Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quality not quantity

Okay, so in the last year without a doubt I've been one of those people that have maxed out on social networking, posting links, pushing the untitledmusic shows, tapping labels, DJ, radio hosts, publishers, producers and listeners on the shoulder and demanding my share of the attention. I'm sorry!

Social networks changed my life
It's taken a while, but as this fourth incarnation of UM steadies itself for the summer here in the Southern Hemisphere I think I've realised where my strengths lie, where the brand is going, how it's shaping and what I need to do to make it better - namely, focus on quality not quantity.

And there in lies the issue for many a DJ, promoter, mix show and whatever it is you're trying to do via social media - there's just so much of it going on how are you ever going to stand out? Over the years in my 'real world job' I've learnt a lot about design and marketing - it's what I tell people how to do everyday - so I've taken a step back and come to these conclusions for the UM brand:

- A recommendation is worth a thousand invites
- Be true to the music you enjoy - playing stuff you're not into shows
- Supporting the industry is more than just posting their links - collaborate or die
- Be consistent with your product - first impressions count
- Anticipate the stuff you're audience wants - stay ahead of the game

You'll probably have loads more to add to that short and simple list, but for me these are the golden rules I'm going to live by for the next 6 months and see if it takes the brand forward at a greater pace - time will tell!


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