Monday, August 9, 2010

Technology that makes me funny inside!

As a self confessed digital DJ I come in for the odd bit of stick - mainly on how using Traktor isn't proper DJ'ing. The assumption is that anyone using the latest technology can't for the life of them be a 'real DJ'. I usually find myself quickly mentioning years stooped over a pair of Technics 1210's, lugging record bags around, and often reminisce over that sensation of loosing feeling in your shoulder after a long walk from car to club.

And so 18 months ago I decided having moved half way round the world, having sacrificed my decks for money to travel and sold all but the finest of my vinyl it was time to 'get with it!' In the time since I've fumbled around controllers, learnt software from a few other DJ's and especially DJ Tech Tools' Ean Golden, spoken at length to geeky types about soundcards, aggregate devices, jacks, platters, midi maps and a whole new world of gizmo's. And you know what? I like it. Shame on me!

But then it happened, something not felt since the 1210 MK whatever came along - that primal rush of anticipation for the newer, glossier, sexier bit of kit that will no doubt set me back a decade in learning and a fair bit more in the bank balance - Native Instruments sneakily leaked a little clip of what my future will be.

Now, I don't know a great deal about these things, and this is in no way an original post, to be honest I first saw it on DJ Tech Tools, but it gave me such a funny feeling inside - the excitement of something revolutionary, not only a big controller with lots of lights and gadgets, but an updated piece of software.

According to DJ Tech Tools we can make these assumptions from the video:
  • There is a new software on the way with 4 loop players/samplers
  • This will be a 2 deck/4 channel mixing console much like the new Xone DX
  • It  has a built in sound card
  • The outer decks are switchable to control 4 virtual decks.
  • Lots of good LED feedback
  • What looks like 4 cue pads per deck
  • NI is calling it a Traktor System (Hardware and Software combo)
  • Rumors are flying that the software is called the s4
And Ean should know, he's part of the development team for NI!
Funnier still, I went into New Zealand's very own NI dealer/supplier yesterday afternoon, in the hope for some answers - how much? when? what? But sadly they'd never even heard of the controller, seen the video or to be honest looked even remotely as excited as I am! Shame on them!

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