Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mac-k-cee - Crazy Monkey EP - Deep Site Space

Mac-k-cee - Crazy Monkey EP - Deep Site Space
Released: 19.05.14

New name to me and many of you no doubt - two original and two remixes here. The title track rolls out with slo mo chug, while the Acid Heads remix does nothing for me, but if you like acid ambience then this is for you (does anyone who doesn’t live in a field these days?). The second track is Kinda Slow (which I appreciate is confusing given the description of the title track). It build with retor rave chords and an annoying snare thing that had me spin on rapidly. Last up comes Marc Cotterell - the man of jazzy keys, meandering baselines and a spot of sax. But, wait, he’s gone all hard, up tempo, pounding house here! And saves the entire EP to be fair - not sure it’s a winner for me, and a rare blip on Deep Site Space’s record to date.

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