Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jero Nougues - The Traveler - 5 and Dime Recordings

Jero Nougues - The Traveler - 5 and Dime Recordings
Released: 09.04.14

Argentina’s Jero Nougues becomes the 30th release on 5 and Dime with two originals and remixes from Nacho Riveros, Tom Lown and Portofino-Sunrise. The originals are pretty similar sounds, light, bouncy deep)isn) dance floor tracks that bump along at a decent tempo with good breakdowns and rises for mixing. Riveros’ remix is again pretty similar in mood and sound, just a but dirtier with the bass. Tom Lown takes a more electronica view of the track, dropping a more cinematic mood and creating a track you could sit back and immerse yourself in. Portofino-Sunrise’s is the pick for me though, much lazier Ibiza style sound, chilled but a bassline that caresses you, very impressive.

Tom and Portofino showing how it’s done on the back of solid originals.

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