Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jero Nougues - Castaway - Soul Departure Records

Jero Nougues - Castaway - Soul Departure Records
Released 28.05.14

Argentinian Nougues is popping up everywhere on my social feeds right now making him hot property around the traps. His EP here comes with two originals and two remixes - Portofino-Sunrise (another frequent flyer) and Mani Rivera. The title track is pretty up front and stomping stuff, reminiscent of some other tracks that I’ll never remember the name of but solid enough to be sure to get some spins. Portofino stretches things out in sunset style with Canary Islands’ Mani Rivera builds elegantly before turning into a terrible clatter of beats and snares. The hidden treat here is the other original - driving deepness, but not much variation in it sadly.

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