Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing UM Records

It's with great excitement, pleasure, anticipation, pride, delight and so many more emotions that I introduced my new project - UM Records.

The label's focus will be on the finest deep and tech house artists, hand picked to represent the underground sound that has made the weekly untitledmusic mix show so popular around the world.

As I don't make music, (never have since those dreadful school days crashing out a tune on the a glockenspiel and if you'd heard the results you'd realise it's best I never do!) the label will feature artists, both new and old, that have inspired me, made me nod my head and tap my feet to the beat.

It's thanks to the help and advice of some good friends and untitledmusic cohorts that the label has been made possible over the last couple of months. Sorting out contracts, distribution deals, mastering and even in some cases helping me contact remixers has been a learning curve for me, but great fun. I must say a big thank you to Ian, Mark, Marc, Andrew, Johnny, Matt, TK, Chris and everyone else that's been so positive and ready to help - you know who you are!

The release schedule is shaping up nicely, and in due course full promotional campaigns will be rolled out thanks to the guys at Kahua Music Promotions. The first of these releases is obviously vital to the labels success - you only get one chance to make a first impression after all!

UMR001 will see DJ/Producer Marc Cotterell (Night Drive, Manuscript, 2600, Big Mama, Plaster, Peng, Siteholder) deliver two tracks of truly underground house. 

Remixes come from Halo (CityDeep, Large, Mn2s, Nordic Trax, Seasons, NRK) and Brian Ffar (Siteholder, Proton Music, Ultra, Beat Code) making it a seriously underground deep house package. Marc Cotterell - Untitled Tracks Vol.1 is due out in July.

Marvin Zeyss (In Deep, iRecords, Nightchild, Southpark) will lead the way on UMR002, with Kev Obrien (Smoke City, Eleflight, Nightbird) and Giom (Lost My Dog, Amenti, Blackcherry) providing the remixes. 

UMR003 bring Chris Minus to the party with a killer pairing of remixers (talks continue!), then UMR004 has Santiago Santamaria (Plaster, Digital Department) serving up the deepness, remixed by Steve Lischinsky (Deso, Logo Tunisia, Tanztone) and the legendary David Alvarado (Ovum, Plastic City, Peacefrog, NRK).

UMR005 and UMR006 are still in their early stages, but UMR007 will see a limited edition vinyl release (opening up the potential of artists to those that have their focus on vinyl rather than digital releases). UMR008 will more than likely surface before this release, but I felt it was worth staying true to that underground feeling early on in the labels life - after all everyone loves owning a slab of the black stuff and thanks to Mrs Edwards and her musical punishment all those years ago I'm never gonna be the one on the vinyl - ha!

It's going to be an exciting rest of the year with the label and of course my weekly shows and the blog, and I hope you enjoy the music as much as I'm going to enjoy bringing it to you all!

Keeping the world spinning!

UM Records Facebook
UM Records Soundcloud

What happened to house music?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy started it in Chicago, a record shop couldn't fit Warehouse Music (the club Frankie was playing at) on the window and so they created the term 'house music' and then it went nuts and the fact that you're reading this blog means you've got your own special relationship with house, and more likely deep house, whether that's the MAW, Naked Music, Julius Papp era or today's more electronic evolution.

I came to house pretty late, after a few years of Pet Shop Boys and New Order, then some dodgy raving, followed by a come-down of indie music thanks to the Happy Mondays, Stone Roses et al. It was The Farm and the Monday's that actually led me to house, thanks to Terry Farley's remix of Groovey Train and Paul Oakenfold's Wrote For Luck and Hallelujah. Suddenly the records I was buying changed, the record stores I frequented changed and I needed some record shelves and more pocket money!

Okay, not all of the purchases I made were good one's, and most of those early 12"s sound pretty dated today, but somewhere in there (even if I say so myself) I developed a taste. Between the pop/rock/dance anarchy of The KLF and some dodgy pop come rave releases I found my way to Frisco Disco (which I've spoken about before here), The Whistle Song and other 12"s I treasure still. Where I went from there is a bit of a blur really, not due to anything other than there were so many records in such a short time, but I like to think being exposed to something of that standard sealed the deal and showed me what real house music was about.

I can't remember the record shop names from back in the day (Alan Fernley's Records or something), and then a couple of newer ones in Middlesbrough centre sprang up, but in their way they all played a part in my education. I wonder where the new music listeners of today will go and hang out, have some record shop guy try to sell them the newest and latest promo copy of X, Y and Z on So and So's new label and get that all important exposure. I remember listening and trying to look knowledgeable, checking out the tracks on the booming speakers, feeling obliged to buy them, but not being able to buy everything!  And so, your taste develops, I guess? You focus in on the artists and labels you can rely on, the remixers you've liked and remembered and before you know it you have two record collections. One of tunes that will be with you forever, and another of tunes you were into at that moment in time, but in all honesty their shelf life has already passed and they'll be consigned to the bottom shelves with Ace Of Bass, Altern8 and co before you can say digital download.

These days the internet's full of people of my age or older bemoaning the death of vinyl and the 1210's and in someways I'm 100% with them, those things are up there with the mix tape and old school flyers (when every event had one everywhere), but times move on and so should we, shouldn't we?

What's the point of this post you might ask? Well, I finally got round to loading all the tunes from the past 2 years into the new S4 Traktor software (and before you say it I do have the skills to mix vinyl) and a I did that I began sorting them into new directories - not unlike the days when you'd sort out your 12"s into a system of tunes for sets, but a lot faster! So, there I was working my way from UM16 (March 2009) to today, more than 3,500 tracks to select, load, play, listen to, judge and file (and that's probably a third of what I've listened to to get to those ones). After an hour or so I'd deleted a scary amount of tunes with a control click of a button. They'd gone to the trash forever and it struck me. That in itself is part of the battle these days surely of making new music for a fast moving market place and audience. Isn't it? Theses days it's that easy to move on, bin that track or file it away and never go back.

Until I moved to the other side of the world I'd never thrown a 12" out, not even Ace of Bass. OK, so in the end I sold a load and shipped a select couple of hundred and left the others in safe hands - but they didn't just get deleted. I couldn't do it to them. The relationship with digital is so different I can't see a time you treasure a WAV or mp3 like that Etienne De Crecy 10" Super Discount EP or something that had a time and a place like buying Mood II Swing - All Night Long in Flying Records in London after an hour of Lofty playing all sorts of new stuff other than his own tune 'The More I Want...", which was one of those moments in house for me. It's a tune I've played far too many times, a tune I own on vinyl and digitally, but even now, thinking about it I'm picturing the plain beige sleeve and the bright orange and purple label!

I've got another few hundred tracks to sort before this weekend's set, and as I've been zipping through the tunes I've been setting them thinking about this post, renaming files, filing them away in neat folders and thinking there's far too little of that old school-ness these days. Search, purchase (or steal another down side to the modern music market), download, play and soon forget has become the cycle of consumption. I think we all need to get back to our roots and remember what it was that we fell in love with in the first place and for me that was going to the record store, hanging out with like minded house heads and sharing in the communal sounds of whatever tunes had arrived that month. Sadly, Wellington doesn't have a record store for me to go to, but if it did that's where you'd find me tomorrow daytime. Well, that's what Saturday's were meant to all about - house music!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 28.04.11

It's been a bumper week for tunes this week, with so much to choose from it's made life tough! But I've battled on just for you! Been one of those times of the year when you unearth a whole new raft of labels you've never come across, which for me, means a whole new list of labels to get in touch with and sweet talk to being part of the untitledmusic shows! (you've been warned labels!).

This coming weekend sees me out and about DJ'ing for the first time in about a year - really looking forward to that, will try and record the set and post it early next week with some photo's if there's any to be had! Work on UM Records is cantering along, with the first 4 EP's shaping up - once I get a couple more confirmations of remixers and the like I'll be sharing all the excitement - until then, enjoy the beats!

UM's High 5ives - 28.04.11

Alex Agore - Love Confusion EP
UT-010 - Alex Agore - Love Confusion EP by Alex_Agore

Mateo & Matos feat. Vincent Inc - Want u tonight (Plastic Avengers Deep Brass Mix)
Mateo & Matos feat. Vincent Inc - Want u tonight (Plastic Avengers deep brass mix) by Mateo and Matos

Marvin Zeyss - Next To You - Maya Jane Coles Remix - Brown Eyed Boyz
Marvin Zeyss - Next To You - Maya Jane Coles Remix ( Edit ) by Brown Eyed Boyz Records

Choklate - The Tea (Aki Bergen Remix) - Papa Records
Choklate - The Tea (Aki Bergen Remix) [Papa Records] by Aki Bergen

Dave Martins - Deep Runner (NTFO Remix) - Southpark

Monday, April 25, 2011

UM80 Tracklisting

Fresh new tunes from Logo Tunisia, Stranjjur Imprint, Crossworld Records, Kev Obrien on Brown Eyed Boyz Recordings, Deso Records, a Jesus Pablo Remix on Dim Dim Records, Urban Torque, DP-6 Records, Revolucion Records, Di Riviera with a Matty Gillespie's Remix, Neurotraxx Deluxe, Sound Mass Records, Fer Ferrari on Deepclass, Celestial Recordings,  Dirt Crew, Southpark Records, Nightchild, Perifaire Records, Modifi Grooves and Jaidene Veda on Stilnovo.

Download the mix here

UM80 - 26.04.11

1. John Diloo - Born Free (Original Mix) - Logo Tunisia Records
2. Lula Circus - I Know You're Waiting - Stranjjur Imprint
3. Michael Pato - Clax On - Crossworld Records
4. Kev Obrien - Solo Yet So High - Brown Eyed Boyz Recordings
5. Frej Le Vin feat' Ann-Sofie Rokboel - My Silly Ibiza Dream (Original Mix) - Deso Records
6. Chris Venola feat' Vincent George Samuels - You (Jesus Pablo Remix) - Dim Dim Records
7. Jay Leblone - Jarzeeno Junior - Urban Torque
8. Maxim Buldakov - Who Loves You - DP-6 Records
9. Ross Richards - Misfire (Original Mix) - Revolucion Records
10. Di Riviera - Song Without A Name (Matty Gillespie's Deep Rhythm Remix)
11. Angel Stoxx - Pizza Boobs & Movies (Aki Bergen Remix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe
12. Cueberk - Over Waves - Sound Mass Records
13. Fer Ferrari - A Piece of Me (Original Mix) - Deepclass Records
14. Downton - I Heart (Original Mix) - Celestial Recordings
15. Tigerskin - Love & Hate - Dirt Crew
16. Dave Martins - Deep Runne (NTFO Remix) - Southpark Records
17. DeSantaRosa - ESL (Original Mix) - Nightchild Records
18. Eigo & The Dutch Rudder - Who - Crossworld Records
19. Matteo Floris - Floating (Original Mix) - Perifaire-Records
20. DJ Primat - Meditator II (Marvin Zeyss Remix) - Modifi Grooves
21. Macro Vibes - Sudden Impulse (Dubsons Remix) - Crossworld Records
22. Jaidene Veda - If Only (Jay Tripwire & Todd Omotani Remix) - Stilnovo

Thursday, April 21, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 21.04.11

It's been an exciting week all round really, work's underway on my brand new project, UM Records, which I'll be able to tell you all about earl next month (just want to firm up some of the artists and remixes before I blab). Last week's UM radio show set a new record for listens in a week and the weekly show has been picked up by another station.

And as if that wasn't enough I've been invited to play at a venue here in Wellington at the end of the month! Almost a year since I last did that so really looking forward to it! More details on that next week as the build up begins!
Which you'd think was enough for the week, but no! I'm beavering away behind the scenes on some new features for the blog, inspired by DJTechTools trying to do their own Soundcloud basics feature - no way near as good as mine (check it here). And, amongst all that I've managed to listen to a whole load of new music, here's some of the highlights from this week:

UM High 5ives - 21.04.11

Agent Matteo - Dark Groove - Satoshi Fumi Remix - Brown Eyed Boyz Records
Agent Matteo - Dark Groove - Satoshi Fumi Remix by Brown Eyed Boyz Records

Jean Jeak - Golden Bullet (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - Alma Soul Music
Jean Jeak - Golden Bullet (Alvaro Hylander Remix) *Preview by Alvaro Hylander

Geremy Barrios - 56 Vueltas de Tuerca (LondonGround Remix) - Circuit Records
Geremy Barrios - 56 Vueltas de Tuerca (LondonGround remix) by circuitrecords

Shiprinski - Rayo De Plata EP - Deepology Records
Shiprinski - Rayo De Plata EP - DD050 - Deepology Records (Clip) by Deepology Digital

Davidson Ospina - Got Love (Dimitri Max Disconap Remix) - Soul Fuel
Davidson Ospina - Got Love (Dimitri Max Disconap Remix) - Soul Fuel SNIP by Soul Fuel Recordings

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One to watch... DeepWit Recordings

Yeah, this has to be the most irregular feature on the blog, but quality labels don't just turn up everyday, so when they do I just have to blather about them. And so here's the newest label I urge you to check out and buy everything they've done from, DeepWit Recordings.

As their info says "DeepWit Recordings caters towards noncommercial, resonant, innovative and intelligent deep sound. Bringing together talented producers from around the world who with their music will inspire your soul. The label was born out of a passion and love of all things deep and needing to share that passion with other like minded individuals."

It's no secret I like deep house, and DeepWit have served up some of the finest blend of late thanks to label owners Sierra Maydell and Alvaro Hylander and a line up that's included the likes of Andre Detoxx, Cadatta, Ivan Garci, Luv City, Erdal Mauff and label boss Alvaro.

Check their sounds here:

Latest tracks by DeepWit Recordings

Links to DeepWit Recordings

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UM79 Tracklisting

Fresh new deep house promo's from Kastil, Repressure with Kevin McKay on remix duties, Trevor Vichas on Phobic, Sound Mass, Discotheque, Tanztone, DustyFruit with an Inland Knights remix on Rebel Hill, Traxacid, 22 Digit with a YokoO remix, Matty Gillespie, Beef, Emill De Moreu and Danito with Aki Bergen remixing on Starlight, Acryl, Neurotraxx, Giom remix on Lost My Dog, Peckos with Pete Dafeet remixing on Headtunes, Nordic Trax, a Marc Cotterell remix on Sophisticate, DeepWit, FastFWD, Jesus Pablo and Desos - what a line up!

UM79 - 19.04.11

1. Kastil - Low Luv -
2. Tatoine - Sometimes (Kevin McKay Remix) - Repressure Recordings
3. Phillip O. - Soul Digger - Sound Mass Records
4. Trevor Vichas - Born Into (Tommy Largo Remix) - Phobic Recordings
5. Little Fish a.k.a DJ DD - Like A Trip (Original Mix) - Discotheque Recordings
6. Suli Belarto - Sei Est Ross (Steve Lischinsky Remix) - Tanztone Records
7. DustyFruit - Now You Understand (Inland Knights Remix) - Rebel Hill Recordings
8. Jerico - Auto Type (YokoO's Crystal Remix) - 22 Digit Records
9. Mr Acidj - Deep Swimming - Traxacid Records
10. Matty Gillespie - Another Day - Deep Rhythm Music
11. Uone vs Shades of Gray - Some like it Hot (Gabe Remix) - Beef Records
12. Emill De Moreu & Danito feat' Rachele Dione - Got To Be (Aki Bergen Remix) - Starlight Music
13. Lonya - Bauhouse (Big Al Remix) - Acryl Music
14. Furrr & Hazendonk - Burning (Dub Mix) - Neurotraxx Gold
15. YSE feat' Frank H Carter III - Guessing Games (Giom Remix) - Lost My Dog
16. Peckos - What Are You (Pete Dafeet Remix) - Headtunes
17. Mature Minds feat' Rankin Youth - Concrete Castles (Halo Surface Dub Mix) - Nordic Trax
18. Bruto Peroni (aka Deepchild) - Go Slow (Marc Cotterell Remix) - Sophisticate Recordings
19. Erdal Mauff - Let it Deep (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings - DeepWit Recordings
20. Sandman feat' Jeremy Ellis - Into Your Story (Riverside Remix) - Fast FWD
21. Jesus Pablo - Laidback - Deep Edition Recordings
22. Desos - Azul - Desos

Friday, April 15, 2011

If I could listen to one last tune...

Sometimes you never tire of a tune you've loved for years, others you stumble across a tune and it grabs you deep inside. I don't suppose that's happened in a long while for me, whether that's because I'm lucky enough to hear a whole load of music these days? 

Or maybe it's because those tracks that stop you and demand that second play right away have become few and far between - whatever the reason, 'Sunday' is one of those moments for me. Having been likened to legendary Naked Music sound of days gone by, the Canadian songstress has a string of hits to her name, not to mention a forthcoming EP of remixes! One to look out for! The Jimpster Remix is the first one I heard, thanks to a Pete Dafeet set, and whilst there's plenty of other great mixes around, including a Nick Holder one I played recently on a set, this is the one that gets the hairs on the back of my next standing up each, and every time!

A keen film maker Jaidene's Youtube channel is well worth checking out here. And this piece  is top class too nice bit of background on 'Sunday' at the start!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 14.04.11

Here we are again! Man the weeks fly by right now! Hot on the heels of the Fred Everything feature and UM78 comes another small, but beautifully formed selection of tunes that I've been kicking back to here in UM HQ! 

I've been talking up some big news for a couple of weeks now and one big piece of the jigsaw fell into place this week - if you'd like a sneak peak at what I'm working on go here. There's been more new labels join the untitledmusic family this week too and I've fallen way behind with the directory of links to labels featured lower down on this blog - I'll get that sorted over the rest of the week! Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow for another new post! Keep the world spinning!

UM's High 5ives - 14.03.11

Kev O'brien - Solo Yet So High (Original Mix + Marvin Zeyss Remix) - Brown Eyed Boyz
Solo Yet So High (Original Mix + Marvin Zeyss Remix) by Kev Obrien

Mario Aureo & Daniel Solar - What You Do - OFF Recordings
B2 - Mario Aureo & Daniel Solar - What You Do - OFFSPIN007 cut by OFF Recordings

Giom - Clips & Space - Lost My Dog
Giom - Clips & Space - Mini Mix & Free Download by Lost My Dog

San - Digg it
San - Digg it by Santiago Santamaria

Mash - Somebody's Property (Sei A Mix) - Glasgow Underground
Mash - Somebody's Property (Sei A mix) by Glasgow Underground

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One week with... Fred Everything

Following up the previous 'One week with' feature was always going to be hard - unless of course you're the busiest man in house music! Lazy Days owner and globe trotting, charity organising, Taco loving Fred Everything shares one week of his schedule with us... it ain't all flight upgrades and big parties - well almost not all, there's a fair bit of business to do in amongst it all too - check out how the first week of April was from Fred.

Monday March 28th:
Lots to catch up on today. I was in Southern California over weekend, playing in Los Angeles on Friday for the first Departure party at Vanguard in Hollywood with Chuck Love and Mr V. The party was great! Over 1000 happy dancers attended. Quick stop to see my girlfriend's family in San Diego and a long drive back to San Francisco, thanks to my girlfriend who took care of the road trip! Up early, time to upload the 5 Years of Lazy Days compilation on to my digital distributor as well as the 3 main sites that I handle myself. This is our first full length so it requires extra time to make sure no mistake is done. Filling Metadata and uploading tracks is not my favorite task but, somebody's gotta do it. 2 for 1 today as I also have to upload Kruse & Nuernberg's new release on Lazy Days. I discuss an exclusive pre-release and banner placement for this release with Traxsource I'm also sending the next EP, Lance DeSardi, to mastering and get some artwork done by my designer Nerdski for a Vinyl Only release. A few conversations on the phone with my friend Chris Lum to coordinate our Beats for Japan, Benefit for the Tsunami, party this Sunday in San Francisco. Catch up on my favorite Political show on HBO, Real Time with Bill Maher, and it's time to get some rest.

Five Years Of Lazy Days - Mixed by Fred Everything (Preview Clips) by Kahua Music

Tuesday March 29th:
Up early again, a few label things to take care off and quick chat to my agent about future dates for the current tour. I'm taking 90 minutes for an online Photoshop class, something I've been wanting to do for a long time now and working on the DJ Schedule for the Benefit on Sunday. Finally able to get back in the studio today. I have to finish an edit of a remix that Matthias Vogt from MotorCity Soul did for  my Frederico Todos EP on Urban Torque. Matthias mix is a beauty but very minimal on the rhythm section so I just added some of my original beats on it and edited a few sections, nothing complicated. Bike ride to the gym for my first outdoor swim in 2 weeks. It's been raining for the past 2 weeks and it's finally sunny, yet chilly. Home made tacos and red wine for dinner with the girlfriend. Add Seinfeld re-runs on TV and I feel at home! Finish the night by finding some cheap Keith Haring and Kraftwerk books on Amazon as well as Talking Heads DVD. Late night search for fonts and art direction for the next lazy days release and going to bed a bit too late today! 

Wednesday March 30th:
Today I'm checking some artwork, label copy and masters for my forthcoming EP on Urban Torque. Catching up with promos and email replies. Researching a lot of charity organizations for our benefit for Japan on Sunday. We are trying to avoid donating to a large organization with big overheads, and go straight to the source to help people directly. I have a deep connection with Japan. My friends there have become more of an extended family to me so It was a no brainer to organize something to help this beautiful country. Received my records for the anniversary release! They look great. I made a 12" and a 10" with the remixes. In the same package, I got the vinyls of my remixes of Dennis Ferrer "Dem People Go". I love to receive my records. I meet up with Garwin from Om Records to give him some of the vinyls to sell online on their website. Today I finally finish and send my remixes for AtJazz's "For Real" that I've been procrastinating on for a few weeks now. The track was originally released on Innervision but AtJazz is now releasing it on his own label. The original is a favorite of mine so the pressure was on! More errands, bank, paying rent…fun stuff...then time to go to the swimming pool for an hour. It's a very nice day today. One of those glorious SF days! Cooking tonight and taking it easy for an early night to bed. 

Thursday March 31st:
Today I'm checking a bonus track from Atnarko for his forthcoming EP on Lazy Days. Just getting the confirmation that Pezzner will be remixing this one.  Also checking Lance DeSardi's masters that I just received from Montreal. Sending Invoices, paying bills and  working on our benefit  party line up. Talking to Om Records about a video we have to do for Native Instruments showcasing Traktor. I also have to organize a promotional video for my upcoming Loopmasters Sample pack out in April. Checking out Venue for party Sunday with my good friend and partner in this party, Chris Lum. We just got a confirmation for Thievery Corp as well as food and live painting. The place is called Public Works and is an amazing venue.  I am so looking forward to this event. Spend most of the rest of the day playing with new tracks at home and getting ready for the weekend.

Fred Everything - Buzzin Fly Radio Show - 13.01.2011 by fredeverything

Friday April 1st:
Up early. I do a quick interview with as well as a Skype interview for Beatport's blog, Beatportal. Looking at flight options for the end of April in Chicago and Canada. Today is another amazing day in SF, good day for an afternoon swim! It's also great because I get the confirmation that I will be playing at Coachella festival once again! The festival is in 2 weeks so have to get organized on that very quick.Lots and lots of last minute planning for the party last minute party Sunday. Shopping for tracks, checking promos and mixing at home.

Saturday April 2nd:
Late start, brunch at a neighborhood joint. Flight to Mexico city via LA. Both flights upgraded to business. Finished reading Motorcycle Diary by David Byrne and also the new Sound on Sound and Wax Poetics. I'm also checking out an online video interview with the Idjust Boys and some DVDs of Dieudonné, a french comedian. Get to Mexico City quite late. Quick Tacos snack and off to the club which is also a restaurant and a Hookah bar. It's very intimate and a little bit intimidating to have everyone in your face. Cameras are everywhere, people are filming non-stop. Even had to tell some people to stop as I had their camera light in my face! It doesn't take too long that the vibe warms up and let loose. I test them out, they seem to be open minded. 

I end up playing a mix of Deep chuggin house with my usual blends of vocals and a even a little Techno. They're definitely up for it! People are having a good time. I'm finishing with some disco Bohannon, Cymande and Crazy P's remix of Friday on the Lazy Days anniversary release. Last record was Herbie Hancock Stars in your eyes. Somebody tells me this track was sent by gods! I couldn't agree more. Then it' the Kodak moments and signature session.  Somebody even gave me a friendship bracelet!I hadn't had that much love at a gig in a while. Back to the hotel with no TV remote (sorry, hotel full!?) and no internet. Guess it's time to get some rest! 

Sunday April 3rd:
Mexican people are nice but… they are late! 45 minutes late for the airport, no time for breakfast. Flight upgraded to business once again (Thx United) so I can eat and sleep on flight.Buying new earphones so I can listen to 6th Borough Album on Delusions of Grandeur. The album takes me back to the days where people would actually make house albums like Nuphonic and Paper. Stupid Jack Black movie puts me to sleep and get woken up to crazy turbulence's! I'm usually a good flyer but I'm not feeling it today! So happy to land in SF, bird shower at airport and cab straight to the venue where we are having our Beats 4 Japan party. 

I get texts from my girlfriend who does the door and my partner in the party, Chris Lum that the place is going off! I walk into a rave sauna, the place is packed and it looks like I landed in SF in the 90s. I catch the tail set of Rob from Thievery Corporation is playing a mix of house and reggae. Then Miguel Migs is on and sets the place on fire with a slow burning house set. I start at 7 and the energy level in the place is thick! Sunlight comes through the (sunroof) so for once we can see everyone in the place. All smiles and hands in the air.. A happy Barclay (ClaudeVonStroke) shows up for his bombastic set at 8pm. He's a true favorite here and you can tell! Mark Farina comes on with his jacking beats at 9 and we have SF veterans David Harness and Chris Lum to close the party with class! Words can't explain the feeling I got from putting this event together (in less than 2 weeks) with my friends. We raised more than $30,000 for the Tsunami relief in Japan. Words can't express how good I'm feeling! Late night Burrito and some well deserved sleep!

What a week! Off to Hawaii on Wednesday for a week holiday and DJ on Friday in Honolulu. Then we're off to the Desert for Coachella 2011 for a second year in the Heineken Dome. Welcome to the best years of my life!

Fred Everything Soundcloud
Lazy Days Recordings Website

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UM78 Tracklisting

The best new deep house from Andre Detoxx on DeepWit, Disclosure Project, Llama Farm, Tapas, Klimaks, Phobic, Big Mama, Kevin McKay back with Glasgow Underground, Black Coffee remixed by Lars Behrenroth on CityDeep, Mash, Julius Papp on Transport, Timo Garcia on OFF Recordings, Neurotraxx Deluxe, 26 Tea Drops, Headset, Traxacid, Crossworld, Beats Me, Konura, Southpark, Mercado Paralelo and Nightphunk. 

UM78 - 12.04.11

1. Andre Detoxx - Pianorolka (Original Mix) - DeepWit Recordings
2. Crek - Tomorrow - Disclosure Project Recordings
3. Moshun - Deep Jazz - Llama Farm
4. Lazo - Faire des Mysteres - Tapas Recordings
5. Compuphonic - Touchwood (Original Mix) - Klimaks
6. Tom Special Interest - On A Cloud (Damien Bailey ft. Ktheo Remix) - Phobic Recordings
7. Marius - Never - Big Mama Recording
8. Kevin McKay - Propaganda - Glasgow Underground
9. Black Coffee - Juju (Lars Behrenroth Rmx) - Citydeep Music
10. Mash - Somebody's Property (Sei A Mix) - Glasgow Underground
11. Julius Papp & Mr. V - Chicago Tribute (Julias Papp Jazz Variation Mix) - Transport Recordings
12. Mario Aureo & Daniel Solar - What You Do - OFF Recordings
13. Timo Garcia - Inches - OFF Recordings 
14. Juan Sanchez - Missing Link (Original Mix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe 
15. Andry Nalin - Oldskool Track (Hall North Remix) - 26 Tea Drops
16. Sir Stewart & The Boss Tweed - Caffeine Sonata (John Pridgen Nature Remix) - Headset Recordings
17. Aerodynamic Xpress - Under The Rain (Matteo Pitton Remix) - Traxacid Records
18. Sepp - God Damn Jazzy - Crossworld Records
19. Richie J - I've Been Watching You (Rob's Remix Reply) - Beats Me Music
20. KeySound - Defile (Original) - Konura
21. Luca M - Beverly (Original Mix) - Southpark Records
22. Hardmix - Boogie Message (Instrumental) - Mercado Paralelo Music
23. Maxxa - Edge Of The World - Nightphunk Recordings 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 07.04.11

With Autumn now officially kicking in here in the Southern Hemisphere the darker nights make for productive evenings, which is all good for you and me both! Been a top week here at HQ, with new labels like the hugely impressive DeepWit Recordings joining the fun. I'm also working on building the reach of the weekly radio show, with Westradio in Greece, Onlineclubbers here in NZ and Chicago House FM, in, well, you know! all picking up the show this week - meaning the deep house vibe is spreading!

Still working hard behind the scenes on a big project, and hopefully I'll be ready to share that with you in a week or so! OK, down to what you came for really, this weeks selections from Soundcloud - the tunes I've been enjoying a little too much!

UM's High 5ives - 07.04.11

Cadatta - True False (feat Din QC) - DeepWit Recordings
Cadatta - True False (feat Din QC) "Preview" by DeepWit Recordings

Hosanna Littlebird - Can Love Again (DJ Trizzy's Bamboo Groove Mix) - Jellybean Soul
Hosanna Littlebird - Can Love Again (DJ Trizzy's Bamboo Groove Mix) by DJ Trizzy

Savvas - Moving forward (Original) - Toto Recordings
Savvas - Moving forward (Original) by Toto recordings

Craig Stewart - Fever - Chris Minus Remix - Disclosure Project Recordings
Craig Stewart - Fever - Chris Minus Remix - Disclosure Project Recordings - TDP055B by DisclosureProjectRec.

Gr-oy - Electronic Dreams (Stefan Kranz Remix) - Gooseneck Records
Gr-oy - Electronic Dreams (Stefan Kranz Remix) by Stefan Kranz

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UM77 Tracklisting

Brand new deep house tunes from DeepWit, Smiley Fingers, Soluble, Deso, Da Funk on Dutchie Music, DCS Trax, Crossworld, Craig Stewart on Klik, Neurotraxx, Bounce House, Thomas Dieckmann, Modifi Grooves, Celestial, Jellybean Soul, Nightchild, Brain Kat, Forza, Night Drive and In Deep, all in the mix.

UM77 - 05.04.22

1. Cadatte feat' Din QC - True (LLias Katelanos Remix) - DeepWit Recordings
2. Dee Keepers - Ehhhh (Original Mix) - Smiley Fingers
3. Qmusse - Crain (Jeff Haze Remix) - Soluble Recordings
4. Roni Be - Broken Heart (Original Mix) - Deso Records
5. Da Funk - Chiquinquirá - Dutchie Music
6. Nicc Johnson feat' L.T Brown - Love For Now (Craig Stewart) - DCS Trax
7. Tausend - Love Changes - Crossworld Records
8. Craig Stewart - Fever (Jay West Remix) - Disclosure Project Records
9. Hiroshi Watanabe - Gemini (Original Mix) - Klik Records
10. Mark Reeve - Leaving Night (Original Mix) - Neurotraxx Gold
11. Short Bus Kids - Better (Original Mix) - Bounce House Recordings
12. Thomas Dieckmann - Music Is The Party -
13. Danny Serrano & Vito Cacciapaglia - Osaka (Daniel Sanchez Sleepy Sleepy Remix) - Neurotraxx Deluxe
14. Boss - One Sexy Bag (Original Mix) - Modifi Grooves
15. Glenn Storey - Attracted To You (Original Mix) - Celestial Recordings
16. Cadatta - False (Alvaro Hylander Remix) - DeepWit Recordings
17. Hosanna Littlebird and Jovonn - Can Love Again (DJ Trizzy's Bamboo Groove Mix) - Jellybean Soul
18. Frankie Pep - Jammed (Boss Mix) - Nightchild Records
19. Earl & Jules - On the Downlow - Brain Kat Records
20. Applefly - Jamaicanroots (Instrumental Mix) - Forza Records
21. Evren Ulusoy - Chord Interrupted - Night Drive Music
22. Ruzam - Pleasure (DJ Gentle Remix) - In Deep Records