Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UM92 Tracklisting

New music from D-Reflection feat' Christa remixed by Satoshi Fumi on Adaption,  In Deep,  Baker Street, The Disclosure Project, Deep Spelle feat' John Juster remixed by HouseRiders on Deepwit,  Warmth, a Marvin Zeyss Remix on Nightchild, Open Bar Music, Oh So Coy, Mr. Léman, Alexis Forge Project remixed by Hernan Cerbello on Low Pressings, Large Music, Evren Ulusoy on Cromarti, Alma Soul Music, Neurotraxx, Deep Rhythm Music,  What Happens, Disclosure Project Recordings, Pete Dafeet Remix on Lost My Dog,  Mobilee Records and  Chris Minus remixed by Martijn on Deso all in the mix.

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UM92 - 19.07.11

1. D-Reflection feat' Christa - Shoot From The Heart (Satoshi Fumi Remix) - Adaption Music
2. Medeev - Groovy Dance (Original Mix) - In Deep Records
3. Joe Morris - Wired For Sound (James Barrett) - Baker Street Recordings
4. The Disclosure Project - Cabriolet (Raha Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
5. Golopapas - Substance (Original Mix) - In Deep Records
6. Deep Spelle feat' John Juster - The Way You Treat Me (HouseRiders Lovin' The Way Mix) - Deepwit Recordings
7. Tom Lown - Cloud Surfer - Warmth Records
8. Festina Lente & Davor Pomir - Eigensinn (Marvin Zeyss' Sunset Remix) - Nightchild Records
9. KqueSol & D.O.O.P. feat' Shatti - Lonely (Ospina & Oscar P Main Mix) - Open Bar Music
10. Telmo feat' Pauli - Music Machine (Original Mix) - Oh So Coy Recordings
11. Mr. Léman - Love That Deep (Original) - Something Different Records
12. Alexis Forge Project - Nothing Remains (Hernan Cerbello Dub Mix) - Low Pressings
13. Jonn Hawley - Voice Inside - Large Music
14. Evren Ulusoy - Sorry Being Sophisticated (Original Mix) - Cromarti Records
15. Alex Sosa - Sleep Wake (Original Mix) - Alma Soul Music
16. Tapesh & Albert Marzinotto - Will You - Neurotraxx Deluxe
17. Matty Gillespie - Futurebound (Smak Remix) - Deep Rhythm Music
18. Chris Rawles - Hick Up (Original Mix) - What Happens
19. The Disclosure Project - Day & Night (Jesus Pablo Remix) - Disclosure Project Recordings
20. Humandrone - Beyonder (Pete Dafeet Remix) - Lost My Dog
21. Martin Landsky - Aint Nobodys - Mobilee Records
22. Chris Minus - Up To Something Good For Nothing (Martijn Remix) - Deso Records


  1. You got great ears dude!!!!
    Thanks so much for great mixes, love the UM90 mix, esp. at 1.28-1.40!
    Rock on mate!!!!

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