Wednesday, April 10, 2013

UM presents: Tony S

UM presents: Tony S (UM Guest Mix - 10.04.13)

1.   Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada - 'Party People' (Original Mix) - Sounds Of Juan
2.   Chris Dewell & Max Casebolt - 'I'll Be Good' - Different Attitudes
3.   Jon Sweetname - 'Kiseki' (Tony S Remix) - UM Records
4.   Rishi K - 'When It Rains' (Feft Remix) - Endemic Digital
5.   Fer Ferrari - 'Drive My Destiny' (Original Mix) - DeepClass Records
6.   Jon Sweetname - 'Una Flor Margarita' (Original Mix) - UM Records
7.   Andy Slate - 'I See You' - Bulletdodge Records
8.   Saytek - 'Reflections' - 808 Records
9.   Tony S - 'Reward System' - Lens Media Side B
10. Common People - 'Sunday Never Ends' (Edmund Remix) - UM Records
11. Shades Of Gray feat. Marie Lenoir - 'You Can Change' (Original Mix) - Something Different Records


  1. The album is beautiful and easily much better than her first album in my opinion. I agree the songs that are joyous are quite joyous as the others that are sad, are quite sad. Yet the whole album is moving either way, the sounds are just so beautiful. I cant stop listening to “Anything Could Happen”
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