Friday, June 22, 2012

Retail Therapy - 22.06.12

I'm back once again with your essential selection of the hottest new deep house releases out this week for your audio pleasures...

Michael McLardy - Baby Don't Cry - Baker Street Limited - 10"
Selling fast from McLardy and those top chaps at Baker Street.

Harold Heath & Tom Lown - Hal9000 - DeepWit Recordings
Tom Lown, Harold Heath and Q-burns Abstract Message party hard on this release.

Satin Jackets presents Flamingo Drive - Every Time I Think Of You (CRAM Remix) - Pole Position
CRAM on point with Pole Positions latest.

Esjayes - Ardiente EP - Deep Site Recordings

Thomas Langner - In Love EP - Stranjjur
Sexy house of the deepest variety from Poland

The Disclosure Project - Designer Ware Remixes Part 3 - Disclosure Project
Out on promo with remixes from Craig Stewart, Soulight, Adham & Hisham Zahran and more.

The best of the rest…
(the releases without Soundcloud buy it links enabled)

Audio Units - Sample The Example - 3am Recordings

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