Friday, January 14, 2011

If I could listen to one last tune....

I'm guessing most house heads of a certain age (like me) spent a significant part of the late 90's and early 00's in awe of Manchester's Paperecordings. A select few of us were lucky enough to be on their promo listing and will recall the sheer Christmas morning type excitement of receiving one of their promo's. Wrapped in a big brown bag, with the Paperecordings sticker attached, inside would be a pristine slice of vinyl, on which would almost always be the next best thing you'd heard since the last installment.

Now, like a few others Paperecordings fading into the shadows for a while there, but have been back at it for a little longer than untitledmusic and have continued to shape a sound different to the masses since, some of which has been part of my weekly shows. But, that's not the point of this post, after all, this is about that one special tune you'd want to hear if it was the last tune you might hear.

For me Paper offers so many gems to choose from, Origami, Salt City Theme, The Book and the list goes on, but one track always catches my attention when flicking through my record bags of that era for more than one reason!

The Problem Kids were Mark Wilkinson (Kidology) and Darren Rock aka Rocky (X-Press-2). They've appeared on a quality range of labels during their time; Paper, Junior Boys Own, Jus' Trax to name a few but Pump That Dirty Groove was their first album. And it was a stella line up of tracks, not to mention a appealing cover.

Back then my style was just forming if I'm honest and at times it was a case of playing much jazzier, laid back tunes that were a little easier to mix and keep a steady groove going, but Pump That Dirty Groove was one track I just wanted to play. It grabbed me like Mothership Reconnected did and still does and urged me to push the tempo up during my sets and try and slip this one in and watch it kick off.

That driving, grinding bassline, disco-tinged touches and the building arrangement still sounds so fresh today, as does so much of the great tunes from that 1999 or there abouts era! What a tune!

What's even better is you can still buy it on vinyl from those lovely fellas at Paperecordings: Buy here

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