Thursday, May 1, 2014

VA - Twisted Artists Vol.3 - Garenthaus

VA - Twisted Artists Vol.3 - Garenthaus
Released: 30.04.14

Nine tracks on the third instalment from Gartenhaus opening with Ante Perry and Feed The Bird - mesmerising and beautiful deepness to get you started. Right feat’ Tyra kills that mood with a industrial electronica tune that’s in complete contrast for me. Dennis Horvat is the next track of note, balancing the twisted ethos and electronica with emotion impressively - Boards of Canada meets early Warp records spring to mind. Dirty Culture sees a return to more expected deep house territory. Nadia Popoff too before Buddhahood closes things out in deep moody style.

A tough album, one for Warp fans and electronica heads alike - Ante Perry with its beauty and Buddhahood with it’s epic intense mood and dramatic atmosphere for me.

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