Thursday, September 13, 2012

UM presents: David Oniani

He debuted as a DJ s in 2004, his preferred musical styles are Deep House, Soulful house, Chillout ... In his musical works, he doesn't try to limit himself with a unique direction, instead he branches out in styles such as Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz, Deep house, Soulful house. In his releases he likes to combine two styles, giving preference to Deep house and Soulful house, while trying to keep his tracks melodic and deep as possible.
Currently, his music sold worldwide, cooperation with such labels as DeepWit Recordings, Kindred Recordings, TEPLO Records, Stereofly Records, iTech Sound System.



01. From P60 with Lisa Shaw - Magic (Jon Silva Remix) @ King Street
02. Blank  Jones With Cathy Battistessa - Happiness (Original Mix) @ Soundcolours
03. Monte - True (Original Mix) @ Jeudi Records
04. Andy Soul feat. Matthew Yates - I Never Knew (Soulight Missing Her Remix) @ Kula Records
05. Dale Howard – District (Original Mix) @ Off Recordings
06. Da Funk - Rauchzeichen (Gion Remix) @ Alma Soul Music
07. Tim Jirgenson - Deep Side Of Chicago (Original Mix) @ Babylon Records
08. Lucas Keizer - Therapy (Original Mix) @ KOLOUR RECORDINGS DIGITAL
09. Carrpetbaggers - Hourglass (Original Mix) @ Summerhill Music
10. Darryl D' Bonneau - Say You're Gonna Stay (Rhythmized Vibe Mix) @ Jellybean Soul
11. D-Reflection feat Thor Dulay - Real Life Fantasy (D's 909 Reflection) @ Adaptation Music
12. Ivan The Terrible - My Love (Original Mix) @ Nurvous Records

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