Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bourne - Fake Illusions EP - Ready Mix Records

Bourne - Fake Illusions EP - Ready Mix Records
Released: June 16th 2014 (Beatport Exclusive). June 30th 2014 (Worldwide)

Bourne back on Ready Mix with a truly moody, melodic and dubby EP. The opening two originals build on top of each other it seems, starting out really minimal and ambient then rising with beats and snares in After A Rainy Night. Then we drop into the remixes from BDTom and BiG AL. Again it’s like a progression – BDTom’s lifting the mood a little before BiG AL goes all late night retro moods and takes us on some street light fuelled journey around a Miami Vice set - it really is what it made me think of! Then we go back to another original with Fake Illusions – this one really did nothing for me. Rounding things off comes Yigit Atilla restoring the order and coolness with a nice moody remix again, perfect for a late night wander!

BiG AL and Yigit doing it - really enjoyed the seeming progression of tracks in the first four, like a chill out set lifting me back up to the dancefloor.

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