Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Moti Brothers - Made In Hungary Vol.2 - Ready Mix Records

Moti Brothers - Made In Hungary Vol.2 - Ready Mix Records
Release Date: 15.04.14

Deep house albums are few and far between and in Moti Brothers and Ready Mix Records you have a combination that are sure to deliver, despite being on their Soundcloud page for a year it's great to finally see this out. BiG AL’s label have a knack of delivering, for me anyway, and this is no different. Ten tracks to check out, with highlight for me being New Love Ending, with it’s drifting ambience and soft, warm, oozey bassline. Sunlight with vocals from Zsofia Trecsko is another blissful track that you get lost in the swirling mood of. As things progress Get Down lifts the tempo a little with vocal stabs and some more typical Moti Brothers boldness to the sound. It’s an album made like a set for me, dreamy, drifting and mellow throughout. 

New Love Ending is the pick of the crop for me with Sunlight - I just wish they’d been more vocals used to really draw you in time and time again.

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