Sunday, June 1, 2014

Raw District ft Ladybird - Those Lies - Brique Rouge

Raw District ft Ladybird - Those Lies - Brique Rouge
Released: 06.14

Raw District is Belgian duo Vernon Bara and Massimo DaCosta and they have released music on labels such as OM Records, AMA Rec, Robsoul, Aroma, OFF and more. Ladybird has of course more recently been working with Andy Compton but perhaps better known for her vocals on Llorca's song My Precious Thing. And i should/have to mention this is the first release of the new Brique Rouge - after being tied up in distro collapses and the catalogue being in limbo. Welcome back old friend!

Anyway - Nacho Marco and Duriez supply the remixes with Marco’s being the pick of the pack for me, fusing Ladybird’s soulful house vocals with a subtle acid deepness. Duriez goes very acid on his remixes too with the Dub being all out acid heaven. The original is tasty too!

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