Wednesday, May 7, 2014

UM's High 5ives - 07.05.14

Everyone knows I like to moan… especially about the quality tracks that are overlooked by the major retail stores in favour of more… let’s say ‘commercial’ brands. There’s no doubt the likes of Defected, Pets, Moodmusic et al are good sales generators, and therefore more useful to the retails front and centre - but are they really the best tracks of the week? Are they the ‘Deep Essentials’ for the week? I beg to differ…

QMUSSE - Black Lights - What Happens

Southmen - Abyssopelagic (ILL Cows Deepdown Remix) - Itom Records

Goga G - Slow Motion (Tidy Daps Speedy Remix) - UM Records

McNair & Clarke - Bread Ring (Deep Spelle Remix) - Deep Site Space

Rishi K. - Sleeping Star (Fer Ferrari Remix) - Seta Label

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