Friday, May 4, 2012

Retail Therapy (04.05.12)

Another week with plenty of quality new tunes to take up your afternoon, and as ever I've filtered out the shit electro-pop, and all that Swedish House Mafia stuff just in case DJ Sneak drops in to check out what to buy - don't want to upset him!

Nicolas Bassi - Nalingi Yo (The Remixes) - Oh So Coy Recordings
Oh So Coy keep the standard high with this remix package - head for Mojito AfroDeep Mix or the Robert Rivera Remix for some epic vocal latin infused house.

Alfred R - Alert In The Morning Light - DeepWit Recordings
Featured a few weeks ago on UM, great range on the EP form mellower moods to main room deepness.

Tony S - Ghostwritten EP - Savoir Faire Musique
Title track all the way for me on this one.

Elpierro - Simple Things EP - Deep Site Recordings
One from this weeks UM show here - debut release for the label and sounding mighty fine all the way if the mellower vibes are your thing - which of course they are for me!

Saytek - Don't Pick Up - Endemic Digital
Head over to the Soulight Remix for some superb deep throbbing. The Rekreation clip shows promise but not enough beats on the clip used to know for sure?

Havens + Hart - The Shine EP - Stranjjur
This one will send shivers down your spine it's that good!

Angelo Ferreri - My Belong - Alma Soul Music
Head straight to the title track on this one for some funky deepness.

Evan Iff - Noticed You EP - i! Records
Since when did iRecords add the ! to their name (not on any of their vinyl I have)? Anyway, make a bee-line for the Jesus Pablo and Robot Needs Oil remix on this one - quality.

4 Da People - Gold Series Vol.1 - Epoque Music Label
Bit more of a soulful house vibe on this bumper package - but great late night, latino grooves. Exclusive on Traxsource as it's not out proper until the 14th May.

Adham Zahran & Hisham Zahran - Disco Flu - Moodmusic
Adham's key crazed jaunt on Moodmusic - if you like it piano style this is a must.

Rey Aguilar - It's Not Over (Chris Fortier Wants It Deep Mix) - Cromarti Records
Out this week with this mix and Nick Devon's sure worth checking.

Michael McLardy & Dudley Strangeways - Keep Off The Grass EP - Deso Records
Nice to have a bit of vinyl in this list too! Must try harder for more! Quality tracks on this one from two top blokes.

Dudley Strangeways - Hold My String - Disport Records
The opening two tracks are the picks for me - nice electronica twist of Dudley's sound.

Pablo Fierro - Vida EP - Vida Records
Pablo's very own label kicks off with the man himself.

The best of the rest
(or in other words, those that haven't got Soundcloud clips and links):

VA - Deep Theories Part 3 - Low Flow Records
Some quality tunes on this one, including a track from JP Phillippe (Disclosure Project)

Roberto Rodriguez - Dawn - Serenades
Loungey kinda mellowness.