Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lio - Subwaves - Blue Dye

Lio - Subwaves - Blue Dye
Released: 31.03.14

Four slices of deep house from Blue Dye and UK producer Lio. Holdin On’s got a mellow spacious vibe, nothing stunning but a steady filler track. Then comes a couple of remixes, starting with Lash. A dirty little techier track that’s got a a nasty sound and does nothing for me personally. Plexon goes all dreamy on his remix, perhaps closer to the original’s spirit. One for those terrace sets, moody and steamy and by far the better tune here. The Ep closes with another original track called Subwaves. It’s got a nice groove to it, again the sound kind of washes over you nicely, but doesn’t quite grab you.

Plexon standing out, but only just.

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