Thursday, June 30, 2011

UM's High 5ives - 30.06.11

I love this music. Let me just say that first of all! And I have for as long as I had pocket money to own it. In the years since it's changed beyond recognition and now the internet serves as ring master for most of my musical exposure, access and more. But, and I'm hoping this isn't just me, we all get a bit jaded by it all.

And that's how I've felt this week, and I suddenly realised I'm doing the very thing I hate - bombarding everyone with links, links and more links, and if I'm honest, a little too often they're pointing people to this blog. So, sorry fellow deep house lovers. With the arrival of the Guest Mix series I may have overdone it these last few weeks? Something I'll fix over the next few weeks by pulling back a little on activity and focusing on the core things that make untitledmusic what it is. Just like this weeks picks of the tunes I'm been enjoying amongst the spam.

UM's High 5ives - 30.06.11

Monodeluxe - Beatsoulvibes - Vibe Boutique Records
Monodeluxe - Beatsoulvibes - All Around You (New Album Out Now!!) by Vibe Boutique Records

HouseRiders - Yesterday's Future ft Amy G (Deep Spelle's Deep Past Remix) - iRecords

Thomas Dieckmann - Under The Sun (Original) - Deso Records

Robert Owens - I`ll Be Your Friend (Claire Ripley Remix) - 1trax

Ian Pooley - So Good (Da Funk's Holding Heaven Remix) - Smoke n Mirrors

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