Monday, April 7, 2014

Loz Goddard - Looking Back - Savoir Faire Recordings

Loz Goddard - Looking Back - Savoir Faire Recordings
Released: 07.04.14

Loz Goddard back on Savoir Faire with a four track single. Looking Back opens with a lo-slung dreamy mellower track. Swirling keys and a dark under belly roll with layers of production, creating a huge sound to enjoy. Remixes from Jazzloungers, Chris Dewell & Max Casebolt and Dual T. My pick is the Jazzloungerz remix - with it’s prolonged build but lifting the tempo and making the sound even more swirly.  The others offer more expiated house sounds, Dual T’s being the more appealing to me.

The Original Mix really is one to admire - quality production that not everyone will appreciate listening to clips online - but trust me!

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