Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Purple Velvet - Never Knew - Manucci’s Mistress

Purple Velvet - Never Knew - Manucci’s Mistress
Released: 16.06.14

'Purple Velvet' is the alias of production duo Chris Crowther and Lee Dearn. Each of whom have carved out a production career in their own right, Chris is better known for his 'Coat of Arms' moniker and Lee has released under his own name and has a forthcoming release on big poppa Scccucci's label as 'B Moe'. Three tracks on show here, the title track being a bright yet dreamy little affair, tripping along with key stabs and a vocal flutter. Always is simply great. Old school Chicago moods, a building atmosphere of cool, with vocals and rhodes layering to rich effect. Finishing on a high with High, more retro moods to this one, dreamy, lazy, sun-kissed mellow deepness. 

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