Thursday, September 27, 2012

UM presents: Hall North

Hailing from the industrial landscape of Teesside in North East England, as do I, Hall North has risen to notoriety over the last couple of years, gracing labels including DeepWit, 26TeaDrops, Sounds Of Juan and this month my own UM Records.

Much like the landscape surrounding his home town, Hall North's tracks and sets encompass all that is deep/ethereal and dark/beautiful about house and techno music and emphasise the pure bitter sweet emotion that makes dancefloor experiences so memorable.


01. Intro: Martin Luther King Jr: "Emancipation Proclamation" / Kay:"Parallel Life" - DIVERT
02. Hall North: "Emancipation" (Dave James Ibiza Departures Dub) - DEEPWIT UNCOVERED
03. Damien Zala: "Ked Sector" - BACK TO THE FUTURE
04. Krios feat. Amy Lyon: "The Rift" (CDR)
05. Dark Funk: "A Walk In The Desert" - HALF SEAS OVER
06. JP Chronic feat. Yorgo: "Picture of You" (Andre Butano & Phillipe Liard Remix) - CHRONOVISION
07. Danny Quattro: "No More" (Stanny Abram Late Night Dub) - SAVOIR FAIRE MUSIQUE
08. Denney: "Soest" - BULLET DODGE
09. Left Minded: "It's a Shame" - (Saytek Remix) - SOMETHING DIFFERENT
10. Nadja Lind: "Limbus" (Paul Loraine Absent Without Leave Remake) - LUCIDFLOW
11. Hall North: "Consilium" - GLUE MUSIC
12. Jonny Bee: "You Make My Dreams Come True" (Hall North Remix) - UM
13. Hall North feat. Elisabeth Aivar: "Solitude" - UNSIGNED

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