Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rishi K. - Rainbow Tears - Itom Records

Rishi K. - Rainbow Tears - Itom Records
Released: 12.05.14

Rishi K. again you say? Yeah, and who could ignore the robot that is the man? Well, Itom Records pays home for today’s Rishi release with three track (2 originals and a remix from Ev3rsun). The title track made me think of Frank Knuckles’ The Whistle Song and with Tears in the title I’m picking it’s some sort of tribute? And it’s the best of the bunch with it’s sauntering groove and prodding keys. Ev3rsun - a regular cohort of Rishi’s with work on Blue Orb’s remix is a notch chunkier while the other original Captive Audience has a jackin jitter edge to it.

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