Monday, November 21, 2011

Sending me Demo's

As the label gathers a bit of awareness the amount of demo submissions I'm getting is creeping up -  which is fantastic and very exciting, but it also brings with it a need to manage the process a little, so I've pulled together a 'standard' response to the emails. So, I thought I'd post it online here so I can direct people to it and help us both get what we want!

Thanks for reaching out to UM Records.

I'm always keen to hear new and exciting new music, and try and listen to all demo's as soon as I can (this may take a week or more).

The label is primarily a deep house label, so please bear this in mind when sending tracks over for consideration.

All EP's will feature two original tracks, so sending over a single track isn't going to work, so think about a pairing, how they compliment each other and work as an EP before sending me the following:


When sending tracks for consideration please follow these simple guides:

1: If you're in doubt whether your tracks are right for the UM Records catalogue spend some time and listen to the previous releases here

2: Send me private links via Soundcloud (or similar provider) so that I can stream online (if I want to get a download after hearing it I'll be in touch)

3: Give me a little info on you - any releases you've had previously, labels you've feature on (if any) etc

4: Don’t send tracks that have already been available for free download. I'm looking for fresh new music that has yet to be heard - that way the excitement is there for everyone

5: Send finished tracks. Or at least tracks that are 90% finished - I need to get a good feel for the tracks- UM Records manages it's own mastering - so final mixdowns are perfect

6: Avoid sending out mass demos - if you're sending it to 50 other labels, I'm unlikely to be interested in the track and there's a chance you've not really thought about whether UM Records is the best place for the release (see No.1)

7: If the track uses samples you will be personally responsible for clearing them and supplying me with clearance at a later stage - think about that now to save us all the aggro later

8: Be Patient! The amount of prog house, hard house techno jibber jack, dubstep, jackin
house and other music I get means it might take me a while to come back to you - but I will! If you're going to chase me up - give me a few days at least! ;)

Thanks again for your interest in UM Records and I look forward to hearing from you at this address:

label at untitledmusic dot org


Label Owner
UM Records

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