) - Noir Music
4. Kaum - Backdoor (Original Mix) - Deep Class Records
5. Bearight, Lookleft - Miss You (Original Mix) - Pets Recordings
6. Mznik (NYC) - She Watches Me (Original Mix) - Culprit
7. Le Vinyl - Ufff (Original Mix) - Lens Media
8. Manuel Belgrano - Magic Gets Back (Original Mix) - Kote Records                                           
9. Deep Active Sound - Sleeping    (House Riders Remix) - New Born Records
10. Lo Fish - My Way Begins Here (Original Mix) - Stab Recordings

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

UM110 Tracklisting

UM110 by untitledmusic

Promos from DeepClass, Headse, Tapas Recordings, Cimelde Records, Kula Records, Eddie Matos remixed by Tommy Largo Remix on Manuscript, Mobilee, Pablo Fierro on Deeper Shades, RJ Fletcher on Deep Edition Recordings, DP-6 Records, Soul Industries and Alma Soul Music.

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1. Alessio Caforio - House In My Deep (Instrumental Mix) - DeepClass Records
2. Randal Soeung - What It's For (Original Mix) - Headset Records
3. Nino Santos & Lightem - Jack Is Working (Pille & Mariano Mateljan Remix) - Tapas Recordings
4. Alex Kennon - Mindest (Original Mix) - Cimelde Records
5. Groove Motion - Hazy Days (Dave Fortnum Remix) - Kula Records
6. Eddie Matos - Hypnotized (Tommy Largo Remix) - Manuscript
7. Ray Okpara - Blues Me Blues - Mobilee
8. Pablo Fierro - The Essence Of Your Smile - Deeper Shades Recordings
9. RJ Fletcher - Boom Talk - Deep Edition Recordings
10. DP-6 - Soul Strings (Original Mix) - DP-6 Records
11. Jesus Pablo & Tony S - Temptation (Original Mix) - Soul Industries
12. Meterius Johnson - Entrophy - Alma Soul Music

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

UM109 Tracklisting

New releases from Aki Bergen & Pezzner feat' Terry Grant on Neurotraxx Deluxe, Matt Prehn on Pole Position, TJ Kong & Russ Gabriel remixed by South West Seven on Large Tek, Evren Ulusoy on Nightbird Music, Mark Kruse & Thomas Dieckmann on Deso, Lost My Dog, Deeper Shades Recordings, Will Sumsuch, Moodmusic, Peng Africa and Savoir Faire Musique.

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1. Aki Bergen & Pezzner feat' Terry Grant - Tarareando - Neurotraxx Deluxe
2. Matt Prehn - Dizzy Soul - Pole Position Recordings
3. TJ Kong &Russ Gabriel - Home Alone (South West Seven Remix) - Large Tek
4. Evren Ulusoy - Nocturnal (Original Mix) - Nightbird Music
5. Mark Kruse & Thomas Dieckmann - Walkin´(Echofusions Deeper Then Jazz Remix) - Deso Records
6. Dominic Martin - Strong - Lost My Dog
7. Blaq Soul - Vision - Deeper Shades Recordings
8. Sumsuch - 155 &Amsterdam (Topfloor Master) - CDR
9. Adham Zahran & Hisham Zahran - Solar Jam - Moodmusic
10. DJ Harris feat' D'Vine - Get Down (Deep Twelve Remix) - Peng Africa
11. Patrick Podage & Nikola Kotevski - Life Must Be (Original) - Savoir Faire Musique

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

UM108 Tracklisting

UM108 by untitledmusic

Promos from Konura House, Seraphine, Beef Records, Neurotraxx Gold, Soluble Recordings, Deep Edition Recordings, UM Records, Stratospherik, Digi Peng, an Evren Ulusoy remix, Open Bar Music and Oh So Coy Recordings.

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1. Paolo Mixato - My Deepness Is Yours (Eventual Groove EEpNess Remix) - Konura House
2. Seraphine - Green Light - We Are Your Music Mate
3. Shades Of Gray - Drums Of The South - Beef Records
4. Poussez - Brixton Park - Neurotraxx Gold
5. Jonny Bee - This Is My Flow (Bollo's Re-edit) - Soluble Recordings
6. Le Vinyl - Time For Change (Chris Minus A Bit Deep Fried Remix) - Deep Edition Recordings
7. Santiago Santamaria - Digg It (Warm Mix) - UM Records
8. Soul Minority - Vanilla Sky (Original Mix) - Stratospherik
9. Ladybird - Shine - Digi Peng
10. Berny - Shplatten (Evren Ulusoy Mix) - Open Bar Music
11. Arsam - Be Easy (Soul Sway Mix) - Open Bar Music
12. Telmo feat' Ross Van Leeuwen - Klik-Klak (Brian Snr Remix) - Oh So Coy Recordings

Thursday, December 8, 2011

UM107 Tracklisting

UM107 by untitledmusic

Fresh new tunes from Lost My Dog, Neurotraxx Deluxe, Santiago Santamaria remixed by Alvaro Hylander on UM Records, DeepWit Recordings, Savoir Faire Musique, Alma Soul Music, Da Funk remixed by Pete Moss on Acryl Music, Rainer Trueby on Compost Black Label,  DP-6 Records, Marvin Zeyss on Modifi Grooves and DeepClass Records.

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1. Dominic Martin - Here & Now - Lost My Dog
2. Pele - Changes (Original Mix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe
3. Santiago Santamaria - One Night (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - UM Records
4. Proj3kt Dharma - Forgotten By The Universe (tONKPROJECT From Another Galaxy Remix) - DeepWit Recordings
5. Monsieur M. - Appletini (Original Mix) - Savoir Faire Musique
6. Gareth Bilaney - A Side (Dj DA Remix) - Alma Soul Music
7. Da Funk - Need For Faith (Pete Moss Remix) - Acryl Music
8. David Ponziano - Around Me (Original Mix) - Alma Soul Music
9. Rainer Trueby -  Jeck (Marcus Worgull Dub) - Compost Black Label
10. Ev Darko - Cosmic Voyage (Original Mix) - DP-6 Records
11. Marvin Zeyss - Hidden Emotion (Original Mix) - Modifi Grooves
12. Kaum - Backdoor (Original Mix) - DeepClass Records