Thursday, November 18, 2010

UM's High 5ives - 18.11.10

There's only so much a man of my age who consumes as much booze as I do can learn in one week, so last Friday's arrival of my brand new NI S4 Kontoller has put a strain on the week so far! So much to learn, so little time after the day job's done!

I'm delighted to say a few more labels have joined the ranks over the last week too. In Deep, Nightchild and Tim Andresen's What Happens - things are really gathering momentum on that front of late and that's down to all of you tuning in, liking links and hopefully going on to buy the tunes too!?

In the next couple of weeks I've got some great new interviews for you kicking off tomorrow with another new label to untitledmusic - Amenti Music and the man in charge Olivier Desmet, then Inland Knights and Gavin Boyce waiting in the wings! Okay, let's get to this weeks choice cuts that I'm been enjoying in between everything else! 

UM's High 5ives - 18.11.10

Da Funk- Come On - Cabrio Records
Da Funk- Come On by Cabrio Records

Marvin Zeyss - Numb (Original Mix) - In Deep Records 

Numb (Original Mix) by Marvin Zeyss

Martijn - Sweet Sound (Original Mix) - Deep Edition Recordings
Martijn - Sweet Sound (Original Mix) // Clip by Deep Edition Recordings

AFMB - Nasty Disposition - Drumpoet Community

DRUMPOET COMMUNITY 34 | AFMB | "Nasty Disposition" by compost

Jesus Pablo & Di Riviera - Forward (Original Mix)

Jesus Pablo & Di Riviera - Forward (Original Mix) by jesuspablo

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