Monday, May 5, 2014

Qmusse - Black Lights EP - What Happens

Qmusse - Black Lights EP - What Happens
Released: 05.05.14

Can’t say I low much about Qmusse, or listened to much before, but this EP’s gonna change all that. Tim Andresen’s label is having a purple patch just now for sure and opening here with the title track. Crispy beats, solid vocals and a bouncy tempo perfect for the dance floor. Tori (Original Mix) is a bit more late night in it’s arrangement, dropping the tempo a notch, and feeling a bit stickier in sound - but still quality. Tim joins the fun to close things out on the remix of Tori with a slightly techier twist.

Tim’s remix has real drama to it, the kind that can launch a huge set, but it’s Black Lights that really grabs the limelight with the combination of beats, vocals and energy.

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