Monday, November 29, 2010

UM Radio Scehdule

Maths isn't my strong point, sadly I was way too distracted undoing girls bra straps in class than working on long multiplication! Little did I know that in years to come I'd need a degree in maths to work out the world clock and keep a handle on what time the UM Deep House shows are playing all over the world.

As you'll know, you can check out the show on lowercasesounds, eNation and DiscothequeRadio already, and in the next couple of weeks that will be added to with another station, so to keep things in order I've pulled together this listing and will add to it as things develop and eventually as the clocks change again all around the world!

Monday: 1am CST / 2am  EST / 5 am  BRA / 7am  UK / 8am  EU / 9am  SA / 8pm NZ
(replayed Thursdays - check site for times)
Tuesday: 4pm CST / 5pm EST / 8pm BRA / 10pm UK / 11pm EU / 12am SA (Wed) / 11am NZ (Wed)
Wednesday: 8pm CST / 9pm EST / 11pm BRA / 2am UK (Thurs) / 3am EU (Thurs) / 3pm NZ (Thurs) 

If you run a station and are interested in broadcasting my weekly shows too please get in touch!

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